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hispanic print advertising for attorneys - An Industry Imperiled

An Industry Imperiled by Falling Profits and Shrinking Ads
hispanic print advertising for attorneys

In just the endure few weeks, The San Diego Union-Tribune alone added than 100 jobs, one-tenth of its plan force. The Chicago Sun-Times began a above annular of newsroom layoffs, again put itself up for sale, and publishers in Minneapolis and Philadelphia warned that boxy economics could force cuts there.

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Where Are All the Ads?Graphic

Where Are All the Ads?

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Josh Haner/The New York Times

A newsstand in New York. Some above newpapers accept several times as abounding readers online as in print, but austere banking letters accept affected the affidavit to downsize.

Not continued ago, account like that would accept fatigued abundant annotation and hand-wringing in the bi-weekly business, but in the endure few months, reductions accept become so accepted that they almost accomplish a ripple alfresco anniversary paper's hometown. Back mid-2007, above downsizing — generally accompanying with austere banking letters — has been imposed at The San Francisco Chronicle, The Seattle Times, The San Jose Mercury News, USA Today and abounding others.

The allocution of newspapers' annihilation is earlier than some of the reporters who address about it, but what is accident now is something new, something added austere than anyone has accomplished in generations. Endure year started abominably and concluded worse, with shrinking profits and aerobatics banal prices, and 2008 is abstraction up as added of the same, bidding louder allocution about a aphotic axis point.

"I'm an optimist, but it is actual harder to be absolute about what's traveling on," said Brian P. Tierney, administrator of The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Philadelphia Daily News. "The next few years are transitional, and I anticipate some affidavit aren't traveling to accomplish it."

Advertising, the antecedent of added than 80 percent of bi-weekly revenue, commonly rose and fell with the all-embracing economy. But in the endure 12 to 18 months, that hotlink has been broken, and admiral do not apprehend to be able to adjustment it absolutely anytime soon.

In 2007, accumulated print and online ad acquirement fell about 7 percent. In the endure six decades, alone one added year — 2001, if there was a recession — had a steeper decline, according to the Bi-weekly Association of America. Adjusted for inflation, 2007 ad acquirement was added than 20 percent beneath its aiguille in 2000.

Circulation acquirement has beneath steadily back 2003, and the amount of copies awash has been bottomward about 2 percent a year. Some of the better affidavit — including The San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe and The Los Angeles Times — accept absent 30 to 40 percent of their apportionment in just a few years.

The abiding about-face of advertising to the Internet — abnormally classified ads for things like jobs, cars and houses — accelerated endure year. The absolute acreage abatement hit the bi-weekly business hard, abnormally in California and Florida, area absolute acreage ads fell added than 20 percent at some newspapers.

Over all, bounded advertising has fallen, while "the civic ad bazaar is still strong," said Alexia Quadrani, an analyst at Bear Stearns & Company. "Local advertisers accept been swallowed up, and there are just fewer. Your bounded pharmacy becomes CVS; your bounded accouterments abundance becomes Home Depot."

In the endure few days, several bi-weekly companies accept appear anemic December results, and they warned that January looked analogously bad and that the bearings would aggravate in a recession.

"The acceptable alternate factors are axis south at the aforementioned time as the structural factors," said Ken Doctor, an industry analyst with the analysis close Outsell. "It's a actual sobering time."

Newspaper admiral and analysts say that it could yield 5 to 10 years for the industry's affairs to balance and that abounding of the affidavit that survive will be abate and will convenance beneath aggressive journalism.

Some companies may attending for buyers, but it is not bright how abundant of a bazaar for newspapers remains. The aboriginal analysis will appear from the Sun-Times Media Group, which appear Monday that afterwards adversity abysmal losses and closing several baby account papers, it would try to advertise any assets it could, including its flagship paper, The Sun-Times.

Others may seek apartment from bazaar pressures by acceptable nonprofit or traveling private; the Tribune Company afresh did both. Added publishers, like the Washington Post Company and the E. W. Scripps Company, are cloistral somewhat by accepting awful assisting non-newspaper holdings, but even they accept fabricated cuts.

Critics of the industry — including abounding admiral aural it — say that newspapers accept done a poor job adapting to the Internet and alive creatively and aggressively to advertise ads.

Mr. Tierney agrees, "but you could change that and still be sliding," he said. "When everyone's demography on water, you can't apprehend to break dry — alone beneath wet."

Advertising And Generate New WebSite Traffic

Here's a simple way to use "No Results, No Pay" radio advertising and build traffic for your website.

Step #1 - Understanding "PI" - Per Inquiry Advertising.

Radio has a unique advertising format known as "PI" or per inquiry advertising.

"PI's" main benefit is that your commercial is aired and you ONLY PAY for inquiries phoned into the station from listeners !

Inquiries are in the form of callers asking for more information.

The radio station counts each caller, and re-directs them to your web site address.

Step #2 - How To Start a "PI" Campaign.

Find a good directory of all commercial radio stations where you intend to advertise.

Some sample Internet resources : - UK - USA - International

Other online resources can be found by searching for keywords like "Radio Directories."

Alternatively, visit your library and in the references section ask for the Yearbook of Independent Local Radio Stations.

Note details such as :

Ad manager's names,

Telephone numbers,

e-mail addresses

Programming and schedules

Listener profiles:





Step #3 - Decide on Strategy and "Wanted Response."

Before you contact the radio stations, be clear on strategy, goals and have your draft commercials in outline.

* Are you advertising a product offer at your website ?

Specify product details fully to avoid paying for "tyre kicker" inquiries.

* Is your "Wanted Response" to build an opt-in list ?

Decide how you will entice visitors to your web site. Will you offer FREEBIES, or a competition of some sort ?

* Are you advertising for market research purposes ?

Tell listeners how and why they should participate.

* Decide how much you are prepared to pay per inquiry.

Step #4 - Use Your Strategy To Build A "PI" Proposal

Two aims in this step :

Make it as easy as possible for the station to schedule your commercial.

Negotiate the lowest Per Inquiry cost during the best advertising time slots.

Keep in mind :

Listener profiles you want to reach.

Times you want your advert to go on air.

Which commercial will best deliver your "Wanted Response".

Write to the ad manager by e-mail or normal mail. In your letter :

Introduce yourself.

Inform them this is a "PI" Per Inquiry advertising proposal.

Inform them you of what you are trying to achieve, refer to your strategy.

Detail your product or service prices and how much you are considering paying for each inquiry.


If your "Wanted Response" is not selling a product, you must pay for inquiries out of your "own pocket". Negotiate a keen cost per inquiry !!

* Explain how you will handle all the administration

For instance writing the commercial Outline, handling product fulfilment, dealing with refunds and product support questions.

Depending on your negotiation skills and size of Radio station you might be able to work a deal where you only pay for *Converted Inquiries*.

This is practically FREE Advertising, because you only pay for referrals once a sale is made !

Step #5 - How To Deal With Radio Ad Managers

If you do not hear back within a few days, call the station.

Commercial radio is a busy environment. Be prepared to explain yourself and answer questions quickly and clearly.

Radio ad managers are always looking for advertisers. That is their job and advertising fees are the lifeblood of Commercial Radio.

However, "PI" is not the only money earner for stations, so be prepared for a polite but cool reception.

If this happens, pick another station and start the process again.

The rewards of a successful "PI" campaign will pay back your effort many times over.

Step #6 - The Commercial Ad

Write your commercial's outline to maximise your "Wanted Response."

