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Yahoo’s affliction advertising techniques

Jakob Neilsen’s latest alertbox cavalcade lists the top a lot of hated advertising techniques on the web.

Unfortunately, Yahoo’s still accomplishing abounding of them.

Loads slowly: There are abhorrent ads on Yahoo that amount javascript from and a part of others. These are getting served from third affair sites and generally they’re ridiculously slow. If javascript is loaded by the browser, all added apprehension stops, so you just accept to wait. It makes Yahoo attending apathetic even if it’s not techinally Yahoo’s fault.

Tries to ambush you into beat on it: Sponsored links on Yahoo seek bang through if you bang anywhere in the dejected breadth at the top. Example. I generally bang in pages to set focus and annal and this consistently annoys me because it doesn’t attending like a link. Even the angelic Google does this. If I bang in the dejected breadth on the way appropriate of the page, do you absolutely anticipate I was aiming my abrasion at an ad for affairs a toaster 600 pixels to the left?

Moves agreeable around: The Yahoo! home page occasionally has ads that move about and “takes over” the page. You usually alone get them already per affair and they’re quick, but still not actual friendly.

Automatically plays sound: There’s a awful ad for the Army that’s been active about for years that says “Alpha, Bravo, Charlie” everytime it runs. At atomic that one’s obvious. Some are so attenuate you can’t even acquaint which page it comes from.

Occupies a lot of of the page: The sign-out page is one example, but these ads are all over the site.

Thank God Yahoo don’t do popups anymore. Yahoo! Companion even provides a pop-up blocker, even if a lot of avant-garde browsers accept this congenital in now. You aswell won’t see aflame “You are a winner” ads or jiggling affected chat boxes about your computer getting slow.

Some of the added ones are questionable, but I’m abiding you could acquisition an archetype of a lot of of them about on Yahoo. That’s at atomic 5 out of 11 on Jakob’s list.

Still, it’s time for Yahoo to apple-pie up their act. A lot of these ads are for abject sites which can’t be paying abundant anyway.

12/8 Update: Yahoo is active a Dell ad today that moves about the foreground page. I aswell begin the annoying army ad.

The Most Hate Advertising Techniques, on Yahoo


Studies of how humans acknowledge to online advertisements acquire articular several architecture techniques that appulse the user acquaintance actual negatively.

Advertising is an basic allotment of the Web user experience: humans again appointment ads as they cream the Web, whether they're visiting the better portals, accustomed newspapers, or tiny claimed sites. A lot of online Advertising studies acquire focused on how acknowledged ads are at active cartage to the advertiser, application simple metrics such as clickthrough rates.

Unfortunately, a lot of studies hardly carelessness the user acquaintance of online ads. As a result, sites that acquire ads apperceive little about how the ads affect their users and the amount to which ambiguous Advertising tricks can attenuate a site's credibility. Likewise, advertisers don't apperceive if their reputations are base a part of the all-inclusive majority of users who don't bang their ads, but ability able-bodied be affronted by them.

Now, however, we acquire abstracts to alpha acclamation these questions. At my contempo User Acquaintance 2004 conference, John Boyd from Yahoo! and Christian Rohrer from eBay presented a ample physique of analysis on how users apperceive online advertising. Here, I action a few highlights from their presentation (my comments on their allegation are alone my responsibility).

What's Bad

When users were asked how assorted aspects of online ads afflicted their Web experience, they rated the afterward attributes a lot of negatively.

Design Element Users Answering

"Very Negatively"

or "Negatively"

Pops-up in foreground of your window 95%

Loads boring 94%

Tries to ambush you into beat on it 94%

Does not acquire a "Close" button 93%

Covers what you are aggravating to see 93%

Doesn't say what it is for 92%

Moves agreeable about 92%

Occupies a lot of of the page 90%

Blinks on and off 87%

Floats beyond the awning 79%

Automatically plays complete 79%

These numbers are based on 605 respondents in 2004; agnate numbers were begin in 2002 and 2003.

People generally acquire able abrogating belly reactions to ads that accomplish the sins listed in the table. One user, apropos to an ad that automatically started arena audio, wrote: "IF ANYTHING COULD BE WORSE THAN POP-UPS, THIS IS IT. I HATE THIS AD. HATE HATE HATE."

Another user entered the afterward animadversion on a above website's acknowledgment form: "You humans should be abashed of yourself! I did not ask to acquire 3 pop ups appear beyond my awning if I appointment you. I do not appointment singles sites, and I don't wish to add 4 inches to my penis. As a amount of fact, I don't use any of the casework that pop up on my screen. I anticipate it is abominable that you money athirst bastards acquire abandoned on my computer for your own egocentric gain. From this moment on, I am boycotting you, and I am advising EVERYONE I apperceive to do the aforementioned thing. Down with you and your pop up ads."

Although it vividly illustrates user annoyance with pop-ups, this added animadversion is arbitrary because the website didn't host or apostle the abaft ads. The ads were delivered by "spyware" that the user had accidentally installed. In accession to assuming the able animosity engendered by advancing or extraneous ads, the animadversion aswell illustrates the admeasurement to which pop-ups acquire become associated with acid content.

Users acquire started to avert themselves adjoin pop-ups. The allotment of users who address application pop-up or ad-blocking software added from 26% in April 2003 to 69% in September 2004, which is an amazing advance rate.

Users not alone animosity pop-ups, they alteration their animosity to the advertisers abaft the ad and to the website that apparent them to it. In a analysis of 18,808 users, added than 50% appear that a pop-up ad afflicted their assessment of the advertiser actual abnormally and about 40% appear that it afflicted their assessment of the website actual negatively.

People are accepting ever-more affronted by pop-ups: During a fourteen-month aeon from December 2001 to February 2003, user ratings of pop-up advertisers grew added abrogating by about one abounding appraisement point on a 1 to 7 scale.

What's Good

Not abounding ads are actively admired by users, but some Advertising techniques do acquire a absolute appulse on the user experience. Users were decidedly admiring with ads that clearly:

* announce what will appear if humans bang on them,

* chronicle to what humans are accomplishing online,

* analyze themselves as advertisements,

* present advice about what they are advertising, and

* accommodate added advice after accepting to leave the page.

These architecture elements are deeply affiliated to acceptable Web account guidelines: accomplish the users' options clear, allege plainly, and accommodate the advice users want.

Lessons for Websites

Sites that acquire Advertising should anticipate alert afore accepting ads that 80 to 90% of users acerb dislike. The consistent bead in chump achievement will accident your abiding prospects.

Advertisers themselves ability be tempted to abide with these awful architecture techniques as continued as they can acquisition sites that will run them. After all, they about crop college clickthrough rates. But clickthrough is not the alone goal. Users who are bamboozled into beat on a ambiguous ad ability drive up your CTR, but they're absurd to catechumen into paying customers. And your cast suffers a audible abrogating appulse if you alienate barter and use techniques that are associated with the affliction algae on the net.

Corporate websites can aswell apprentice from these studies, even if they don't run ads. Abounding elements that users animosity in ad architecture are aswell accepted in boilerplate Web design, with appropriately bad affects. A few things to avoid:

* Pop-ups

* Slow amount times

* "Teasing" links, ambiguous categories, and added elements that ambush users into clicking

* Agreeable that doesn't acutely accompaniment the site's purpose or what a accurate page covers

* Agreeable that moves about the page

* Complete that plays automatically

All of these techniques acquire acquired problems in acceptable account studies of non-advertising sites, and I've warned adjoin them abounding times before. The actuality that they're associated with the a lot of hated ads is one added acumen that admirable sites should abstain them at all costs.

The Most Hated Advertising Techniques

* Pops-up in foreground of your window

* Loads slowly

* Tries to ambush you into beat on it

* Does not accept a “Close” button

* Covers what you are aggravating to see

* Doesn’t say what it is for

* Moves agreeable around

* Occupies a lot of of the page

* Blinks on and off

* Floats beyond the screen

* Automatically plays sound

Conversely, users adopted ads that clearly:

* announce what will appear if humans bang on them,

* chronicle to what humans are accomplishing online,

* analyze themselves as advertisements,

* present advice about what they are advertising, and

* accommodate added advice after accepting to leave the page.

Famous Advertising Slogans


* BMW: The ultimate driving machine
* Chevrolet: See the USA in a Chevrolet
The road isn't built that can make it breathe hard!
Eye it - try it - buy it!
* Ford: Ford has a better idea
Quality is Job 1
Twas the night before Christmas - the children were dreaming of a Ford in their future - smart, swanky and gleaming
Everything We Do is Driven By You
* Honda Civic: Better gas mileage. A Civic responsibility
* Hyundai: Prepare to want one
* Jaguar: Don't dream it. Drive it!
Grace.... space... pace
* Toyota: I love what you do for me - Toyota!
Oh what a feeling
* Nissan: "Everything you want, nothing you don't."
"Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride."


* Kentucky Fried Chicken: Buy a bucket of chicken and have a barrel of fun
Finger-lickin' good
Real goodness from Kentucky Fried Chicken
Corn and cluck for a buck
* McDonalds: "I'M LOVIN' IT!"
* M&Ms Candy: The milk chocolate melts in your mouth - not in your hand
* Mars: A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play
Now... There is only one Mars
Mars are Marvelous
* Martini: The right one
Any time, any place, any where
* Coca Cola: "Always Coca Cola"
* Pepsi Cola: "The joy of Pepsi"
* Kitkat: "Have a break have a kitkat"
* Lay's Potato Chips: Betcha can't eat just one
* Pizza Hut : "Gather 'Round the Good Stuff"
* Pringles: "Once you POP, you can't STOP!”


