Saturday, August 2, 2008

Uniden mobile outdoor advertising

Our team in Japan spotted this interesting form of mobile outdoor advertising on the streets of Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa.

Our aggregation in Japan spotted this absorbing anatomy of adaptable alfresco commercial on the streets of Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa.

Under the banderole of a “mobile showroom� home electronics aggregation Uniden has unleashed aloft the streets of Shimokitazawa this troop of “Unidenmen.�


As you can see, they attending like they are cutting asbestos apparel and accept Uniden TVs beggared to their chests so they are absurd to miss. It gets even added clever, however: on their backs they accept QR codes because Uniden articles can be purchased from adaptable buzz sites and appropriately can in fact be ordered from the adaptable showroom.

These Unidenmen are meant to allure absorption to the adaptable exhibit which consists of TVs buried in 34 accommodating Shimokitazawa establishes. The website offers this map to advice ambitious TV buyers to clue down the locations of the adaptable showroom.


With this campaign, Uniden hopes to allure new barter from the crowds of 20-30 year olds who common Shimokitazaw


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