Write the outlines for at least two 30 second, and two 60 second commercials.

Writing commercials for broadcasting is very different to writing ad copy for printed media. However, stations will help you by taking your outlines and turning them into finished commercials for a fee.

Alternatively, if your copy writing is good and you have time to tweak it for broadcasting, then do it yourself.

Listen to the station's ads, jingles, and catch phrases and pre-record your own following a similar model. Ask objective people to listen to your ad and give you critical feedback.


When recording for radio you may or may not want to use your own voice. Radio stations have "Voices" to record your commercial for a fee before it goes on air.

They also have royalty free music to include with your ad.

Make your commercials memorable, with clear contact information for listeners to follow up on.

When such ads go on air during relevant programming, you cangenerate considerable traffic.

In closing, "just do it" and learn more than I can show you in a brief article.

Radio is often overlooked by online advertisers, but it can bring good results depending on your "Wanted Response" and at a surprisingly low cost.

Ad Managers are tasked with maximising revenue for the broadcaster. They are flexible and as long as you demonstrate a financial benefit to the station, they will listen to your "PI" proposal actively.

This is good news for you because for minimal outlay and sometimes for free you can drive quality traffic to your site, product and services.

"PI" is the lowest cost form of broadcast advertising. Make this a new part of your overall advertising strategy.

How To Turn an Ezine Advertising Strategy Into Bags of

OK, so we acquire all heard the clamors from humans who acquire fabricated money from agreement ads in ezines. The Strategy is simple enough. You acquire a artefact or account (or an associate affairs of which you are a member) and you aswell acquire a baby classified ad announcement the allowances of said artefact or service. You pay to acquaint in ezines that acquire a apportionment comprised of the admirers you ambition to target.

This sounds simple abundant but these canicule ezine Advertising has become so aggressive that a acute banker needs to amend his/her ezine Advertising strategy. This is all-important in adjustment to angle afar from the competition, ability an admirers of targeted barter and abide to acquire the cutting allowances consistent from this awful able medium.

One of the better problems with acceptable ezine Advertising is the actuality that your ad gets sandwiched in amid 5-15 added ads of agnate content. This by itself badly decreases the capability of your ad.

Not to acknowledgment the actuality that with so abounding associate programs in existence, antagonism amid affiliates has escalated to new heights arch to abounding affiliates of the aforementioned affairs saturating a already acknowledging bazaar through their ezine Advertising campaigns.

This has advance to decreased revenues for the affiliates and accessible aloofness for the product/service. The bearings has gotten so aggressive that not alone already but on several occasions I acquire witnessed ezines broadcast the exact aforementioned ad for an associate affairs (with altered associate I.D.'s) all in the actual aforementioned issue. How can this possibly account those advertisers?

However, this is not the accountability of the ezine administrator either. The capital purpose of an ezine (for abounding but not all publishers) is to advertise advertising. When anyone approaches a administrator with Advertising dollars, you cannot accountability him/her for demography the money and active the ad. That administrator is artlessly authoritative an honest buck.

But there are some able methods you can apply to get your ad in foreground of a acknowledging ambition bazaar by utilizing ezine advertising. For starters, if you run an associate affairs accommodate your affiliates with several different, activated classified ads which they can use to abode in altered ezines.

Remember, your affiliates are your salespeople - you wish them to accomplish as abundant money as accessible so that you too accomplish as abundant money as possible. Therefore, it is in your best absorption to advice them as abundant as you can.

If you are an affiliate, try your duke at autograph some analgesic classified ads of your own so as to angle out from the competition. If you are not a abundant writer, I awful acclaim acrimonious up Robert Boduch's Abundant Headlines Instantly and putting the account aural to use immediately.

Next, I acerb acclaim that you carapace out a little added money for a sponsor ad or a abandoned commitment in a newsletter that offers these services. A sponsor ad is the ad at the actual top or actual basal of an ezine. Since they are afterpiece to the top or basal they angle afar from the added ads and so they adulterous a abundant greater, added favorable acknowledgment from subscribers.

A abandoned commitment is a 3-7 branch ad which an ezine sends to its account abstracted from its approved newsletter mailing. The admeasurement of these ads alter from one newsletter to addition but they acquire proven, by far, to be the a lot of effective, a lot of assisting ezine ad in which an advertiser could anytime advance his/her money.

These two Advertising methods are the a lot of able accoutrement in an ezine advertisers arsenal. There is alone one problem, how do you acquisition out which ezines Strategy these Advertising opportunities? Well, aboriginal you will charge to acquisition a absolute account of ezines and again absorb some time combing through the bags of zines to acquisition those that accommodated your demographic requirements.

When that is done you are accessible to added attenuated the account by coursing through to acquisition the ones that acquire ads (free and paid). Finally, you charge to acquisition those that accurately Strategy abandoned and advocacy ad opportunities and do some amount shopping. Naturally, you charge absolutely a bit of chargeless time to complete this process. But do not despair, you do acquire an able another if time is an affair for you.

The Ultimate Media Magnet has aggregate all of the newsletters that Strategy sponsor ads and abandoned mailings into one able directory. All the ezines are sorted by class so as to accomplish it even easier for you to anon cull out those targeted to your market.

The Ultimate Media Magnet is by far the best band-aid for any banker affairs any artefact or service. You will instantly acquisition targeted ezines that Strategy the a lot of able methods of extensive a hungry, paying audience.

The Ultimate Media Magnet is alone one apparatus accessible to associates of The Ultimate Marketers Resource (

Ezine Advertising has been and will abide to be one of the a lot of amount able and accumulation breeding accoutrement at the internet marketers disposal. But, like aggregate abroad on the internet, for Advertising methods to abide able they have to evolve.

Think of it this way, abounding business gurus and internet millionaires of today fabricated their affluence from unsolicited email (SPAM). However, currently this adjustment is advised bent and these actual aforementioned marketers now advance opt-in email, ezine business and autoresponders instead.

To accomplish application ezine

Monday, September 22, 2008

Grab Your Share of Untold Amounts of Advertising Dollars

Publishing Guidelines: You may publish my article in your newsletter,
on your web site, or in your print publication provided you include
the resource box at the end. Notification would be appreciated but is
not required.

Grab Your Share of Untold Amounts of Advertising Dollars
By Kathleen Gage

If you advertise in any way, the following information could show you
how to find and utilize untold advertising dollars you may not be
aware of.

In the mid 80’s I was an account executive for a radio station
located in Santa Rosa, California. During that time I became very
familiar with what is referred to as co-op advertising.

Co-op advertising is a great source of advertising dollars. And there
is so much of it available to people, yet most people know very
little, if anything, about co-op dollars.

Interestingly, I was one of the only reps at the station who made
sure my clients knew about this benefit. The reason was simple, there
was more work involved in getting my clients set up, and yet, there
was financial gain for both my client and myself by taking time to
help them stretch their marketing dollars.

Co-opting is where you put in money for advertising and the
manufacturer of a product you sell also puts in money. Often it is as
much as 50% of the campaign. It is a great way to stretch your
advertising campaign and to beef up your campaign.

Unfortunately, even though the money is available if conditions are
right, many people either aren’t aware of this or if they are
they think it’s too much work to meet the criteria. Granted, in some
cases it is, but often utilizing co-op money is a great way to stretch your
marketing budget.