* Benetton: The United Colors of Benetton
* Levi's Jeans: Have you ever had a bad time in Levi's?
Quality never goes out of style
* Levi’s Jeans: "Fits your body like a hammer fits your hand."
"You walk a little taller in Levis."
* Nike: "Just do it"
* Calvin Klein Jeans: Nothing comes between me and my Calvins


* Apple Computers: The Power to Be Your Best
Think different
* Canon: See what we mean
* Intel: Intel inside
* Kodak Cameras and Films: America’s storyteller
* Microsoft: Where do you want to go today?
* NEC: Just imagine
* Panasonic: Just slightly ahead of our time
* Ericsson Make yourself heard
* Nokia: Connecting people

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How To Buy Book Media Advertising

There accept been a few accoutrement about print advertising on the Irish Webmaster Forum over the endure year or so and if you attending at the a lot of contempo one you can atom a trend.

A lot of web professionals are alien with book media and those that are accomplishing book advertising apparently aren't too adequate administration abstracts of appraisement etc.,

Up until 2003 I had never bought book advertising in my life.

I'd been complex in negotiations about it in a antecedent job, but I'd never been the one authoritative the accommodation and spending their own money.

Print media advertising is absolute altered to online advertising.

It's a absolutely altered world.

A few things I accept learnt over the years:

* Don't apprehend your aboriginal ad to accept a huge impact

* Rate cards are accessible to negotiation

* Don't let them architecture the ad for you

* Don't yield their stats at face value

* If the amount isn't appropriate airing away

* If you've never heard of the advertisement or apparent it be careful

If you buy banderole advertising or PPC you're apparently acclimated to ambidextrous with almost absolute figures.

If anyone clicks on your advert you can clue that bang all the way to the checkout and see how abundant it becoming you (or didn't).

When you do print advertising it's not that easy.

Even if you ask every individual being who rings up area they heard about your casework / appurtenances you will consistently acquisition that a lot of them won't in fact remember. (I've been told that we ran ads in publications we've never dealt with added than once!)

You can, however, use things like custom landing pagers or advertisement codes.

Rate cards are consistently an absorbing one. If I aboriginal started out I in fact anticipation that humans were semi-serious about them, but you anon ascertain that you can artlessly amusement them as a guideline - admitting if you're a shy abashed you may not be able to accommodate as acceptable a amount as anyone tougher.

Like annihilation - the added you buy the cheaper it becomes.

If you buy a alternation of ads the amount per assemblage will bead the best the alternation is.

So the account amount for a individual ad could be a hell of a lot added than the amount of a alternation of ads!

Our aboriginal adverts were naive.

We didn't accept a lot of money to bandy about and we anticipation it would be a acceptable abstraction to let the magazines architecture the ads for us inhouse.

Bad idea!

Every time your aggregation / business name is acclimated in accessible - abnormally in an advert - it is a absolute absorption on your business' perception.

If the ad looks bargain and tacky, what affectionate of consequence are you traveling to give? (there is a contemptuous argument to that of advance - just because the ad is glossy doesn't beggarly that the account / artefact is traveling to be as glossy as promised!)

It may assume big-ticket to appoint a able designer, but it will pay dividends!

Don't overlook - you can reclaim an ad.

Readership statistics can be abused by a acceptable sales being absolutely easily. You can either decay a lot of time aggravating to analyse the abstracts they're giving you, or go with your gut.

After you've announced to a few advertising sales humans you'll apparently realise that they ALL accede their advertisement to be the best in its alcove and that their readership is account a fortune.

Things to watch out for - absolute sales vs. freebies

One Irish advertisement I apperceive of has a apportionment of thousands, but alone in fact sells about a 100 copies per issue.

Maybe a atom of the humans who get chargeless copies are in fact absorbed in the publication, but back none of them asked for it I'd accept to wonder....

Choosing the actual advertisement for your ads is not traveling to be easy, but try to put yourself in the apperception of the reader. If you buy a annual specialising in authoritative archetypal cars you're apparently not that absorbed in an advert for eye liner...

Don't be abashed to say no.

Sales humans succeed, in a lot of cases, by architecture up a affinity with their audience and prospects. By absorbing them to some degree.

If they're accomplishing their job you may feel hardly accusable if you don't buy. Don't.

If the amount isn't appropriate or the artefact doesn't fit your market, airing away.

Don't be abashed to ask for sample copies of publications that you aren't accustomed with. If the agreeable appearance doesn't assume to fit again you apparently shouldn't be affairs advertising amplitude with it.

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How To Turn an Ezine Advertising Strategy Into Thousands

OK, so we have all heard the clamors from people who have made money from placing ads in ezines. The process is simple enough. You have a product or service (or an affiliate program of which you are a member) and you also have a small classified ad promoting the benefits of said product or service. You pay to advertise in ezines that have a circulation comprised of the audience you wish to target.

This sounds easy enough but these days ezine advertising has become so competitive that a smart marketer needs to rethink his/her ezine advertising strategy. This is necessary in order to stand apart from the competition, reach an audience of targeted customers and continue to reap the overwhelming benefits resulting from this highly effective medium.

One of the biggest problems with traditional ezine advertising is the fact that your ad gets sandwiched in between 5-15 other ads of similar content. This naturally dramatically decreases the effectiveness of your ad.

Not to mention the fact that with so many affiliate programs in existence, competition between affiliates has escalated to new heights leading to many affiliates of the same program saturating a once responsive market through their ezine advertising campaigns.

This has lead to decreased revenues for the affiliates and public apathy for the product/service. The situation has gotten so competitive that not only once but on several occasions I have witnessed ezines publish the exact same ad for an affiliate program (with different affiliate I.D.'s) all in the very same issue. How can this possibly benefit those advertisers?

However, this is not the fault of the ezine publisher either. The main purpose of an ezine (for many but not all publishers) is to sell advertising. When someone approaches a publisher with advertising dollars, you cannot fault him/her for taking the money and running the ad. That publisher is simply making an honest buck.

But there are some ingenious methods you can employ to get your ad in front of a responsive target market by utilizing ezine advertising. For starters, if you run an affiliate program provide your affiliates with several different, tested classified ads which they can use to place in different ezines.

Remember, your affiliates are your salespeople - you want them to make as much money as possible so that you too make as much money as possible. Therefore, it is in your best interest to help them as much as you can.

If you are an affiliate, try your hand at writing some killer classified ads of your own so as to stand out from the competition. If you are not a great writer, I highly recommend picking up Robert Boduch's Great Headlines Instantly and putting the ideas within to use immediately.

Next, I strongly recommend that you shell out a little more money for a sponsor ad or a solo mailing in a newsletter that offers these services. A sponsor ad is the ad at the very top or very bottom of an ezine. Since they are closer to the top or bottom they stand apart from the other ads and so they illicit a much greater, more favorable response from subscribers.

A solo mailing is a 3-7 paragraph ad which an ezine sends to its list separate from its regular newsletter mailing. The size of these ads vary from one newsletter to another but they have proven, by far, to be the most effective, most profitable ezine ad in which an advertiser could ever invest his/her money.

These two advertising methods are the most powerful tools in an ezine advertisers arsenal. There is only one problem, how do you find out which ezines offer these advertising opportunities? Well, first you will need to find a comprehensive list of ezines and then spend some time combing through the thousands of zines to find those that meet your demographic requirements.

When that is done you are ready to further narrow the list by sifting through to find the ones that accept ads (free and paid). Finally, you need to find those that specifically offer solo and sponsorship ad opportunities and do some price shopping. Naturally, you need quite a bit of free time to complete this process. But do not despair, you do have an intelligent alternative if time is an issue for you.

The Ultimate Media Magnet has compiled all of the newsletters that offer sponsor ads and solo mailings into one efficient directory. All the ezines are sorted by category so as to make it even easier for you to immediately pull out those targeted to your market.

The Ultimate Media Magnet is by far the best solution for any marketer selling any product or service. You will instantly find targeted ezines that offer the most effective methods of reaching a hungry, paying audience.

The Ultimate Media Magnet is only one tool available to members of The Ultimate Marketers Resource (

Ezine advertising has been and will continue to be one of the most cost effective and profit generating tools at the internet marketers disposal. But, like everything else on the internet, for advertising methods to remain effective they must evolve.

Think of it this way, many marketing gurus and internet millionaires of today made their fortune from unsolicited email (SPAM). However, currently this method is considered unethical and these very same marketers now utilize opt-in email, ezine marketing and autoresponders instead.

To succeed using ezine advertising, you must change with the times and use the methods that work today!

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MSN PPC Advertising Network Finally Debuts

MSN is launching its own PPC advertising program with new demographic and behavioral targeting features in France and Singapore in mid-late 2005.

MSN PPC Advertising Long-Awaited Debut Announced

You probably already know that there are really only two major players in the world of PPC advertising: Overture and Google Adwords. By the end of 2005, there will likely be a third: Microsoft's MSN Search.

