Friday, August 1, 2008

Essential Guide To Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Following's (now accepted as Overture) astounding success

with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, added than 160 PPC startups

have sprung up.

Out of these 160 PPC engines, alone a few may in fact accept the

search aggregate to accomplish a admirable amount of clicks for your


Most PPC startups crave amid $10 to $25 of bureaucracy fee which

can be activated to clickthroughs. They action low minimum bids of

$0.01. But with bound seek volumes, they may accompany you alone a

few clicks anniversary day!

My advocacy is to go for accustomed PPC engines with high

search volumes that can accomplish college clickthroughs. The big

boys are Advance (previously accepted as Goto) at, Sprinks at,

FindWhat at

Overture is the best because they serve over 2 billion search

queries annual through their affiliation with above search

engines such as America Online, Lycos, Altavista, Netscape,

Hotbot and InfoSpace.

You can analysis the startup PPC engines but accomplish alone the minimum

setup fees. If they accomplish appropriate traffic, you can consistently top

up your account. That way you abbreviate your accident to alone $10 to

$25 per PPC engine. For a annual of over 160 PPC engines, see

How To Find Accordant Keywords?

Since you are paying for anniversary clickthrough on your bid, it makes

good faculty to ensure that your keywords are accordant to your

target audience.

One of my admired accoutrement is Overture's Seek Term Suggestion at

Enter a keyword and it shows the amount of times the chat was

searched - which indicates its popularity. The added accepted the

keyword is, the college are your clickthroughs. Advance also

generates a annual of agnate keywords and their seek counts in

the antecedent month.

Overture's apparatus is one of the best means for award acceptable keywords

to bid on. Another another is to download Acceptable Keywords at

Enter a keyword into this chargeless software and it will affectation a

list of accordant seek agreement and their seek counts across

multiple PPC engines.

You can aswell try JimTools' Keyword Toolkit at

JimTools can accomplish a annual of accompanying keyword possibilities,

some with seek counts, from Goto, Google, Magellan and


How Abundant Do I Bid?

The bigger PPC engines such as Goto and Sprinks crave a minimum

bid of $0.05. Startup engines accept bottom minimums of $0.01.

How abundant to bid depends on your return-on-investment (ROI)


For example: If you bid $1.00 per visitor, and 1 in every 10

visitors buys your product, your cost-per-sale is $10.00.

So if anniversary auction of your artefact produces a gross accumulation of $15,

then your net accumulation will be $5.00 ($15 gross accumulation bare $10


Your return-on-investment (ROI), afore non-marketing expenses,

is 50.0% ($5.00 net accumulation / $10 cost-per-sale). Consistently price

your bids to accomplish a absolute ROI!

A abundant apparatus that you can use to analyze bids for a specific

keyword beyond assorted PPC engines is at

To apprehend about how you can aerate your allotment from PPC engines,

go to

You'll apprentice how to abate your bids while still advancement the

same baronial or get a top 3 position for maybe just 1 cent more!

How Do I Clue Clicks?

Most of the time, you'll apprehension that the amount of clicks tracked

by yourself is amid 15% to 30% added than the clicks the PPC

engine reports.

This is because acclaimed PPC engines such as Advance have

installed anti-cheating mechanisms that anticipate your competitors

from again beat on your listings and crumbling your bid


They will calculation assorted clicks aural a defined timeframe from

the aforementioned computer as alone one clickthrough while your own log

will usually annals the assorted clicks.

There was already if I noticed that my log was registering less

clicks than Overture's reports. They were experiencing some bug

which prevented clicks from getting appropriately delivered to the

advertiser's website.

Because I was tracking my clicks, I notified them of the problem

and they accustomed my annual for the bad clicks. Tracking your

clicks accord you a added reliable account of how able-bodied your PPC

campaign is performing.

If you accept admission to your CGI directory, I acclaim LnkinLite,

a baby yet able tracking software that can clue clicks to

your website in the background. Get it at


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