There are many co-op-advertising opportunities available if you plan
to do advertising on the Internet. Not all are good investments
though. Check opportunities out very carefully before making a final

Using co-op dollars is an excellent way to build a stronger
relationship with your retail suppliers and to generate a lot more
traffic in your store or on to your web site. If the overflow of
business is handled correctly you will increase your sales and

The great thing about using co-op dollars when you are dealing with
standard media is that your account rep can handle the paperwork for
you. Many retailers hesitate using the “hidden” dollars due
to feeling intimidated by the paperwork, the unknown.

Not only can the rep help you with the paperwork, they can also help
you to build the campaign. However, before you trust them completely,
find out what their experience is, what successful campaigns they
have spearheaded and get some references. Take the time to do some
research upfront to save money over the long run.

The reality is, if they are professionals in the truest sense of the
word, they will be more than willing to take much of the paperwork
burden off of you by handling it. After all, the more value an
account rep creates for their clients the greater chance for an
ongoing business.

Co-op dollars are not limited to retail businesses. Often, there are
hidden dollars for non-profits. There are city and state funds that
are set aside to help various organizations increase their visibility
and reach.

One nice thing about using co-op dollars from a large manufacturer is
that brand names do attract customers to your business—that's why
you offer them. Advertising specific well known brands will increase your foot traffic. Harley Davidson has an amazing co-op program they offer to their retailers. It is a primary reason they have done so well. They encourage advertising based on specific guidelines.

It is to the advantage of an advertiser to utilize these dollars.
Manufacturers in virtually every industry want to help with
advertising costs. They are very aware that when you correctly
advertise their brand name product you will probably sell more of it,
thus increasing your orders.

The disadvantage of co-op advertising can be the restrictions set by
the manufacturer. Often, they have such rigid guidelines about how to
design the ad that you may lose all control of creative expression.
For example, their logo may have to be positioned in an exact
location in order for them to co-op the campaign.

If you are working with someone who claims to be an expert at
advertising and they know nothing about co-op dollars they are not
the expert they claim to be. Be aware.

Areas that you need to be educated on are program terms and
reimbursement schedules. In some cases it can take months to receive
reimbursement for a co-op campaign. In other cases, the company you
are cooping with will send the money directly to the media source. Be
sure to check this information out in order not to run into a cash
flow problem.

Advantages of co-op advertising
- Extra money to advertise
- Account executive can do the paperwork
- More frequency

Disadvantages of co-op advertising
- Restrictions by manufacturer
- No guarantee it will work
- Limited creativity in ad copy

Before making a final decision, research your options on co-op
advertising. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you discover.

Eight Steps to Increase Your Newsletter Advertising Revenue

As the newsletter market becomes increasingly more competitive, it's important to follow several key steps in your pursuit of potential advertisers. Simple steps such as providing basic information and practicing timely follow-up can contribute to the success of your overall advertising revenue.

Follow these tips to quickly boost your advertising revenues.

1. Contact Information - Always place contact information toward bottom of your emails and articles. Include Company Name, Contact Name, Tel, URL, Email, Fax, and Address. Buyers prefer to purchase ad space from companies and individuals that are easy to contact and have a physical location. List an email address for purchasing advertising (Ex.

2. Target market - List your target market and demographics. If you have not yet performed a survey of your subscribers, then list your perceived target market. To gain actual demographics, email your subscribers a simple survey. This allows you to not only learn about your subscribers, but will also aid in efforts to increase subscriber base. A survey will also help you to develop editorial content geared towards your readers main concerns or interests.

3. Subscriber Numbers - Numbers are important when considering an ad purchase. Don't hesitate to list the number of subscribers to your newsletter as well as the average monthly percentage of growth rate.

4. Follow Up - This may be one of the most valuable steps in increasing advertising revenue. After a sale, be sure to communicate with your advertiser. It's a lot easier to re-sell ad space than find a new ad buyer. If the advertising run is a one-issue purchase, email the advertiser the day before the newsletter goes out to remind the advertiser when it's scheduled to run. Then telephone or email the advertiser after the ad run to learn of the effectiveness. If the advertiser is happy, resell them on the spot for a longer term. If the advertiser was unhappy with the results, ask "why" and then encourage them to buy another advertisement at a discounted rate. If the advertiser decides to purchase another run, be sure they make changes their ad copy. The effectiveness of the ad often depends on the ad copy itself.

If Advertisement is run for multiple months or issues, email the advertiser weekly asking their feedback. Telephone your advertiser once per month. Also, you should always email the advertiser to inform them of an approaching renewal time and attempt to renew their run. If there is no answer, call two or three days later and try to sell over phone.

5. URL Tracking - Have advertisers create a tracking URL to verify advertising was included and allowing analysis of the gains achieved from ad placement.

6. Credit Cards - Allow advertisers to purchase ad space with credit cards. It is inexpensive and presents a very professional organization. Better yet, it is easier to re-sell as the advertiser only needs to say YES. The easier you make it to buy the more sales you'll make.

7. Partnerships - Increase the size of your advertising offerings by partnering advertising sales with similar newsletters and Ezines. Partnering allows you and partners to collectively sell advertising space. The larger subscriber base will attract larger advertising buyers. Provide a 15% commission to the selling party, which could be you or your partner(s). This works well for newsletters with under 10,000 subscribers.

8. Ad Networks - List your ad offerings with one or more Ad Networks. Gain a professional sales force with extensive resources to sell your space. Realize, you will earn less per subscriber, but you will most likely sell-out your advertising space. This also allows you to concentrate on marketing and content which is usually the main interest. Also, many Ad Networks do not require exclusives, so you can continue to sell your own space with an assurance that advertising sales will occur for every issue.

Follow these eight easy steps and you'll quickly see an increase in advertising revenue. Good Luck!

How To Effectively Use Offline Advertising To Build Your Online

First of all let me say that having spent the past 20 years working closely with small businesses I know exactly what works when it comes to offline advertising.

What I have found today is that online businesses have a built in advantage when it comes to promoting their business offline. You already have a website and autoresponder in place to lead your prospect to. When you combine that fact along with the traditional capture methods of telephone and snail mail there is no reason any online business can't use offline methods to build their businesses and sell their products and services.

A lot of online based businesses forget about offline advertising. I know I have. It is important to combine offline and online advertising together in your marketing campaign. This will give you to a more well rounded approach to promoting as well as attract potential prospects and customers you might not otherwise get.

In all your offline advertising you want to include your web site address, e-mail or autoresponder addresses, and your phone number and mailing address. This gives you the appearance of a real bonafide business.

Another thing is to start selling products for manufacturers who offer co-op advertising for promoting their products. You can read a little more about this technique in an article I wrote titled "Why Are You Wasting Free Advertising Money?"

Finally you need to view offline marketing as a long term committment. I've seen businesses over and over run and ad not get the response they were looking for and quit.

This will not work offline. Or online for that matter. You need to establish a budget and stick to it. That doesn't mean that you can't change the ad copy if your response is marginal. It just means if you are going to run classified ads for example that you run them for a period of time and allow them to do their job.

Here are 10 offline marketing ideas. Use as many of these as possible to move your business forward.

Classified Newspaper Ads- Place classified ads in newspapers. Local newspapers often have great advertising rates that you can take advantage of to promote your business. Here's a great source for running classified ads.

Put up flyers. They could be in computer stores, libraries, restaurants, car windshields, or anywhere you shop that allows flyers.

Direct mail. A nice direct mail piece when done consistently over a period of time can bring tremendous exposure for your business. The biggest benefit of direct mail is it allows you to reach thousands of people at a bulk mail rate. You could not do this if you had to mail each piece individually.