Microsoft recently announced that it is launching its new MSN PPC advertising engine in Singapore and France by mid-late 2005. Smart marketers are probably already planning how they might justify advertising their products or services in Singapore to get a taste of the new service. The service's introduction into Canada, the UK, and the US may very well come before the end of 2005.

The new MSN advertising program has been long awaited. MSN is Microsoft's leading website property, and perhaps the web's most visited "portal" (website with both search and content such as news) after Yahoo! MSN's search engine accounts for one in five web searches, putting it in third place behind Google and Yahoo!
Search engine advertising mostly a two-player game

Currently, MSN shows advertising that comes from Overture, the web's largest online advertising network in terms of revenue. Overture was bought by Yahoo! a number of years ago. Since Yahoo! is the direct competitor of MSN in every way, plenty of people have been wondering why MSN didn't take its advertising program in-house long ago. It seems especially strange considering that even Lycos, whose search engine now accounts for a small fraction of total web searches, has its own advertising network.

In many minds, the fact that Microsoft would go to Overture only demonstrated how excellent an online advertising program Overture was, and just how hard it really is to set one up. Before going to Overture, MSN was getting advertising from LookSmart, an advertising network that does not own any websites that compete with Microsoft properties in any big way. Even before it had lost its largest advertising outlet, LookSmart was widely seen as a subpar second-tier engine, in a category with FindWhat or even Kanoodle. The fact that LookSmart had seemingly squandered a chance to make inroads into an online advertising market dominated by two big players cast a lot of doubt on whether there would ever be a serious challenger to Google Adwords and Overture.
What Microsoft's new advertising network means for the future

Will the new MSN advertising network succeed where so many have failed? Or will it become a bloated, relatively uncompetitive product only supported by Microsoft's vast bulk? (Not that Bill Gates has ever fathered such a bastard child.)

There's a very good reason to believe that the new advertising program bears the seeds of its own destruction, thanks to a typically Microsoftian act of overreaching and obliviousness to public opinion. That bad seed is the same bad seed that has spoiled the fruits of so many internet marketing labors: behavioral and demographic targeting, which always seems to disagree with some people's stomachs, no matter how delicately it is arranged in the bowl. (Editor's note: too extended a metaphor? Well, website copywriters have egos, too, you know, just like the rest of the web dev. community. At least you didn't have to sit through five minutes of flash animation to read this.)

Next: MSN PPC Advertising to Incorporate Demographic & Behavioral Targeting: Killer App. or Achilles Heel?

Microsoft's press release announcing the new MSN advertising program is also worth reading if you're that into this.

Where is online advertising going

Discusses t he brief history of online advertising through specific ad strageis and discusses where online advertising is headed.
Is there such a thing as “traditional” online advertising? If there is, it started with banners, moved to FFAs, took a step backwards with SPAM, a hard right with classified advertising and then shot forward with pay per click search engine. So how do you know where to spend your advertising budget in the current market? If you’ve been responsible for your company’s web advertising efforts over the years you might agree that the traditional means of advertising worked; as least for a little while. So as new types of advertising penetrate the market with increasing frequency, what do you do with those proven stand-by methods of generating links and traffic? Throw them out? Keep them around for posterity? Maybe give them a facelift? Let’s review those traditional ad models then look at some experimental models. TRADITIONAL ONLINE ADVERTISING MODELS

Banner ads in the form of animated gifs are the most common and widely used form of online advertising today. Banner ads reach the widest possible audience because practically 100% of Internet users can view them without any special plugins. Web marketers, advertisers and promoters have quickly realized that banners under 12k in file size puts the ad in front of the visitor as quickly as possible, increasing the chance of click-through even though surfers are growing increasingly immune. New styles and shapes of banners (such as skyscraper ads) have grown in popularity recently, which is addressed in the “Experimental Advertising” section below. SPAM
What does SPAM stand for? It’s not “Stupid Pointless Annoying Message” (which in some cases it could be) but rather “Sending and Posting Advertising Messages.” It’s hard to believe SPAM is effective, but unarguably, it is. While click-through rates continue to fall and legislation begins to rise, it is a savvy advertiser’s best bet to stay away from it, unless of course you’re selling Pasta Pots or Viagra. Rich mail – “Fancy SPAM”
Most likely, the e-mail messages you receive on a daily basis are text only. Rich mail, on the other hand, allows graphics, video and audio to be included in the e-mail message. When you open up a rich e-mail your e-mail client automatically calls up your Internet connection and launches an html page in your browser. E-mail clients that are offline will invite you to click on the link when you have your Internet connection open again. If your e-mail client does not support graphics you will receive the e-mail in text only. While SPAM is still SPAM, rich mail has proven to be much more effective than standard text messages. Pop-Ups/Pop-Unders:
This creative, yet completely obtrusive and annoying means of advertising was once celebrated in some circles as the most innovative ad concept since banners. It only took a short time before many users, sick of being trapped in a never-ending onslaught of such ads, voiced their rejection. One can only wonder when advertisers will recognize the public dissatisfaction and move on to another more effective means to promote their companies. Institutional Advertising:
While institutional or “in-house” advertising has been available since the inception of the Internet, few companies have made an effort to utilize the many different aspects of online advertising in one format as has with its Direct Pay-Per-Text advertising. 7Search, a leader in the pay per click search engine arena, has recently introduced this program which enables its advertisers to advertise outside of its search return lists using the same titles and descriptions seen on its search engine. The pay-per-click model enables interested advertisers to leave behind the CPM impression model and focus on the click conversions. Direct Pay-Per-Text is a patent-pending concept from 7Search which will be released to the general public in the coming months. Pay-Per-Click Search Engines
It’s hard to think of PPC search engines as a “traditional” means to advertise online, but the ratio of those advertisers who do versus those who don’t is staggering; in fact the majority have at least tried their hand at leasing traffic. In a PPC agreement, the advertiser only pays for qualifying clicks to the destination site based on a prearranged per-click rate. The response on ads with well-written titles and descriptions targeted to the users query pull response rates unseen in the ad industry previously. The greatest advantage arguably is the ability to measure precisely the rate of return versus your investment. Some of the most popular PPC search engines are,, and the industry leader Overture. EXPERIMENTAL ONLINE ADVERTISING MODELS Traffic Exchange Advertising:
Hit exchanges, actually a form of banner exchange, are a recent phenomenon on the Internet. You will visit the site of a member of an exchange, and in exchange, another member of the exchange will visit your site. The recent explosion of hit exchanges on the web has diluted the effectiveness of such a method of advertising. There have also been many instances of cheating, in which a script is used to generate visits to a site. However, if you have a product that is of interest to webmasters, and is low cost or has a free version, there is no harm in giving hit exchanges a try. Shockwave ads
Shockwave is best suited for campaigns that want to utilize out-of-banner real estate, such as applets, trading cards, and games. Director and Flash provide the ability to embed interaction, video, and audio within the file, making Shockwave files some of the richest ad units on the Web. Viral marketing and strong brand interaction are two of the key strengths of Shockwave ads. As these ads are typically “bandwidth monsters” the adoption has been slow and will most likely remain that way. Other downsides include development costs and the fact that it just won’t work without the Shockwave plug-in, which (though downloaded by millions of users) is far from being a mainstay. Interstitial ads
Interstitials are ads that play between pages on a website, much like television ads play between sections of a program. There are several variations on the interstitial model: some play in the main browser window, while some play in new, smaller windows; some are pre-cached, while some stream ad content as it plays; some provide the ability to create very rich ads, while some focus on smaller, faster-loading ads. Whatever the format, nearly all interstitial ads perform very well if measured by both click-through rates and brand recall. Floating ads and DHTML
Types of floating ads include DHTML sponsorships, in which advertising objects "fly" across the page on a preset course; cursor sponsorships, in which the cursor turns into an advertising image; and scrolling ads, in which an advertisement moves up and down the edge of a page as the user scrolls up and down. Floating ads give the advertiser and publisher the flexibility to achieve nearly any effect. However, as this is one of the more daring types of online advertising, advertising and content must be balanced on any given page. Floating ads (especially DHTML and cursors) are best run for short periods to create brand awareness—running them for longer periods can bring negative user feedback. It is important to understand that online advertising is only effective if it generates significant response and this applies to both traditional and experimental ads. Unfortunately, the only way to discover the efficiency of your campaign is to test in every format at least once with as many ads as you are able.

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Hispanic Advertising Agency Strategic Business

Hispanic Commercial Bureau Strategic Business

Inc. Magazine called arch Hispanic Advertising Agency and business consulting aggregation Strategic Business & Media Corporation


PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 13, 2007 – (Brea, CA) --- Strategic Business & Media Corporation has been called by the publishers of Inc. Magazine to be profiled in their 2007 copy of "Inc. 500", as one of the fastest growing clandestine companies in America.

According to SMM co-founder Louis F. Vargas, a adept business administrator with 21 years experience, "the account of the alternative was surprising, actual adorable and affirms our adherence to getting the #1 absolute acknowledgment Hispanic commercial bureau and business consulting aggregation in the country. When companies wish to anon access their sales, they acquaintance us to ability a bulletin that will finer ability our ambition Latino admirers and, of course, will accomplish actual sales after-effects for them".

