Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mobile Advertising Crucial to Reaching Consumers in Economic Downturn

Despite ascent ammunition and aliment prices, one-third of consumers say the abridgement will not affect their spending habits — a lot of say it will — and one way for advertisers to grab consumers' absorption in such times may be via their adaptable devices, according to a new study, writes MarketingCharts.

For marketers absorbed in extensive arbitrary consumers during this bread-and-butter downturn, there's achievement in that 41 percent customer say they acquire no affairs to stop or cut-back on the acquirement of corpuscle phones, begin a Harris Interactive abstraction on people's attitudes against the abridgement and technology.

Most (60 percent) of consumers who say they will absolute their arbitrary spending will abbreviate traveling out to restaurants (74 percent) and purchasing electronics (71 percent), a allotment of added choices like affairs beneath clothes and demography beneath vacations.


Meanwhile, the use of adaptable phones has become an indispensible allotment of their lives for many, and abounding are even disengagement ties to landlines: 16 percent of US homes are application wireless phones alone - added than bifold the amount from four years ago, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

These trends abutment the advance by marketers to advantage adaptable commercial as allotment of an chip business affairs to advance their brands and advertise articles and services, Harris analysts conclude.

Mobile Commercial Findings

Mobile commercial can accretion a ballast if it is unobtrusive, targeted against an individual's claimed tastes and offers something unique, Harris said:

* A allotment of adolescence surveyed, over bisected (56 percent) said they would be absorbed in examination adaptable ads with incentives, while over one-third (37 percent) of adults acclaimed that they would be acceptant to such advertising.

* As the best adaptable commercial incentive, banknote is king, with 80 percent of adults and 70 percent of adolescence anecdotic it as the top allurement for responding to adaptable advertising:

o Ball downloads (61 percent), chargeless music (57 percent) and adulatory account (53 percent) aswell are accepted incentives a allotment of teens.

o A allotment of adults, chargeless account (49 percent) and abatement coupons (37 percent) are ambrosial incentives. Chargeless ball (31 percent) and music (24 percent) downloads aswell captured the absorption of adults.

* As for types of ads preferred, adults tend to favor dining deals (53 percent) admitting adolescence are absorbed in alfresco activities, biking and ball (70 percent).

* Text messaging is the a lot of adopted commercial access for over two-thirds (69 percent of adults and 64 percent of teens) of consumers:

o Adolescence are added accommodating to acquire commercial images on their adaptable phones (47 percent), against adults (35 percent).

o The attraction of video adumbration in adaptable commercial is down 10 percent a allotment of adults from endure year, but adults are now added accessible to ads' getting transferred automatically to their email (30 percent) than in the past.

* Providing claimed advice to marketers to advice them ambition commercial letters and articles has consistently been a acute topic, but added than bisected (54 percent) of developed respondents say they are adequate accomplishing so for adaptable advertisers, abnormally if offered for the appropriate incentive.

o Others agree, but wish to accept who sees this advice (21 percent).

o Teens, surprisingly, are attentive about their claimed advice - alone 35 percent would admit it, even if an allurement is offered, and 25 percent say they would never accommodate claimed information.

About the abstracts (pdf): The 2008 Customer Acceptance of Adaptable Commercial abstraction was conducted online aural the United States by Harris Interactive in February 2008 a allotment of 1,000 US adults age 18 and over and 200 teenagers age 13-17. The 2008 Telecom Report was conducted online aural the United States by Harris Interactive in April 2008 a allotment of 1,000 US adults age 18 and over. The abstracts were abounding to reflect the US population.


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