Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Top Ten Female Product Advertising Icons & The Actresses Who Could Replace Them

From Tony The Tiger to the Michelin Man, every pop ability kid is apparent to artefact bartering mascots and icons. A lot of of these critters are male, but sometimes — abnormally with baking and aliment articles — the icons are female. Or were female. An angel of "Betty Crocker" acclimated to be on boxes of block mix; now her face has been replaced by a spoon. And a lot of advertisers would adopt to use celebrities to abettor their articles these days. But accept you anytime anticipation about what would appear if some of the admired bartering characters were replaced by Hollywood stars? We have. The top ten changeable artefact bartering icons and the actresses the casting agents could accept to alter them, afterwards the jump.

1. Acreage O Lakes Indian Maiden

The aggregation explains: "Because the regions of Minnesota and Wisconsin were the allegorical acreage of Hiawatha and Minnehaha, the abstraction of an Indian beginning took form." This is a whitewashed way of anecdotic how they hijacked the angel of aboriginal humans to advertise dairy products, but whatever. The aboriginal painting was done in 1928; it was "modernized" in 1939 to attending the way it does now. As a kid, I candidly anticipation that this was my mom until I accomplished it was Cher.

Hollywood Casting: Q'orianka Kilcher

2. Mrs. Butterworth

This woman was not consistently fabricated of plastic. She acclimated to be absolute glass. She had a bun and she was abundant and candied and you admired her, because she didn't charge (the acutely absent) Mr. Butterworth to get the job done.

Hollywood Casting: Queen Latifah

3. SunMaid

The adolescent woman on the raisin box has acquired aback 1916. She's absent about 20 lbs., but she still has the red beanie and the bassinet of grapes. And she still smiles.

Hollywood Casting: Minnie Driver

4. Aunt Jemima

Advertising gimmicks are not consistently politically correct. The pancake figure was based on a blackface "mammy" character; but R.T. Davis Milling Aggregation assassin a woman called Nancy Green to play Aunt Jemima from 1890 to 1923. She was paid, but the ads were disgustingly racist. (Try award a abstract that is not oppressive! Even Log Cabin gives me pause.) In 1989, Aunt Jemima absent her kerchief, got a relaxer, some fair earrings and a slimmer look. She affectionate of resembles Roxie Roker now. But who is woman abundant to yield on the claiming of arena a arguable character?

Hollywood Casting: Angela Bassett

5. Utz Girl

The rosy-cheeked banty has been about aback 1921, admitting she's had some anti-aging action and now seems abundant adolescent now. Her huge eyes and blessed smile let you apperceive her potato chips are abuse good.

Hollywood Casting: Christina Ricci

6. Little Miss Sunbeam

This blond-haired baby little babe was on the table afore aureate and oats crept into our sandwich bread. Little Miss Sunbeam was built-in in the 1940s, and she seems allotment Shirley Temple, allotment Doris Day and allotment Buffy and Jody from Family Affair. Or Cindy Brady. An "American Girl" abounding of "sunshine"…

Hollywood Casting: Abigail Breslin

7. Morton Salt Girl

When it rains it pours, whatever that means. The aboriginal awning babe appeared in 1914, searching like a toddler; she's developed up some aback then. The angled crew and the awning accomplish for an aggressive celebrity choice…

Hollywood Casting: Rihanna

8. Coppertone Girl

Introduced in 1959, the casual adolescent whose dejected swimsuit cheers get pulled down by a cocker adulator was played by a three-year-old Jodie Foster in 1965. Did you apperceive that they afflicted the logo after because some anticipation her bald buttocks encouraged pedophilia? Now that the aggregation makes sunscreen instead of tanning oils, the "paleface" bulletin is no best adapted and she's been phased out.

Hollywood Casting: Dakota Fanning

9. Tropic-Ana

The Polynesian appealing who acclimated to be topless has aback been replaced with an orange and straw. It would be fun if they brought aback a changeable figure who loves exhibitionism, wouldn't it?

Hollywood Casting: Bai Ling

10. Chiquita Banana

Born in 1944, Miss Chiquita was sometimes a lady, sometimes an absolute fruit, as apparent in this Disney commercial. Her chime is awesome, even if she was appealing abundant just a Carmen Miranda rip off.

Hollywood Casting: Salma Hayek?


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