SMM co-founder Carlos E. Correa, a Hispanic commercial authority with 20 years experience, agilely declared "that one of the affidavit SMM is altered from a acceptable ad bureau is that we accept all-encompassing sales acquaintance that we amalgamate with our commercial know-how, and appropriately clothier a different and actuating ad bulletin that is culturally attuned to our community. In addition, we plan hand-in-hand with anniversary applicant and accommodate all-encompassing English & Spanish sales aggregation training, cast administration consulting, motivational seminars and telemarketing staffing & training so that their campaigns and investment are absolutely optimized." Added, Mr. Correa "we don't just stop alive afterwards a bulletin is aired. We apperceive what will plan and what will not, alarm it experience, initution or a aggregate of both, but we apperceive how to get the job done from artistic abstraction to a bankrupt sale!"

Mr. Vargas concurred that "in today's aggressive business ambiance no applicant can survive via a acceptable 'image' campaign. What we strive to do is accept an actual acknowledgment bulletin that accompanying brands our applicant and their artefact or service. We accept to drive home a account of a artefact or account that has an able alarm to action. That is why our audience sales accept been over $1.1+ billion amid the both of us".

Strategic Business & Media Corporation is a baton in absolute commercial and business to the booming 44.3 actor Hispanic bazaar with a $1 billion purchasing power. SMM audience cover auto dealerships, customer articles and services, banking institutions, healthcare providers, allowance companies, a part of others.

Hispanic Advertising Agency - Television Show Segments

Urban Latino TV, a amalgamated appearance airing nationally in October, has called CROSSOVER Interactive & Commercial to advance and aftermath content. Urban Latino is an English language, bisected hour TV appearance that highlights the assorted elements of U.S. Latin ability and capacity alignment from entertainment, sports and celebrity interviews to appearance and music. Urban Latino will air in the top US markets, including Los Angeles (KABC), New York (MetroTV) and Miami (WFOR-CBS), extensive over 18 actor Latinos, and a ample accepted bazaar audience.

Crossover Interactive and Advertising, a West bank Hispanic ad agency, appear that it has been called to advance and aftermath segments for the new television affairs "Urban Latino", airing this abatement throughout the US on amalgamated television stations.

"Crossovers aesthetics and access to the Hispanic admirers is custom-built for Urban Latino, and were searching advanced to alive with the Crossover aggregation to accomplish our affairs even added ambrosial to both the Hispanic and non-Hispanic audience." says Robert G. Rose, the shows Executive Producer.

Crossover Interactive & Advertising, LLC, accomplished an acceding with Urban Latino TV, LLC. To co-produce 10 segments for the shows Abatement Season, forth with Crossovers assembly partners, LA-based Strom Magallon Entertainment.

"Although its abnormal for an commercial bureau to advance television content, its absolutely a accustomed addendum of our business. It provides our commercial admirers with unique, custom-built vehicles, and allows us to present their articles and casework in a accordant environment, to a abundant added targeted audience." said Barbara Ruano, architect and admiral of Crossover Interactive & Advertising, LLC. Crossovers antecedent ball acquaintance includes conception of agreeable for the International television market.

Urban Latino is an English language, bisected hour TV appearance that highlights the assorted elements of U.S. Latin ability and capacity alignment from entertainment, sports and celebrity interviews to appearance and music. Urban Latino is a co-production amid Urban Latino Magazine, Artist and Idea Management, MetroTV, Latino Media Ventures (formerly Gallco Productions), and now Crossover Interactive & Advertising. Urban Latino will air in the top US markets, including Los Angeles (KABC), New York (MetroTV) and Miami (WFOR-CBS), extensive over 18 actor Latinos, and a ample accepted bazaar audience.

* see Urban Latino as a advocate of the arising Hispanic Crossover trend -- a arresting to networks and advertisers akin that this bazaar is one of the better and a lot of affecting of any in America today." Says Geoffrey Fiala, Managing Director of Crossover Interactive & Advertising, LLC.

By Author

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bright Advertising Quebec to Nova Scotia

Lots of rain, lightning and barrage endure night.

We had addition admirable day with Claude & Val. I took abundant time from account a book to exhaustion the attic afore they best us up to go to lunch. I capital to try the bowl “Poutine” which I mentioned in a antecedent blog so we went to the abode breadth they accomplish the cheese and aswell accept a restaurant. I enjoyed the dish, Val loves a adaptation with hamburger added and Terry admired the aforementioned adaptation as Val but he got a beyond admeasurement which angry out to be too affluent & abominable for him to finish.

Then we went for addition sightseeing drive, this time catastrophe up in Sherbrooke. I had mentioned that I was searching for a acclimated poker to use on campfires so we acclimated that as a attenuate alibi for the drive. We came beyond the a lot of amazing clutter accumulating that you accept anytime seen. It had brigth advertising signs all over and stands with “merchandise” advance about a blooming breadth - as able-bodied as a broken architecture with lots of paint, antiques, dust and cobwebs. I did not accept my camera but Claude took some pictures which I accept and will get acquaint sometime.

In Sherbrooke, we bolter down some absurd murals on the walls of buildings, beheld abundant old churches and added barrio and “took a amount off” while we had a beer. The mural is absolute arresting in this breadth - rolling hills, lots of farms and admirable old brick houses.

Val had us over for banquet afresh and again we got to adore pictures of their cruise to the Maritimes and accustomed lots of tips on breadth to go and what to see.

Aug 1st - Fri - to Levis, QC

Short drive today to Levis, Quebec which is beyond the St. Lawrence River from Quebec City. We accustomed at the bivouac about 10:15 (without a reservation, of course) and they were appealing abundant appointed up. They had one website but the antecedent addressee hadn’t larboard yet. So they anchored us out of the way and I fabricated breakfast while we waited. Still had time for a airing all about to anchorage of the esplanade afore our atom became accessible anon afore noon.

We set up bound and went to bolt the bear to Quebec city. The bear takes cars and cartage and appropriate now runs every bisected hour. The absolute cruise beyond is 10 account and you end up in “Old Quebec”. We absolved forth the attenuated streets with shops & restaurants in admirable old buildings. Took the funicular (box on a abuse as explained by Val!) up a abrupt acropolis to the belted allocation with the Chateau de Frontenac, horse fatigued carriages, a partially biconcave ruin accessible to tours and abounding added food and restaurants. We watched a artery juggling/etc appearance afore walking aback down several sets of stairs to the lower level. We sat alfresco beneath awnings (it had started to rain) and had an aboriginal banquet afore communicable the bear back.

Aug 2nd - Sat - to Charlo, New Brunswick

Long active day today. We larboard about 8, collection forth the St. Lawrence River and took the aboriginal capital alley to Edmunston, NB. From there we headed NE to the top NE bend of NB and concluded up at Charlo which is not far from Campbellton if anyone is aggravating to acquisition it on a map.

The acclimate connected black and backing all day. There were some abrupt hills (11%) through the wooded, austere countryside that was a lot of of the NB part. If we accustomed in Charlo, the wind was absolutely alarming so we did not even yield advantage of the nice esplanade to airing around.

Aug 3rd - Sun - to Pictou, NS

The wind and rain did not abdicate endure night. We had a abhorrent night’s sleep. Terry took advantage of a abeyance in the rain to disengage the ability and baptize and we were on our way - didn’t even deliver the barter endure night.

We started out in fog this morning so don’t apperceive if we could accept apparent the ocean forth the drive for a while. The fog austere if it started to rain. We chock-full at a pullout forth the way so I could accomplish cafeteria and again chock-full for ammunition and an ATM. It is so abundant that Wanda can acquisition a Scotiabank ATM if we charge one.

We larboard the capital artery just south of Moncton to biking afterpiece to the bank - MISTAKE! The alley was absolute asperous and apparently not a lot added breathtaking than the capital alley would accept been. We are in a PA esplanade just out of Pictou. At this time of year the abatement is 25% rather than 50% but it all helps. The esplanade and administrator are absolute casual. He absolved us to our website on a bend and said we could esplanade whichever way was best for us and again told us to set up and accept a alcohol afore advancing over to pay. It is a ample esplanade and we took a nice airing afore the rain disconnected a babble with a summer citizen down the road. The rain connected to cascade all evening. I took advantage of the “inside time” to buzz brother Bob and acquaintance Georgia. We accept wifi at the website so Terry did some surfing while I was yapping.

Online Advertising Traffic and the Aboriginal Law of Web Surfing

Hint: don't forward forward your Online Advertising Traffic to your homepage.

How do you catechumen Online Advertising Traffic into customers? The key is a abnormality of animal behavior that alone comes into play on the web.

You won't apprehend about this abnormality in books or online writing on accepted attempt of Advertising or absolute marketing. In fact, acceptable Advertising professionals and absolute marketers generally actualize alone so-so online Advertising campaigns artlessly because they've never heard of this phenomenon, even admitting it's about the aboriginal law of animal web surfing behavior.

How to catechumen your online Advertising Traffic into customersReady to acquisition out what that all-important aboriginal law of web surfing is? Prepare to be not actual amazed. You see, anybody who surfs the web already knows about this abnormality of animal behavior because we all do it--even you.

So actuality it is, the aboriginal law of animal web surfing behavior, which you actually accept to yield into annual if business your website: While surfing the web, about anybody will hit the "back" button if they anticipate there's a chance--even a baby chance-- they've appear to the amiss web page.

The aftereffect to this law of web surfing behavior: Anyone who clicks through to your website via an online Advertising hotlink needs to apperceive they've acclimatized at the appropriate abode as anon as they get there.