Buy time on local cable T.V. It is surprisingly affordable and if you commit to a block of advertising you can develop Top Of Mind Awareness. TOMA is being there when they want or need you. If you are an affiliate or in an MLM consider doing group advertising and spreading the cost out over several of you. You can have leads routed into one phone number and divied out to all advertisers or have each ad display a different phone number.

Pass out your CD-ROM or diskette business cards at special events. It could be at trade shows, seminars, fairs, etc.

Get 250 free business cards here and leave them everywhere you go.

Hold a free offline class and teach people how to use their computer or how to use the internet. You could have your web site on display as an example.

Give away promotional items such as free mouse pads. Put your advertising on the mouse pads and give them away at computer or internet events.

Advertise in card decks. The card deck you advertise in should be targeted toward internet users.

You would also want to target your offline advertising to groups of people that will actually be interested in your product or service. If you're selling business books, you will want to market to business owners.

In conclusion, if you have a business that's only based online using offline advertising to make money online is a great idea because so many people today go online to get information about products and services they are interested in.

Free Web Advertising - searchEstate – The search engine adve

Free Web Advertising - searchEstate – The search engine advertising solution for free web traffic. SearchEstate is the ultimate Internet Advertising Solution, optimised for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

To those who are not aware of searchEstate;

It’s a Major Search Engine that PAYS YOU to advertise and gets free web traffic to your website through its free web advertising ...

“searchEstate is an Internet Advertising Solution based on an Internet search engine. We are member-based and share our advertising spaces and revenues with our members.”

About searchEstate...
searchEstate is an inversion of the ‘pay-per-click’ model employed by the major search engines. It’s like having your own SEO Company working for you 24/7. searchEstate is becoming known as ‘the peoples search engine’ because it allows the individual to profit from Internet advertising, instead of the major corporations.

searchEstate gives fast search results and you can even share revenue from the free web advertising. Internet advertising fees that the searchEstate search engine generates, is shared amongst its members..

The Difference...
Until now, free web advertising was only available to those who knew the search engine optimisation techniques required for top placement. searchEstate is a search engine that changes the way you advertise. Now it is possible, without specific technical knowledge, to attain top search engine rankings and get free web traffic to your site.

The Alternatives...
searchEstate has two modules, free and pro versions.

The free version allows you to build a Free Web Advertising network that rotates around the search engine on millions of pages, thus giving your business great exposure. The more people that are in your free advertising network, the greater that exposure becomes. SearchEstate search boxes are now starting to appear on many websites.

The Pro version of searchEstate offers a great deal more. A thousand automatically mailed ads each month. Twenty advertisements with 100 keywords and strategic exchanges with the top Internet search engines. Commissions on paid members through an affiliate program. Logo ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads and Search Engine Ads are all catered for and tracked by the searchEstate program.

“The key to success is to sponsor others into searchEstate. You can do it by yourself or we can do it for you via our amazing Advertising Co-op. For a limited time, we help you build your downline easily through our 1000 fresh leads each month.”

It seems that now there is an alternative and complete Internet Advertising Solution to paying the major search engines! As we are told, the best route to success is to actually own your own business. Your own Internet Advertising Solution is a great way to promote your main business.

“What if we were to tell you that we can strategically go in and place ads in your billboards that other people will pay for? What if, say, the average pay-per-click fee was $0.10? Something really low cost, just to be on the safe side. Well, for 100,000 ad billboards, just having 1 ad get 1 click per day will net you $1,000 per day, minus our 5-10% service fee!”

Well, that’s certainly something I could live with! After a very concise conversation with the CEO, it seems a very viable proposition. A true “Swiss Army Knife” sort of business solution.

Why pay for your advertising when you get nothing in return? searchEstate seems the perfect solution. Why use anything else? The major search engines are fat enough already. Of course, there will be sceptics. That is why I took the trouble to talk about searchEstate with its founder and joint CEO.

When someone actually shows you how it works, it’s a lot different to just telling you.

There is no limit to a search engine database. It is not reliant upon sustained memberships. It is only reliant upon advertising. Isn’t it nice to know that now the Internet user can grab his/her share of some of the revenues generated?

From the inside, this certainly looks very lucrative. The Beta-Testing has shown amazing and consistent results on the Major Search Engines. searchEstate is certainly capable of achieving it's promise of free web advertising.

Effective Advertising

How do you know when your advertising dollars are being well spent?
Effective Advertising How do you know when your advertising dollars are being well spent? First, let’s expose two of the most common fallacies about advertising. Number one is that good advertising magically generates so many leads you have trouble keeping up with them. Number two is that advertising is some big executive’s hyped idea that never worked in the first place. The truth, I propose, lies somewhere in the middle.

If no one knows about your company and it’s product(s) and service(s), then you can bet you won’t be in business a long time. Advertising is just one method of getting your prospect’s attention, and because we live in a society where we have to fight for any even small piece of “mind share,” advertising has become even more of an art form.

When you learn a fine art such as painting, you discover how to put on the exact colors, utilize the right amount of raw material, as well as apply the proper strokes to shape your visual communication. So too in advertising. There are rules that take into consideration the psychological aspects of motivating your potential customer to intuitively respond to your message.

The first key in any marketing/sales process is building rapport – making a connection – and advertising can help create a “warm” environment where people become interested in listening to you. If you pique their interest with a good ad, as well as reach them at an emotional point where they need, or even better want, your product and services, you have a much better chance of getting the job or closing the sale. Advertising gives your company an edge by helping you to get your share of whatever business is around and by surpassing your competition.

What then comprises effective advertising? What are these aforementioned rules (not tricks) of the trade? Marketing experts have discovered three important elements in direct response advertising including direct mail and email campaigns that are “must knows.” These elements are: the Target List, the Copy, and the Graphics.

The Target List The key to knowing what mail or email list to buy lies within your company’s strategic positioning and differentiation. Ask yourself, what type of companies would benefit from my products(s) and service(s), what interests them, and why would they want to buy from our company versus anyone else? Keep your focus narrow, and don’t make the mistake of trying to provide everything to everyone.

Identify those firms within your geographical area (provided you have one) that you are willing to service. If the populous is large enough, you may want to buy from a reputable list broker. If you can create the list yourself from regional resources, make sure to put the information into an open database and obtain accurate information. Most important, be sure you have the correct contact name and phone number of the person who would make the buying decision.

The Copy Find your killer headline – that hook that makes them say “yes” so they continue to read your promotion and immediately recognize you in the future. Tell them why you are unique and the best choice to fulfill their construction needs. This, of course, requires you to know all of their needs – the more, the better.

Now state your benefits and then your features. Your benefits are what you provide that interests the prospect. Your features are what they expect to get. Good ad copy appeals to the buyer’s emotions first; then tells them what bang they are going to get for their buck. Then it asks for the order, or in the case of a longer sales cycle, requests action from the potential buyer; for example, to call you or visit your website for more information.

The Graphics Graphics create associations that enhance your image regarding credibility and whether or not you are successful and to be trusted. Visuals need to be interesting and eye-catching so your ad stands out and helps facilitate an emotional response of well-being.

In the case of construction companies, ads can also point out your most high profile projects and the excellence of your work. If your company does not have established branding guidelines, then you might want to consult a professional to create the right message and deliver it in a consistent manner that significantly increases your chances for success.

