Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Microsoft Buys Mobile Advertising Company ScreenTonic

Microsoft this anniversary agreed to buy Mobile advertising aggregation ScreenTonic for an bearding sum. Will this move accomplish Windows Mobile 6 a Mobile advertising platform?

ScreenTonic offers a amount of solutions for advertisers searching to barrage ads on Mobile devices. In accession to its Mobile ad platform, alleged STAMP, ScreenTonic aswell serves as a Mobile ad agency.

Microsoft is crumbling no time in accepting a ballast in the Mobile ad market:

"The Mobile Internet is an amazing car for brands to affix with their ambition audiences, because accessories like corpuscle phones accredit alternation to yield abode around anywhere or anytime," said Steve Berkowitz, chief carnality admiral of the Online Services Group at Microsoft. "The accretion of ScreenTonic will be allotment of our abiding action to bear ad adventures that map to the environment. Together, we will be able to accommodate accordant ads area consumers are, if they are actively affianced and communicating."

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer afresh said that one of his company's better abjure was not accepting into the online advertising bazaar anon enough. Obviously, Microsoft does not absorbed to echo this aberration with mobile.

What do you think? Can Microsoft advantage Windows Mobile 6 to become a amateur in Mobile advertising? Or will this accomplishment just be a echo of MSN?


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