Immediately. Within a second. From a bang glance. After accepting to apprehend anything. The boilerplate animal absorption amount on the web has been abstinent at eight seconds, and you'll accept already absent a few abnormal while the page downloaded.

The Key(word) to Converting Advertisement-Clickers into CustomersHow do you accomplish actually abiding visitors feel like they've acclimatized in the appropriate place?

Make the appellation and aboriginal branch of your landing page (the page on which a company "lands" afterwards beat on an advertisement) the aforementioned as the banderole of the advertisement that brought your company there. If the landing page links to a banderole (image) advertisement, use the aforementioned pictures and blush arrangement as the advertisement.

The landing page actually accept to anon admonish the company of the advertisement.

The advertisements, in turn, accept to breeze logically from the keywords they are targeting. Even if your advertisements are actualization on websites rather than seek engine results, you charge to be cerebration in agreement of the keywords humans are application to seek for your artefact in adjustment to allege the accent of your -to-be customers.

That's why it is actual important both your advertisement and landing page absorb the ambition keyword prominently, in headings as able-bodied as the page body. That's aswell why it's so important you don't forward your visitors from online Advertising to your homepage--it's absurd you could optimize your homepage for all your accessible advertisements. Visitors who access via Advertising charge to acreage on a appropriate "landing page," or they may blast and leave your site.

Conversions: your Advertising campaign's goalBut what happens already visitors acreage on your website and adjudge to break added than ten seconds? It's no use if they just adhere around. They charge to convert.

Important definition: In online Advertising parlance, adage a website company "converts," agency he or she has taken a adapted activity against acceptable a customer, either 1) affairs something or 2) contacting you for added information, thereby acceptable a lead.

The allotment of visitors who catechumen out of the absolute amount of visitors who access at your page is the about-face rate. Your ambition is to get this amount as top possible. You do that by award the appropriate bulletin to affectation on your landing page, and aswell by targeting the Advertising so you are accepting visitors who are a lot of acceptable to convert.

In adjustment to get your visitors to catechumen already they arrive, you charge to accomplish abiding they accept a bright aisle to about-face from the landing page. The simpler the path, the better--a ambagious alley ability lose some abeyant customers. This about-face aisle could be as simple as a "buy now" button or a acquaintance form, or as circuitous as a multi-step arcade barrow with appropriate allotment with appropriate email acceptance to alarm abroad those who are not absolutely adherent buyers.

Targeting your trafficWhat you appearance visitors who access at your website is alone bisected the equation. The visitors themselves are the other. As with aggregate in life, you can't catechumen a sow's ear into a cottony purse. In this case, the sow's ear is paid Traffic that is not targeted, or is advancing from popunders or added affected viewing, or is just apparent apish (there is software accurately advised to challenge animal visitors so fraudsters can advertise the "traffic").

Even in the best of cases, some Traffic converts bigger than others. Generally speaking, visitors who are searching for you are the likeliest to convert, so about-face ante tend to be accomplished from Advertising on seek engines. About-face ante tend to be lower from Advertising on websites (so-called "content" or "contextual" advertising).

Conversion ante are lower still on Advertising on website popups, and everyman of all on alleged adware (programs that affectation popups on a user's computer; the humans who advertise this Advertising generally characterization it "targeted traffic"). Sending emails that abide of annihilation but your advertisement, even if you've skirted the acknowledged analogue of spam, is not account the bad will and accident to your brand.

Preaching to non-converting online Advertising trafficA cogent allotment of visitors, maybe a majority, will never just bang "buy now." How do you ability them?

Many humans artlessly will never accomplish a acquirement after speaking to a agent first. For them, accommodate a acceptable acquaintance form, as able-bodied as a reside babble option--if you can allow the time and expense--your email, and a blast number. A blast amount is abnormally important back there are some visitors who will never catechumen after audition the articulation of anyone on your end.

For visitors who are not accessible to catechumen immediately, you should accept advisory articles, "about us" pages or FAQs accessible to admonition them accomplish up their minds.

For visitors who artlessly will not be accessible to catechumen today, accord a acumen to bookmark your page. Acceptable articles. A appropriate offer. A newsletter to assurance up for. Free advice.

Just accomplish abiding you don't abode these another non-converting options in too arresting a position, or you'll accident confusing -to-be customers. A few paragraphs up from the actual basal of the page is a acceptable abode to bolt humans who are absorbed in you abundant to apprehend the absolute page, but still haven't converted. The actual basal of the page should be aloof for a about-face advantage for all the -to-be barter acclimatized to scrolling to the basal of the page to get a quick overview.

After all, if you wish your visitors from online Advertising Traffic to catechumen into customers, shouldn't you at atomic accomplish it simple for them?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How To Boost Your Internet Business With Online Audio Advertising

Online audio advertising is acceptable added accepted by the day. Internet marketers accept accomplished that application audio can acutely access about-face rates. You may accept noticed that a ample majority of sales pages (particularly apropos to advice products) advance audio and/or video. This is no coincidence.

Good marketers breach analysis their sales pages and accept appear to the cessation that application audio artlessly makes the -to-be client feel added at affluence and forges a accord that is not accessible with argument alone.

Online audio commercial relates not just to the audio on a sales page, but aswell to any audio acclimated to allure visitors to that sales page. These can cover podcasts, interviews and teleconferences as able-bodied as a array of added strategies.

The aim of online audio commercial is to accretion recognition, body assurance and ultimately catechumen your admirers into buyers.

Producing audio for online business purposes is easy. You do not charge an expensive, busy set up. Just a simple bargain microphone and some chargeless software can do the ambush for you.

Of course, if you ambition to do adorned furnishings and editing, again you will charge a added avant-garde set up. However, for the majority of uses, this will suffice. If you already use Camtasia to aftermath videos, again you can aswell use it for audio recording and production.

Many marketers apprehend the account that online audio commercial brings to their business, but feel that they do not accept a abundant voice, or are ultimately just too shy to advertisement their own voice.

In this case, it can be ideal to appoint a articulation over person. Whilst the articulation over being should not necessarily affirmation to be you (although this is possible), they can act as a accomplice in the business or artlessly as a able guide.

This is a acceptable advantage for those marketers who are not yet adequate recording their own voice. Keep in mind, however, that by application your own articulation you are accepting appreciably added believability amidst your audience.

The superior of your audio recording is acutely important. A low superior audio recording will accord the consequence that you are unprofessional. This will reflect abominably aloft your artefact and on you. You may even lose a ample bulk of sales alone due to a poor superior audio recording.

If you are borderline of how to almanac a top superior recording, again this can aswell be outsourced. There are abounding abundant audio assembly specialists online who are accommodating to plan for a baby bulk of money. Hiring one of these humans can save you time, headaches and access your about-face rate.

Online audio commercial is traveling to become added arresting as the years go by. Abounding sites now play an audio book as anon as the website loads. The allowances of this are debated, so it is astute to accord your visitors the advantage to play the recording as they wish. You will acquisition that a lot of humans will be accommodating to accept to your audio, provided it is absorbing and clear.

Online Audio Advertising

Online Audio advertising market Still Developing

Given the still-nascent online audio advertising market, TalkShoe has absitively to abeyance its TalkCash program. While we abide accurate believers in the concept, the primary purpose of this activity is to acquiesce us to focus our assets on continuing to enhance and abound our accepted Community Calling service.

The aboriginal abstraction abaft TalkCash was to allotment ad revenues with audio agreeable creators (aka podcasters), creating an bread-and-butter allurement to use TalkShoe. It turns out that a lot of bodies appoint in Community Calling for two added non-economic reasons: 1) to added acutely affix with bodies accepting like interests [as humans, it’s in our DNA], and 2) to allotment their articulation [essentially the aforementioned force that drives blogging]. We appraisal that on TalkShoe beneath that 10% of bodies are in it primarily for the money.

Two acknowledging abstracts points: In the accomplished 12 months, the allotment of contributed host listens on TalkShoe has risen from 3% to 61%. And during the aforementioned period, the boilerplate time a accession remained on the buzz has gone from 31 account to 51 minutes. Yes, this is my baby, but even I am afraid at this akin of assurance with an “Internet” application.

One added accordant detail: TalkShoe has been paying a subsidized ad-share amount of $10 CPM (1 cent per episode-listen) to hosts. While we acquaint ads at $20 CPM and higher, we’ve in fact been paying out far added than we’re breeding due to bound ad inventory. At this time, there are added important things to absorb our investors’ money on.

If you’re a accidental clairvoyant not complex in active Web2.0 and new advertising models, stop account here.

For those of you in fact absorbed in the audacity of this stuff, apprehend on. I’ll allotment insights acquired through about two years of testing and tweaking our online audio ad affairs (aka podcast advertising). I’ll awning Micro-Segmentation, Podcast advertising Effectiveness, CPM Rates, Host Apprehend Endorsement vs. Non-Host Recorded Ad Admittance and more. And I’ll acquaint you about a attack account $2,747 CPM.


TalkShoe has approved that audio advertising can be actual admired if appropriately targeted to narrowly-segmented audiences. An archetype of this is my Cellar Dwellers Home Winemaking show. Brad Ring, the editor of WineMaker Magazine, emailed me afterwards advertent the appearance on iTunes. He wrote something to the aftereffect of “Dave, every one of your admirers is a absolute applicant subscriber for my magazine; let’s do a deal.” And even admitting I boilerplate just 500 to 800 altered episode-plays per week, we did. Anecdotally, it appears that a actual top admeasurement of my admirers now subscribe to Brad’s magazine, although neither of us knows the exact numbers.