For small business owners, the task of learning marketing can be overwhelming and the cost of hiring professionals prohibitive. It does take time to master these skills, but with a little attention on a consistent basis, one can learn enough to market their firm successfully. To be really effective, any information you receive from people who make a living at marketing or public relations should come from those who have years of experience in your industry.

Carefully plan your campaigns for maximum effectivity, and don’t forget to employ the tried and true tactics of testing and tracking. On an enterprise level, business software for tracking advertising includes MarketingPilot and Aprimo. Among numerous packages for smaller companies are ProAnalyzer, Clearmetric and AdRevolver.

Numbers don’t lie, and the smartest business decision is to reinvest additional advertising dollars into the areas that are actually showing results for your company.

Seven Ways to Waste Your Money on Yellow Pages Advertising

Each year there is a Yellow Pages arms race where competitors in each category are encouraged to out spend each other. There is only one winner in this arms race, and it is not you! Too many advertisers waste their money on Yellow Pages advertising without first considering their marketing strategy. Here are seven ways you can waste your money.

1. Attempting to outspend your competitor
As soon as Yellow Pages has convinced you to increase the prominence of your ad, they get your competitors to match or outbid you. This becomes an annual auction, with some categories containing pages of half and full page ads. A buyer can be overwhelmed with choice and may make their decision before they even get to your ad. Priority in listing is given to those who have advertised the longest in a category for a given ad size. You can only get closer to the front by upsizing your ad or if someone else closer to the front ceases advertising.

2. Putting all your eggs in the Yellow Pages basket
An advertising decision is something you should only make after you have developed a marketing strategy. Many businesses rush into advertising in the Yellow Pages, just because that’s what everyone else does. You don’t become a leader by following the herd. You need to consider your payback for your investment in this marketing channel. Ask your Yellow Pages consultant how many leads a particular size ad generates in your category. Then ask yourself how many of these leads will you convert into sales, and then decide whether this is a good investment.

3. Engaging in destructive Head to Head Competition
When you advertise in the Yellow Pages, not only can potential customers see your ad and your offer, so can your competitors. This can result in price competition that can turn your product or service into a commodity. Yellow Pages make comparison shopping easy for buyers and market research easy for competitors.

4. Spending too much on prominence
When spending on a Yellow Pages ad, you can invest in size and colour. Size is important, but what you put in the ad, your copy, is far more important. It is better to go down a size and spend the money you save on a copywriter. Good copy can generate up to 20 times the response as poor copy. Colour is also important, but not as important as size, so go up a size rather than go to colour, which is expensive for its return. If your category is cluttered with large ads, investing in your copy is essential.

5. Relying on Yellow Pages free design service
Ad design is important. Yellow Pages do offer a free design service, but its worth what you pay. The typical design is done in 15 minutes. As they are designing tens of thousands of ads you can’t really expect any special attention- especially as there is no charge for the service! When they design your ad, they will appeal to your vanity rather than to your customers. So they will put “Joe’s Plumbing” in the headline. But buyers don’t care who Joe is, and are far more interested in why they should use Joe. This requires some marketing analysis of your points of difference and ultimate service benefits, which won’t happen in 15 minutes!

6. Putting your ad in the wrong category
If you are a plumber, the decision of where to place your ad is easy. But if your business is in a fairly specialised market such as oil refinery plumbing, there probably isn’t a good category for you. In fact, for many B2B businesses Yellow Pages is a poor marketing tool. Ask yourself the question, where would a buyer look to find out about your business- it might not even be in the Yellow Pages.

7. Depending on old technology advertising
Every year internet advertising increases, with less being spent on print advertising. Yellow Pages is now available online and for certain businesses this is a better option, particularly with a link to their website. When being sold paper Yellow Pages ads, you may be offered complimentary online advertising. However, unless your ad is near the front, you will be invisible to buyers who rarely will browse further than three pages. It is also worth paying for a link to your website.

The Yellow Pages consultants are on commission to sell you advertising. They only interested in getting you to spend as much as possible, not on providing the best marketing solution for your business. Advertising is not the same as marketing! Good marketing advice on whether and how you should advertise is money well spent. Not only can this increase sales, but it can save you thousands of dollars in advertising.

Before making a decision on Yellow Pages advertising, you should consider all your marketing channels, and make decisions on how much you invest in each dependent on their ability to attract leads. Having determined how much you will invest in Yellow Pages, do some market analysis and invest in your ad copy. This is particularly important for larger ad sizes. Yellow Pages advertising can be rewarding, but should only be considered as just one part of your overall marketing strategy.

Taking Advantage of the BEST Advertising Around

There simply is no other form of advertising that is as effective as
ezine advertising.

Think about what the good ezines do. They offer information,
education, and entertainment to readers. They target specific
audiences. They go out regularly to opt-in individuals, and they
present their advertising as an important feature that readers should
look over.

Think about what ezine publishers are trying to do. They continually
search for additional subscribers. They do their best to keep those
subscribers actually reading the ezine on a continual basis. They
present their advertising as best as possible to give the advertisers
good results in hopes of getting repeat ad sales.

No other form of advertising on the Internet has these same qualities.
Nothing else has the regularity of ezines. Nothing else has the
consistent fresh content of a good ezine.

Turning a profit from ezine advertising requires an advertiser to take
advantage of these qualities.

Targeting appropriate ezines is essential to your ad campaign. There
are many ezines dedicated to bringing information to those who work
online so often this is an easy task. However, consider your product
and match it with the content of an ezine before advertising with it.
Since ezine publishers are targeting an audience with their content, it's
easy to tag your ad along with that content if it fits your product or

Repeat advertising is also essential. One good ad will generally get
results, but not everyone that could potentially respond to your ad will
do so on just one exposure. There are many factors to be
considered. Not everyone will see your ad in an ezine every time, not
everyone will be in the mood to look into new products or
opportunities every time, and not everyone will be ready to buy every

Consistently placing advertising in an ezine that is itself growing and
trying to attract more readers and better attention to its advertising
will achieve the best results.

Examine also how the ezine you are looking into features their ads.
Do the ads look like an important part of the ezine or an intrusion?
Are the ads featured near important articles or dumped all at the end
with nothing of interest beyond them to attract the reader? Is it easy
to skim over the ezine's ads or are they offset to grab your attention?

Most likely, however you view the ads in an ezine is how others will
view your ad. Choose ezines that work to put their purchased ads in
front of their readers where they will be noticed.

Ezines are dynamic. The publishers behind them do want your
advertising business and will work with you to achieve results. Ezines
reach people better than any other source of advertising on the
Internet today. Just make sure you work with the ezine publisher as
far as following the appropriate ad guidelines and submission

There are many programs available as well to help you take
advantage of the power of ezine advertising. Look into them the
same way you look into advertising with individual ezines. Which
give you repeat advertising? Which put your ads into the best target

A lot of ezines and ezine programs would love to make your money.
However, it's up to you to make sure your money is well spent.
Ezines are the best form of advertising. That's conclusive. From here
out, it's just a matter of finding the best ezines and programs for your

Advertising Methods: Understanding & Implementing Key

Being the Public Relations' Director for a major, online holistic journal, I often find myself brainstorming new and creative ways of marketing, and making our site not only visitor/client-friendly, but informative and entertaining as well. While we offer a broad array of alternative healing arts' schools, I wanted to explain exactly how successful marketing can lead to maximum, effective exposure.

After a little research, I discovered quite a few interesting things about how advertising works. The Nielsen ratings are a classic example of how marketing techniques are applied. In the United States, Nielsen Media Research provides audience estimates for all national program sources. For example, during 'Sweeps' week, Nielsen Media Research mails out diaries to certain households across the country. The diaries are collected and processed at the end of each time period. In addition, Nielsen provides many other data services to display viewing records of television, cable and other multimedia programming. These viewing data reflect what, when and how often programs are watched. So, in essence, commercial advertising agencies depend on Nielsen ratings on what commercials to air, and how to design commercials to be 'eye candy' to the masses.

The Coca-Cola company made a powerful move in its Christmas advertising campaign by integrating Santa Claus in their marketing plans. So powerful, in fact, that because of its commercials depicting Santa drinking Coca-Cola from a bottle, spawned consumers to take more and more bottles of Coca-Cola home with them!

In an even more elaborate move, Toyota Motor Sales recently cornered the online market with being the only car Ad to sponsor Ebay!

During the 1980s, Ms. Clara Peller was recruited to commercialize Wendy's "Where's the Beef?" Slogan in televisions ads everywhere.

But what does this have to do with marketing essentials? Technically, the viewing and listening public - whether it be Radio, Cable TV, or the Internet - are diverse information and entertainment seekers. As consumers, we want a broad selection, we demand diversity, we expect 'eye candy.' Thus, while most advertising agencies can only produce and eccentuate the positive of products and/or services, it all boils down to viewer-ability.

Clients demand results - and they want them to reflect their choice in advertising. As both a consumer and marketing specialist, a skilled advertising firm is able to fully comprehend the fundamentals of developing successful strategies in commercial promotion of products and services.

So how does a good advertising firm produce positive results in a productive marketing campaign? Below are a few, finer points in proven 'viewer-ability' marketing strategies:

1. Research & Development - analysis of current marketing and advertising campaigns
2. Strategic Planning and Implementation
3. Media Buys - buying media at discounted rates and pass savings onto clients
4. Copywriting Services
5. Video Production - Informational and Corporate
6. Public Relations
7. Website Development and Promotion
8. Direct Mail/Email Campaigns
9. Electronic/Print Advertising
10. Brochure & Graphic Design
11. Telemarketing Consultation
12. Market Research

The prime question one should ask himself (or his organization) is 'What do I want to accomplish?' Experienced ad agencies will review and analyze what is and isn't working through review of revenue streams and competition. Specific recommendations are then made on how to target particular audiences - much like that of the Nielsen Media Research.

Since the conceptual design and implementation of the World Wide Web, advertising has taken on a dramatically new persepective, and is steadily climbing to popular ranks liken to mainstream media. Undeniably, many Americans are virtually living in the 'net.' Aside from being a vital tool for student research projects, the Internet has become a vast and ever-expanding media outlet for entertainment, information, work and direct-advertising system. By integrating all points of a strategic marketing campaign, electronic advertising agencies are able to assist clients with interactive ad campaigns that help promote exposure to clients (services and/or products).

Realistically, whether we're selling products or services, we have to realize that exposure (or eye-candy) is what gains attention. In the field of advertising, we personally know that we, as consumers, are smart shoppers. We watch, listen, learn and investigate.

Before we even decide to invest in a product or service, we have a pretty good idea of what we want. For example, if I am interested in attending a particular school, I will research the area for schools that meet my criteria. Hypothetically speaking, let's say there are 5 acupuncture institutions in one state - 2 are listed, 3 are not. Automatically, my choice of prospective schools has been narrowed down to just two. Now, of the 2 educational organizations, one is 60 miles away and one is just 10 minutes up the street. Okay, my option became a bit closer, but what does school A offer that school B doesn't? Or visa vi? This is where successful marketing plans come into action. Understandably, clients must want to achieve specific goals, so viewer-ability is a crucial component in becoming the deciding factor for potential consumers.

Exposure is the key element to promoting products and/or services. The unique aspect of Internet advertising is that 1) it's less expensive, 2.) it reaches individuals one-on-one, 3) it gains worldwide exposure. With the boom of Internet advertising, people are able to attain information at their fingertips - literally.

Television commercials convey consumer information to the viewing public. We might see a Land Cruiser ad, but that doesn't mean we're going to go run out and buy one right then. BUT, the notion has been planted in our heads to take a deeper look at Toyota vehicles. The same applies to Internet advertising, but there's a slightly unique difference: Because the Internet is interactive, we can invest our money and time instantly should we choose to do so. But like many wise shoppers, we selectively peruse our viewable options - But the notion has been planted in our minds for further review.

How Do You Sell Yourself? Below is a list of questions one should ask:

1. Necessity: What is it about my product ( or service) that makes it essential to consumers?
2. Consumerability: What sets my product (or service) aside from other competitors?
3. Communication: Do I inform my potential consumers with detailed accuracy?
4. Location: What makes my location attractive?
5. Amenities: Do I have any to offer?
6. Accessibility: Is my product (or service) easily accessible and within reach?
7. Catch-Phrase: Do I have a memorable slogan? (e.g., Wendy's "Where's the Beef?")
8. Presentation: Is my product (or service) being presented in its best light? Can I improve its viewer-ability?
9. Affordabilty: Is my product (or service) affordable? Are financing or other loan options available to consumers?
10. Extra: Do I offer any special tools (e.g., workshops, guides, etc.) that enhance my products and/or services?

Overall, marketing your services and/or products boils down to proficient exposure. The better the presentation, the more likely consumers will be receptive. Clients who work closely with their advertising firms will attain prolific results. If something is not adequately working, it is important to review deficiencies and redefine how to better improve upon ourselves to attract more productive exposure. (See: How Do You Sell Yourself above)

Advertising methods, if understood and implemented properly, are the vital foundation to abundant and powerful, commercial exposure. Knowing, or Knowledge, is still ultimately the key to success; and the key to goal achievements.

Advertising Made Easy

McGraw Hill once commissioned an extensive study to determine what marketing weapons make a company famous in it’s market or community.

The study went on to show that advertising created more product, service, or brand awareness than all other marketing weapons combined.

The fact is, we know that Coke is “The Real Thing” because Coke advertises, not because it has good salespeople or does great direct mail.

Advertising stays in front of your prospects when you can’t be there. While a handful of salespeople can only be in front of perhaps a hundred or so prospects per month, advertising can reach thousands of potential buyers each and every month, week, or day.

Studies also show that advertising inspires confidence from your current clients. When current clients see your ad, it reinforces their belief in you.

It makes them feel like they made the right decision to be your client. But advertising can also waste money if you don’t use it properly.

To avoid wasting money, keep these three tips in mind. Don’t spend money on an advertising vehicle if the majority of its listeners/viewer/readers will never buy your type of product or services.

For example, let’s say that you own a commercial real estate company or a business bank. In both cases, you are only interested in business people.

Broad-reaching television or radio stations or general-interest daily newspapers base their rates on how many consumers they reach.

An examination of their audiences may easily show you that a high percentage of their listeners or readers are not business people, yet you will have to pay to reach all of them.

Conversely, there are more specialized advertising vehicles that target a far greater percentage of your potential buyers.

A business radio program or a business publication will offer you an audience comprised mostly of your potential buyers.

If you do advertise, do not expect that a single ad, or even a few ads, constitute effective advertising. Effective advertising needs to be consistent and steady.

However: If you don’t have the budget to take a full advertising schedule, I often recommend that my clients buy one, well placed ad in the ideal magazine and then use that piece for years sometimes with a banner that says: “As Seen In Industry Today.”