Now that I’ve apparent it in action, the ability of micro-segment targeted advertising is undeniable.

Podcast advertising vs. Internet advertising Effectiveness

I don’t apperceive about you, but I’m accepting appealing acceptable at blank a lot of Internet argument and banderole ads. I doubtable that I’m not alone, as I’ve heard that Google’s bang ante are dropping.

By comparison, Internet audio ads (my all-encompassing name for podcast advertising) accept one big absolute and one big negative. On the plus-side, our affirmation indicates that bodies in fact accept to them. If you about-face on your iPod, you’re not talking so you listen. How abounding times accept I heard an Acura ad on an NPR podcast, and yet I still apprehension them? Heck, as a lifetime Toyota/Lexus driver, I ability even accede an Acura next time.

On the minus-side, clashing with Internet ads, an iPod provides no apparatus for beat on something. Attention: Steve Jobs, entrepreneurs, and/or any adventure capitalist; break this botheration and accomplish a billion or two. Cell phones may be the key — texting a cipher or acute a button on an Internet-enabled buzz could accommodate for that actual response. We charge it.

Audio advertising Rates

In accession to advertising for WineMaker Magazine, TalkShoe has run campaigns for Ambrosia Software,, Citrix Systems (GoToMyPC and GoToMeeting products), GoDaddy, PageFlakes, and a brace dozen individuals. Ante accept ranged from:

• A low of 2 cents per consequence to…

• A top of 5.5 cents per impression.

We aswell approved some “remnant” advertising at 0.3 cents per impression, just to prove to ourselves that it is a actual bad abstraction and should not be repeated. Ads that aren’t accordant to a adviser are artlessly ataxia and abate the amount of the acceptable stuff.

Even college ante can be justified area there is a acceptable bout amid advertiser and admirers (don’t absence the Brehm Vineyards archetype at the end).

A ancillary note: As with Google AdWords, TalkShoe allows individuals to run online audio ads on a baby scale; as low as 1,000 impressions for just $20. You artlessly can’t do that on offline channels such as radio. But abounding of these bodies didn’t accept how to ability a accordant or acute message, nor did they assassinate acceptable repetitions. Even admitting a lot of of us are experts in watching ads, creating them is a lot harder than it looks. Seriously, don’t try this at home!

Host Apprehend Endorsement vs. Non-Host, Recorded Ad Insertion

We’ve experimented with two altered approaches to podcast advertising alive with Blubrry, a baton in host apprehend endorsement, and Kiptronic, the torchbearer for non-host recorded (dynamic) ad insertion.

Host apprehend endorsement has been the adopted archetypal in radio for years. Rush Limbaugh gets apparently a 30% exceptional for his alone accurate ads flogging the Sleep Amount Bed because if you like Rush (or even if not), his endorsement is added acceptable to access you. However, while this accurate access works for alone podcasters with abundant audiences, it doesn’t calibration down actual able-bodied to the network-of-lots-of-hosts model. The costs of analogous a specific advertiser with a specific host, developing and carrying the message, and again acceptance able delivery, just don’t accomplish faculty on a baby calibration for a network. How would an advertiser even accept the hosts to whom they’d block their reputation? They’d accept to acquisition 100 hosts to ability 100,000 listeners. It’ll never happen.

To me it’s accessible that non-host recorded (dynamic) ad admittance is the aisle for a network! Among added reasons, over 30% of TalkShoe’s episode-plays are for recordings added than a ages old (the allegorical “long tail”). Alone by putting a beginning ad in an old recording can you monetize it. Believe me - the association who fabricated “Snakes on a Plane” won’t still pay you for active their ads today.

Matching is done based on class (e.g., sports) or affair (e.g., winemaking), and adviser demographics (age, gender, etc.) and area (derived through IP address). It’s far bigger than radio and will get bigger still.

By the way, ad admittance technology still needs to be added in two added ways: 1) interstitial admittance (in program, not just pre-roll and post-roll), which we apperceive our accompany at Kiptronic are all over, and 2) a absolute “Audio Ad Words” blazon exchange for affairs impressions. Come on Google; absolve your dMarc technology on the Internet for podcasting. We wish it; we charge it!

Critical Accumulation (Audience)

It may be obvious, but a assertive calibration and a assertive akin of automation are appropriate in adjustment for micro-segmented advertising to be allusive and cost-effective. You can’t pay a agent to hunt deals that accomplish $10 - $16 per anniversary (that’s what it would amount WineMaker Annual to acquaint on my appearance at 2 cents per impression).

TalkShoe is now carrying added than 12 actor altered episode-plays annually and we can see that our business will become added admired per assemblage as we abound to 50 actor or, bigger yet, 100 actor altered episode-plays. There’s a audible knee-in-the-curve area advance drives “extra-linear” amount (I’d say “exponentially”, but that connotes advertising I am aggravating to avoid).

Inventory Appliance (Emergence of the Online Audio Ad Market)

As all of the airlines know, accepting a bench on a even is one thing; bushing it is another. The third division of 2007 was TalkShoe’s best yet, if 23% of episode-plays agitated paid audio ads. However, fast advance in episode-listens makes this amount harder to accumulate up with.

Advertisers about targeted “categories” rather than alone shows. The Business, Computers, Education, Sports, and Technology categories were a lot of popular. I apprehend us to boilerplate 20% appliance over time, but with beneath absorption in advertising in Politics, Arts & Entertainment, Pets, or Government categories (poor demographics or too controversial). The Religion class is a agrarian card.

To echo the accountable of this column and not to be abandoned is that the online audio advertising bazaar is still in its infancy. A lot of plan needs to be done to authorize aboveboard case studies and acute ROI data. But it’s not all bad news. TalkShoe is application its unsold account to drive its own advance and it’s working! Last quarter, aggregate was up 70% over the antecedent quarter.

The A lot of Able advertising Ever

So here’s the adventure of what may be one of the a lot of able “ads” in the history of the world, on TalkShoe or anywhere abroad (a affirmation that I apprehend can’t be absolutely proven, but adhere with me). In aboriginal 2007, a adviser beatific me a canteen of wine he fabricated from Peter Brehm arctic grapes. It was fabulous, commensurable to the best wines I’ve anytime tasted. If you’re not accustomed with them, Brehm Vineyards grows absurd grapes and freezes them if they decline anniversary fall. That way, a winemaker can buy them and get started any time of year.

On January 16th, my wineaux accomplice “The Added Guy” and I bought Brehm grapes and advertisement the aboriginal of six episodes about “Frozen Grapes”. We complex admirers and participants-by-phone in commissioned winemaking with our own Brehm grapes. By the time of adventure six on February 20th, at atomic a dozen admirers had accounting to say that they too purchased grapes from Brehm. With alone 1,547 adventure plays during that period, we generated at atomic $4,250 in sales for Brehm Vineyards. On a CPM basis, that’s $2,747. That’s the ability of micro-segmented advertising.

The Bottom Line

So I’ve apparent the approaching of audio advertising. It’s still defective an burning click; activating interstitial admittance is not yet broadly used; and no automatic exchange has accomplished either abounding functionality or analytical mass. But the ads are accordant to me and they work! As TalkShoe grows and the bazaar develops, we’ll unpause our TalkCash affairs for the 10% of you who wish to “broadcast yourself” and get paid! Until then, just adore in fact talking with your online accompany and groups.

more info: Author

Top 7 Reasons Online Audio Advertising Video

Top 7 Reasons Why Online Audio Advertising is Set to Explode

The Viral Advertising

The internet age brings new solutions to accompany articles to consumers. Now with the web 2.0 atmosphere, humans abutting in new means brings out abounding means for these advertisers to accompany their articles to the people. This commodity will analyze one of these means that absolutely seems to be the big thing- Viral Video Advertising. A quick Google searchshows over 3 actor hits for the term.

The capital antecedent of these videos comes out of the antecedent a lot of would expect- Youtube. From there is is aggregate through blogs, amusing websites, and added sites area humans connect.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to Get Free Advertising on Google

Things You Charge Before Starting Your Free Advertisement

* A description of your business

* Your buzz number, abode and any added acquaintance advice you wish to advertise

* A logo or angel that represents your business (some humans use a account of their office, abundance or restaurant)

* A advertisement or appropriate action you wish to acquaint (Google aswell lets you add a advertisement for FREE if you want)

Step-by-Step Guide to Chargeless Google Advertisement

1. Go to and seek for your business to verify it is not yet listed with an advertisement.

2. Go aback to and bang on Add/Edit Your Business at the basal larboard allotment of the page. (See angel below.)

add your business to google business

3. Follow the accomplish provided by Google. They are appealing simple and straightforward. As allotment of the action you will charge to verify your business either by buzz or mail.

4. Check aback in a few weeks with Google and verify your listing. If you wish to amend it, you can use the aforementioned action categorical actuality to amend your listing. See angel beneath of the advertisement for the Boston Advisers Program including data and logo.

advance boston advisers advertisement in google

Have you begin any chargeless Internet business tricks? Have you advertised your business on Google? Leave a animadversion and let me know.

Free Advertising By Google

Many baby businesses do not apperceive that you can get some free advertising on Google, appliance Google Bounded or Google Maps. Google is searching to access the amount of their bounded seek and their mapping application, so they accept a simple way for you to acquaint them some advice about your business, and now they are infusing those after-effects into their capital seek engine. It is basically a way to acquaint your business on Google for free, and anybody loves a free advertisement. This will advice your advertisement appearance up in searches and can advice you get added traffic, leads and customers. For example, a Boston advance alignment I plan with alleged the Boston Scholars Program is currently listed at the TOP of the Google seek after-effects for searches like "volunteer in boston", "volunteer boston ma", and "volunteer boston, ma". See the angel below.

Read more.. click the link

How to Get Free Advertising on Google

Free Advertising on TechCrunch with MyBlogLog Flaw

MyBlogLog has become badly accepted and was even acquired by Yahoo recently, but I afresh apparent a blemish that can calmly be exploited by anyone in beneath than 60 abnormal and actualize free advertising on TechCrunch (and hundreds of added sites). Amuse don’t do this, or even try this, as it is spammy. If you run the MyBlogLog aftereffect on your blog you should be acquainted of the flaw, so I capital to get it out in the accessible (keep annual for advice to get about it).

After anecdotic the flaw, I knew I would charge to analysis this to verify that it was in actuality possible, so I did a abbreviate experiment. First I created a copy MyBlogLog account. Again I opened Opera (the browser), which has a affection to set a page to brace automatically for a aeon of time, like every 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc. Afterwards I logged in at MyBlogLog, I went to and set the page brace to 1 minute. Afterwards a few account of absolution Opera do its brace thing, I arrested in FireFox (not logged into MyBlogLog) to verify I had the top spot. I did.

I again broadcast the analysis to cover 20 added sites that use the MyBlogLog sidebar. Mostly I acclimated sites of humans I apperceive and blogs I apprehend often, but you could brainstorm how simple it would be to acquisition 100+ accepted blogs application MyBlogLog. I set anniversary of the 20 pages to brace every 1 minute, and again sat aback and larboard Opera active for about an hour.

Soon I accustomed several email notifications from MyBlogLog about others abacus me as a contact, about the aforementioned amount I get in a brace of days. Later afterwards searching at my website statistics, the aiguille of my cartage for the day occurred at that absolute amount of time.

Again, amuse don’t use MyBlogLog in this way, just be acquainted that MyBlogLog can be exploited in this way.

Hide MyBlogLog AvatarOne redeeming affection of MyBlogLog, although not about adequate, is the X option. If you run a blog with a MyBlogLog aftereffect you can about-face off any avatars (pictures) you wish by aerial over and beat the X. You can aswell about-face yourself off if you are at someone’s blog application the aforementioned method. But unless MyBlogLog fixes the adeptness to spam abounding blogs in this way, it will get abused and you will see sites like TechCrunch affected into removing their MyBlogLog sidebar. No one wants to adviser their website and clarify out avatars all day long. So, MyBlogLog (and Yahoo now), you’ll charge to amount out some way to abstain this.

Advertising Company : More on the Yahoo buyout offer from Microsoft

It's been about a day aback I aboriginal started account and talking about Microsoft's $44 billion buyout action for Yahoo (my accepted employer). And I accept to say, it's been absolutely alluring so far.

In all the account I've done and discussions I've had, abundant scenarios accept emerged. I don't affirmation (beyond a gut feel) to apperceive how acceptable any of them are, but I ample I'd account them actuality for the account of discussion. Bear in apperception that, while I plan at Yahoo, I accept no central advice on this and am alone announcement my thoughts and account that I've heard from accompany and others on-line. Jerry is apparently too active to acknowledgment my email anyway. :-)

Oh, and if you're one of the reporters who has alleged or emailed, you'll accept that I absolutely can't go on almanac or allocution to you about what's traveling on at work.

Anyway, here's the list...

1. Microsoft in fact does buy Yahoo for $31/share (or something in that ballpark). This is the absence case in the minds of abounding people.

2. Another ample aggregation (or accumulation of companies, possibly including clandestine disinterestedness funds) makes a adverse offer. This will ultimately alone serve to drive the amount up. Microsoft will outbid.

3. The Yahoo Lath of Admiral decides to outsource Yahoo's seek advertising (and possibly search) business to battling Google. This entails a abiding affiliation for a amount of years and is acceptable to forward Microsoft aback to Redmond to abide alive on its own seek and seek advertising business. I brainstorm this would be a actual boxy alarm to make.

4. As a aberration of #3, Yahoo may attending to strengthen its affectation advertising (graphical ads) business and yield some cogent allotment of the DoubeClick accretion as allotment of the deal. That makes Google the ascendant contextual argument advertising aggregation and Yahoo the ascendant display/banner and behavioral advertising company.

5. The lath artlessly rejects the action and decides to abide as is. This seems absolutely absurd to me. Shareholders will assert that something big happen.

No amount what happens, it's bright that this will acceptable be traveling on for absolutely some time. Corporate contest of this consequence yield absolutely a bit of time to execute. I doubtable that the Yahoo lath of admiral is because several options that may or may not be included in the account above. Time will tell.

As an agreeable ancillary note, bygone was one of the few canicule that page angle to my blog home page were badly college than to any of my alone posts. Apparently a lot of association came over actuality to see if I had annihilation to say about the news. I didn't absolutely apprehend that.

Yahoo Acquires AdInterax Rich Media Advertising Company

Yahoo appear that they accept purchased AdInterax, a aggregation that specializes in administration of video and activated online ads. AdInterax congenital accoutrement to float animations, dynamically abundant banners and alive video ads. Also, Yahoo bought 20 percent of Right Media today, an online commercial company. Yahoo said that the investment will acquiesce it to "offer advertisers the adeptness to bid on Yahoo's non-premium account through an accessible and cellophane marketplace."

Microsoft Buys Mobile Advertising Company ScreenTonic

Microsoft this anniversary agreed to buy Mobile advertising aggregation ScreenTonic for an bearding sum. Will this move accomplish Windows Mobile 6 a Mobile advertising platform?

ScreenTonic offers a amount of solutions for advertisers searching to barrage ads on Mobile devices. In accession to its Mobile ad platform, alleged STAMP, ScreenTonic aswell serves as a Mobile ad agency.

Microsoft is crumbling no time in accepting a ballast in the Mobile ad market:

"The Mobile Internet is an amazing car for brands to affix with their ambition audiences, because accessories like corpuscle phones accredit alternation to yield abode around anywhere or anytime," said Steve Berkowitz, chief carnality admiral of the Online Services Group at Microsoft. "The accretion of ScreenTonic will be allotment of our abiding action to bear ad adventures that map to the environment. Together, we will be able to accommodate accordant ads area consumers are, if they are actively affianced and communicating."

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer afresh said that one of his company's better abjure was not accepting into the online advertising bazaar anon enough. Obviously, Microsoft does not absorbed to echo this aberration with mobile.

What do you think? Can Microsoft advantage Windows Mobile 6 to become a amateur in Mobile advertising? Or will this accomplishment just be a echo of MSN?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cross Cultural Advertising

Culture is a like bottomward an Alka-seltzer into a bottle – you don’t see it, but somehow it does something.

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Culture affects aggregate we do. This applies to all areas of animal activity from claimed relationships to administering business abroad. If interacting aural our built-in cultures, ability acts as a framework of understanding. However, if interacting with altered cultures this framework no best applies due to cantankerous cultural differences.

Cross cultural advice aims to advice minimise the abrogating appulse of cantankerous cultural differences through architecture accepted frameworks for humans of altered cultures to collaborate within. In business, cantankerous cultural solutions are activated in areas such as HR, aggregation building, adopted trade, negotiations and website design.

Cross cultural advice solutions are aswell analytical to able cantankerous cultural advertising. Services and articles are usually advised and marketed at a calm audience. If a artefact is again marketed at an all-embracing admirers the aforementioned calm commercial attack away will in a lot of cases be ineffective.

The aspect of commercial is acceptable humans that a artefact is meant for them. By purchasing it, they will accept some benefit, whether it be lifestyle, status, accessibility or financial. However, if an commercial attack is taken away altered ethics and perceptions as to what enhances cachet or gives accessibility exist. These differences accomplish the aboriginal commercial attack defunct.

It is accordingly analytical to any cantankerous cultural commercial attack that an compassionate of a accurate ability is acquired. By way of highlighting areas of cantankerous cultural differences in commercial a few examples shall be examined.

Language in Cantankerous Cultural Commercial

It may accept somewhat accessible to accompaniment that accent is key to able cantankerous cultural advertising. However, the actuality that companies agilely abort to analysis linguistic implications of aggregation or artefact names and slogans demonstrates that such issues are not getting appropriately addressed.

The commercial apple is blowzy with examples of linguistic cantankerous cultural blunders. Of the added absurd was Ford’s addition of the ‘Pinto’ in Brazil. After seeing sales fail, they anon realised that this was due to the actuality that Brazilians did not wish to be apparent active a car acceptation ‘tiny macho genitals’.

Language accept to aswell be analysed for its cultural suitability. For example, the byword active by the computer amateur manufacturer, EA Sports, “Challenge Everything” raises grumbles of disapproval in religious or hierarchical societies area adapted relationships are maintained through the ethics of account and non-confrontation.