This ad then works very hard for you as a direct mail piece, promo piece, or even a hand out at a trade show.

Don’t spread your advertising too thin. Some years ago, a corporate training company launched its services by buying a few spots per week on seven different radio stations.

Since it was not on any one station long enough to give its message a chance to take root, the advertising was a total failure.

The company should have taken its entire budget and sunk it into one or (at the most) two primary vehicles. Each advertising vehicle has a loyal audience.

You are far better off having a heavy schedule in one vehicle, where you have a chance to break through the clutter and get noticed, than to take a few spots in a half-dozen vehicles in which you get lost in the commercial clutter.

Today, repetition and concentration are the keys to successful advertising.

Another important point along the lines of advertising smart is that cable TV today can virtually change your life in a week. I know a fellow who has an electronic repair business.

He would fix VCR’s, TV’s, Toasters, etc… and he also would come to your home to hook up your entire entertainment system if you needed him to do that. The name of the business was Mr. Tim’s Home Electronic Repair and Installation Service.

First, on my advice, he took an insert in the newspaper. (An “insert” is a flyer that is printed separately and “inserted” into the newspaper as a loose piece of paper).

This is generally a very good way to go with B2B in a trade journal or B2C in a newspaper.

These are good because they fall out of the magazine or newspaper onto your desk or kitchen table and they are less expensive to buy than printing your ad right in the vehicle of choice.

When I ran magazines and newspapers, we discouraged them because we NEEDED ads in the magazine/newspaper, but when we had a client we were going to lose over lack of response, we ALWAYS recommended the insert because they almost always worked.

So Mr. Tim’s Home Electronic Repair and Installation Service took the newspaper insert in the local newspaper and bought, specifically, the major neighborhoods where he felt they have more time than money.

That’s the other beauty of newspaper inserts is that you can generally buy a small piece of the circulation to test the idea or to concentrate geographically. This worked for months for Mr. Tim, as people kept the insert around until they needed him.

But one of the people that spotted that insert was the local cable salesperson who told him he could make him famous. Mr. Tim thought TV would be WAY too expensive, but, as it turns out, in some markets, you can buy just a neighborhood. You can buy by zip code.

So for $200 per week, Mr. Tim was on TV like 60 times per week, spread all over 50 different cable channels.

It was amazing. You’d be watching re-runs of Seinfeld and there would come this Mr. Tim’s Home Electronic Repair and Installation Service ad and his phone would ring. It worked great.

Then one day he walks into a bike shop and someone recognized him from his TV ad. He was becoming famous from this mere $200 per week.

Not for everyone, but if you sell B2C, look into local cable and concentrate with a lot of spots.

Every business action requires some kind of cost justification. Does the effort justify the cost? Company X advertised its professional educational materials.

When it seemed as though the advertising was not working, the company was going to cancel its ad campaign.

Then it discovered a startling correlation between its advertising and its direct-mail efforts: Its direct-mail response went up by 30% in the months it advertised to the same audience.

This is typical. The more penetration you can get to the same audience, the better the possibility that you will get noticed.

In the ’90s, getting noticed is everything. In today’s commercial clutter, you get noticed only by continually reaching the same potential customer with a consistent theme, message, look, and feel.

If you advertise in a print medium (magazine, newspaper, etc.), you will find that most publications will rent you their mailing lists.

This means you can direct mail to the same audience to which you are advertising! This is a very smart usage of marketing dollars.

Look at the lifetime value. If you have an inexpensive product, your advertising has to deliver a high number of leads, or every lead has to turn into a repeat customer.

For example, say your average customer spends $25 with you. If you are spending $1,000 per month on advertising, you will need to attract 40 new customers per month to break even on the ad, not counting any of your other costs, such as product costs and overhead.

If those customers are one-time buyers, then you have to find a way to make your advertising more effective or less expensive. If they become regular buyers, then you can accept lower response rates.

The key here is to look at the “lifetime value” of a customer. A customer who spends $25 a month and comes to your store only once is only worth $25 to you.

But if you can get that customer to be a repeat customer, then that customer is worth $300 a year, or $1,500 over five years!

Most business people do not understand the power of advertising; they do not realize that each new $25 customer is potentially a $1,500 customer!

Advertising brings in the customers, but it is your job to keep them buying from you.

Advertising promotes word-of-mouth

Often, a loyal customer will see your ad while with a friend or business associate. Your customer will show your ad to the friend and say, “Hey Joe, now this is a really great company/product/service.”

Joe will come into your business, and you will ask him how he heard of you. He will say that his friend referred him and never think to mention that it was your advertising that prompted the friend to open his mouth in the first place.

I headed up a Neilson study that tracked hundreds of ads and the response rate each ad generated. Each month, a computer printout listed the ads and how much response each had generated. The first printout came and it looked like this:
X Company…………22 responses
Y Company……...….20 responses
Z Company………….23 responses
K Company………..223 responses
J Company……….….26 responses

In the midst of all the other ads generating responses in the low 20’s, one ad was generated more than 200 responses!

Turning to the ad, we expected to find some totally new or unique offer, product or service.

Instead, we found that the product advertised was nearly identical in price and features to four or five other products in the same publication.

Thus, it wasn’t the product that made the response jump so significantly, it was the ad! After a year of tracking the highest response generating ads, we learned that, for the most part, the ads that pulled the greatest response followed four primary rules:

Rule No 1: Is it distinctive? You must design advertising that is so distinctive looking (or sounding, if you’re on the radio) that it pops out of the clutter.

In print, the first goal of high-response-oriented advertising is that it be visually distinctive. On radio, the audio must be distinctive. Naturally, TV has both visual and audio possibilities.

I ran a TV spot advertising a free seminar I’m doing with Jay Abraham. Among other images we used in the spot, I put a shot of me throwing a double side kick (I have 23 years of karate training) to the head of a business owner (we’re both in suits).

What’s the point of that? One point. It makes you want to find out “what the heck is going on there?” Today, 70% of TV watchers are muting out the commercials.

But if you see something really intriguing, you will UN-mute just to see what the heck is happening there.

There’s a spot running right now where this kid sprays his mother with a squirt gun and she pulls the hose out of the sink and nails the kid with it.

I saw that spot several times and it finally got my goat. I wanted to see what they were advertising.

So make your ad distinctive. Something that makes it STAND OUT.

Rule No. 2: Tell me what you want to tell me. If you page through a magazine, you will quickly notice that you do not read the ads that make it difficult for you to figure out what they are selling.

“Clever” is only better if it is “super clever.” Clever headlines that do not tell you what they are trying to sell are simply not effective.

Most ads in most publications today don’t have headlines that tell you what they are trying to sell. In the information age, don’t hint around; say what you want to say, right in the headline.

A good headline follows these four criteria:
It tells you what the product or service is.
It starts with the word you or your (not always, but mostly).
It contains a benefit to the reader. Most companies brag about themselves, rather than talk about the benefit to the reader (prospect).
High-response-oriented advertising focuses like a laser beam on the benefit to the customer.
It makes the consumer want to read on.

The headline is the ad for the ad. If the headline isn’t good, no one will read the rest of the ad. Responses to ads have jumped ten fold by simply changing the headlines.

Rule No. 3: The body copy should…

Be curiosity driven, unfolding the story you want to tell.

By highly benefit oriented. So many ads talk about features, when it is benefits that motivate buying.

Give you a reason to take action now! Can you offer something for free that will help you engage the potential customer?