It is acute accordingly that accent be advised anxiously in any cantankerous cultural commercial attack

Communication Appearance in Cantankerous Cultural Commercial

Understanding the way in which added cultures acquaint allows the commercial attack to allege to the abeyant chump in a way they accept and appreciate. For example, advice styles can be absolute or implicit. An absolute anchorperson (e.g. USA) assumes the adviser is blind of accomplishments advice or accompanying issues to the affair of altercation and accordingly provides it themselves. Absolute communicators (e.g. Japan) accept the adviser is able-bodied abreast on the accountable and minimises advice relayed on the apriorism that the adviser will accept from implication. An absolute anchorperson would acquisition an absolute advice appearance vague, admitting an absolute anchorperson would acquisition an absolute advice appearance exaggerated.

Colours, Numbers and Images in Cantankerous Cultural Commercial

Even the simplest and a lot of taken for accepted aspects of commercial charge to be inspected beneath a cantankerous cultural microscope. Colours, numbers, symbols and images do not all construe able-bodied beyond cultures.

In some cultures there are advantageous colours, such as red in China and afflicted colours, such as atramentous in Japan. Some colours accept assertive significance; blooming is advised a appropriate colour in Islam and some colours accept affiliated associations in locations of Africa.

Many hotels in the USA or UK do not accept a allowance 13 or a 13th floor. Similarly, Nippon Airways in Japan do not accept the bench numbers 4 or 9. If there are numbers with abrogating connotations abroad, presenting or packaging articles in those numbers if commercial should be avoided.

Images are aswell culturally sensitive. Admitting it is accepted to see pictures of women in bikinis on commercial posters on the streets of London, such images would could cause abuse in the Middle East.

Cultural Ethics in Cantankerous Cultural Commercial

When commercial abroad, the cultural ethics basement the association accept to be analysed carefully. Is there a adoration that is practised by the majority of the people? Is the association collectivist or individualist? Is it ancestors orientated? Is it hierarchical? Is there a ascendant political or bread-and-butter ideology? All of these will appulse an commercial attack if larboard unexamined.

For example, commercial that focuses on alone success, ability and affirmation the chat “I” would be accustomed abnormally in countries area teamwork is advised a absolute quality. Rebelliousness or abridgement of account for ascendancy should consistently be abhorred in ancestors orientated or hierarchical societies.

By way of conclusion, we can see that the attempt of commercial run through to cantankerous cultural commercial too. That is – apperceive your market, what is adorable to them and what their aspirations are. Cantankerous cultural commercial is artlessly about application accepted faculty and analysing how the altered elements of an commercial attack are impacted by ability and modifying them to best allege to the ambition audience.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

TiVo, Amazon Launch In TV Product Advertising

TiVo, the accession that affronted on-demand TV — and ad-skipping — into a accustomed norm, wants to transform bound controls into purchasing tools, belletrist The New York Times.

In amalgamation with, TiVo is accustomed to accustom a "product purchase" amore afterwards today. TiVo users will be credible to links for online writing like CDs, DVDs and books acknowledgment on address shows or infomercials. With a blast or two, they can adjust a purchase.

Items alleged will be stored in the TiVo adjustment so admirers can ability watching their program. They can assay the annual afterwards or save them

"Just a few years ago, we were beheld with abounding paranoia as the disruptor," said TiVo CEO Thomas Rogers. "Our appetite now is to plan with the media industry to arise up with agency to accept the bottomward accountability of below bartering assay and accomplish a way for bartering on TV to become added effective, added acceptable and afterpiece to the sale."

TiVo aswell liaised with Comcast in hopes of licensing its alternating ad technology to non-TiVo calendar recorders. Rogers adapted that brokering alternating ads on annual of rivals may become a TiVo priority, acceptance he hastened to add "this is not our focus today."

In March of abide year, Amazon and TiVo launched "Amazon Unbox on TiVo," which enables Amazon Unbox users to download movies and TV shows to their computers, afresh anchorage them to TiVo units for on-screen viewing. Four months later, the annual bigger so users could download rentals beeline to TiVo.

Earlier this ages TiVo formed a affiliated accordance with Google's YouTube, enabling admirers of the closing to "bookmark" and watch videos from their TVs. Users cannot download YouTube movies, however.

SVP Timothy Hanlon for Denuo, Publicis Groupe's media futures division, adapted the TiVo/Amazon purchasing amore is "a auspice of what television ultimately should become," but acicular out TiVo is abandoned in about four amateur or so homes.

"From a borough bartering perspective, if it doesn’t get aloft that base it charcoal abolishment added than a curiosity," Hanlon said.

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo asked to ban gender selection product advertising

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo asked to ban gender alternative artefact advertising

Indian courts accept asked the seek engine companies Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to stop assuming online commercial accompanying to gender alternative products.

India already has laws which ban tests that acquiesce humans to apperceive the gender of their approaching kids.

Activist Sabu George batten about the attack adjoin these online advertisements: “These companies are authoritative a lot of money by accomplishing awful targeted and careful commercial of these products. Our address seeks to block these advertisements.”

Sanjay Parikh, the advocate who filed the aboriginal complaint added: “The cloister has issued a apprehension to Google, Microsoft and Yahoo allurement them to acknowledgment to our petition.”

New Top Ten Female Product Advertising Icons & The Actresses Who Could Replace Them

From Tony The Tiger to the Michelin Man, every pop ability kid is apparent to artefact bartering mascots and icons. A lot of of these critters are male, but sometimes — abnormally with baking and aliment articles — the icons are female. Or were female. An angel of "Betty Crocker" acclimated to be on boxes of block mix; now her face has been replaced by a spoon. And a lot of advertisers would adopt to use celebrities to abettor their articles these days. But accept you anytime anticipation about what would appear if some of the admired bartering characters were replaced by Hollywood stars? We have. The top ten changeable artefact bartering icons and the actresses the casting agents could accept to alter them, afterwards the jump.

1. Acreage O Lakes Indian Maiden

The aggregation explains: "Because the regions of Minnesota and Wisconsin were the allegorical acreage of Hiawatha and Minnehaha, the abstraction of an Indian beginning took form." This is a whitewashed way of anecdotic how they hijacked the angel of aboriginal humans to advertise dairy products, but whatever. The aboriginal painting was done in 1928; it was "modernized" in 1939 to attending the way it does now. As a kid, I candidly anticipation that this was my mom until I accomplished it was Cher.

Hollywood Casting: Q'orianka Kilcher

2. Mrs. Butterworth

This woman was not consistently fabricated of plastic. She acclimated to be absolute glass. She had a bun and she was abundant and candied and you admired her, because she didn't charge (the acutely absent) Mr. Butterworth to get the job done.

Hollywood Casting: Queen Latifah

3. SunMaid

The adolescent woman on the raisin box has acquired aback 1916. She's absent about 20 lbs., but she still has the red beanie and the bassinet of grapes. And she still smiles.

Hollywood Casting: Minnie Driver

4. Aunt Jemima

Advertising gimmicks are not consistently politically correct. The pancake figure was based on a blackface "mammy" character; but R.T. Davis Milling Aggregation assassin a woman called Nancy Green to play Aunt Jemima from 1890 to 1923. She was paid, but the ads were disgustingly racist. (Try award a abstract that is not oppressive! Even Log Cabin gives me pause.) In 1989, Aunt Jemima absent her kerchief, got a relaxer, some fair earrings and a slimmer look. She affectionate of resembles Roxie Roker now. But who is woman abundant to yield on the claiming of arena a arguable character?

Hollywood Casting: Angela Bassett

5. Utz Girl

The rosy-cheeked banty has been about aback 1921, admitting she's had some anti-aging action and now seems abundant adolescent now. Her huge eyes and blessed smile let you apperceive her potato chips are abuse good.

Hollywood Casting: Christina Ricci

6. Little Miss Sunbeam

This blond-haired baby little babe was on the table afore aureate and oats crept into our sandwich bread. Little Miss Sunbeam was built-in in the 1940s, and she seems allotment Shirley Temple, allotment Doris Day and allotment Buffy and Jody from Family Affair. Or Cindy Brady. An "American Girl" abounding of "sunshine"…

Hollywood Casting: Abigail Breslin

7. Morton Salt Girl

When it rains it pours, whatever that means. The aboriginal awning babe appeared in 1914, searching like a toddler; she's developed up some aback then. The angled crew and the awning accomplish for an aggressive celebrity choice…

Hollywood Casting: Rihanna

8. Coppertone Girl

Introduced in 1959, the casual adolescent whose dejected swimsuit cheers get pulled down by a cocker adulator was played by a three-year-old Jodie Foster in 1965. Did you apperceive that they afflicted the logo after because some anticipation her bald buttocks encouraged pedophilia? Now that the aggregation makes sunscreen instead of tanning oils, the "paleface" bulletin is no best adapted and she's been phased out.

Hollywood Casting: Dakota Fanning

9. Tropic-Ana

The Polynesian appealing who acclimated to be topless has aback been replaced with an orange and straw. It would be fun if they brought aback a changeable figure who loves exhibitionism, wouldn't it?

Hollywood Casting: Bai Ling

10. Chiquita Banana

Born in 1944, Miss Chiquita was sometimes a lady, sometimes an absolute fruit, as apparent in this Disney commercial. Her chime is awesome, even if she was appealing abundant just a Carmen Miranda rip off.

Hollywood Casting: Salma Hayek?

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