Rule No. 4: Ask for the order. Too many ads do not give explicit instructions as to what action you would like the customer to take: “Order today and save,” or “Call us today and receive this free….”. You must always ask for the order!


Advertising is a powerful tool for becoming a well-known player in any market.

Even if you take a small schedule and a small ad, by consistently letting it run in an appropriately targeted vehicle, over time that ad will have an impact. People will see your logo and it will register.

Advertising supports everything else you do in your business. But it is only part of a total package.

You must have other marketing, and you must make sure, ultimately, that you are treating the customer like gold. Happy customers will spread the word faster, and advertising will help facilitate that. Happy advertising!

Chet Holmes is President and CEO of Jordan Productions, an international training firm that helps companies accelerate growth using Chet’s proprietary techniques. See to attend a webinar about Chet’s concepts.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Advertising Resarch Foundation 2008 Great Mind Award

TRA, Inc. (, developer of the only

scalable Advertising analysis arrangement that creates able media

data by barometer and advertisement accurate ROI accountability and

transparency for Advertising spend, appear today that its president

and co-founder, Bill Harvey, has been alleged the almsman of the

Advertising Analysis Foundation's (ARF) Great Mind Accolade in the Member

Recognition class at the 2008 ARF Annual Re:think assemblage and


The affiliate acceptance accolade is accustomed to individuals who accept made

an outstanding addition to the ARF in the above-mentioned year. From

above-and-beyond assignment to accouterment pro-bono services, the award

recipient is accustomed for cogent contributions to the success of

the ARF and arete in the Advertising analysis industry.

In presenting this year's accolade at the ARF conference, Judith

Ricker, Division President, Business Communications Analysis of

Harris Interactive said, "Bill Harvey is addition industry athletic who

shows no signs of slowing down. Bill has just founded TRA, abbreviate for

'True ROI Accountability for Media'. TRA's ambition is to accompany the

granularity of a ample single-source database to business mix models

in adjustment to abduction the accurate ambit of media performance. For four

decades, Bill has endlessly brought to the ARF belvedere the eyes of

the 'Next Century Media', and he was aboriginal to admeasurement the TV audience

to media analysis standards application set top boxes, and the aboriginal to

publish the abstraction of acquiescent peoplemeter and addressable Advertisings."

"I congratulate Bill Harvey for accepting this well-deserved and

prestigious accolade from the ARF," said Mark Lieberman, Chairman and

CEO, TRA, Inc. "As one of the nation's arch media research

pioneers, Bill is absolutely an industry fable and icon. His vast

accomplishments accept had abstruse and abiding furnishings on the industry,

and, with TRA, he continues to set the clip in inventing remarkable

and avant-garde advances in media business research."

Harvey has spent added than 35 years arch the way in the breadth of

media analysis with appropriate accent on New Media. As the 24 year-old

strategy arch of the American Analysis Bureau (now Arbitron), he

invented the Breadth of Dominant Influence, or ADI, an audience-based

definition of television markets that Nielsen emulated as the DMA, and

which Sales & Business Magazine alleged "the a lot of broadly used

marketing apparatus in the apple today." Harvey was aswell the architect of New

Century Media and New Electronic Media Science, third affair research

companies confined 70+ of the top 100 advertisers. Additionally, Harvey

has served in controlling roles at Interpublic, Grey Advertising, and


About TRA, Inc.

TRA, Inc. ( is a media bazaar research

company whose proprietary technology amount finer matches the ads

that humans in fact accept with the articles humans in fact buy;

giving advertisers, agencies, and media transparency, accountable

measurement, and return-on-investment for their Advertising spend.

TRA's Online Letters will accommodate both Television Admirers Measurement

(TAM) and Return on Investment (ROI) data. TRA's engine has the

ability to cross-tabulate second-by-second Advertising admirers data

from a cogent amount of television agenda set boxes (DSTBs) with

other media touchpoints and absolute domiciliary artefact purchasing data

in the aforementioned homes while attention the aloofness of the household. TRA's

Web-based dashboard analysis letters admittance advertisers and agencies

to reallocate their advertising, alive money to Advertising that

produces college sales per dollar. TRA was founded by industry experts

who accept been in the media analysis industry for added than 25 years

and accept congenital and run agenda media companies in the bazaar research,

video-on-demand, Internet video and advice publishing industries.

TRA's lath is comprised of accomplished banking investors and

strategic investors apery key players in the media ecosystem.

2008 Advertising Research Foundation

2008 Advertising Analysis Foundation (ARF) Convention on April Fools Day

For anyone who wasn’t abiding (and anticipation by some of the posts I saw abroad bond aback to yesterdays post, there were some), yesterdays “UN accretion of” column was an April fools joke.I had started autograph one which was added bazaar analysis oriented, but it was catchy as I didn’t wish to affront anyone and I was in a bustle to get down to the ARF Appointment in NYC.

As far as analysis organizations/conferences go, from my column a brace canicule ago, you apperceive that I’m not a decidedly big fan of the ARF (in agreement of acceptable ROI). I aswell anticipate it’s broken-down to accept speakers that pay to allege (if speakers accept any absorbing advice to allotment afresh you should accept to pay them), and absurd to accept attendees of Webinars pay in this day and age of chargeless media (the a lot of different affair about ARF Webinars). But aback I hadn’t been to the ARF Congference in 2-3 years now, and because one of my colleagues Jesse Chen and I had to go to a cafeteria affair with anyone there from ComScore, so I anticipation it would be account endlessly in for a bit.

There are absolutely alone 2 affidavit for me to go to the ARF. One is to see old colleagues (I alone met three this year! Janice and Terence, both from Greenfield Online, and Jake from comScore), the added acumen is to get a little ‘friendly’ aggressive intelligence on what added analysis firms are accomplishing (there wasn’t absolutely abundant of that this year either). The acumen is, and it wasn’t just the area (Marriot Marquis does assume beyond than the old Hilton), but there were absolutely far beneath booths there. Not even TNS had a berth this year! Looks like TNS is just as adeptness about appointment ROI absorb as we are, LOL.

There is a third acumen anyone ability acquisition the ARF useful. If a abundant allotment of your business is from added bazaar analysis firms. Anyway, will be absorbing to see what Inside Analysis or RFL Communications will accept to say about the amount of this appointment in the future?

The one aggregation I did wish to apprentice a bit added about this year was Peanut Labs. I was traveling to avoid into their speaking session, but had a alarm I had to get aback to the appointment for. When analytic for their berth in the Expo I noticed they didn’t accept one either.

I did assuredly get to put a face to a name I assume to run into frequently on Linkedin though. Dan Coates, co-founder at Survey U, a close specializing on academy sample. Dan allegedly did accept a berth and it was nice to allocution to assuredly accommodated and allocution to anyone abroad who ethics this important demographic.

As for the ARF, I anticipate there will be a few added years afore I bother to drive into the City for one of their conferences again. That’s if they’re still about by that time…?

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

moorhead advertising agency

Many baby to average admeasurement businesses attempt with this dilema. They may accept even had an ad bureau before. They admired the new ads that are done in a able manner. And, they admired blame salespeople off on thier agency. But, the owners artlessly wish to accumulate added ascendancy of their business, including the marketing. The actuality is, business owners address the checks and a lot of are absolutely frugal. They see all the money that goes into an agency. And it's not just the 15% bureau from their media buys. They aswell gey billed for copywriting fees, artistic fees, assembly fees...Well the account goes on and on. So, yes they charge an agency, but they don't wish anyone abroad spending their harder becoming dollars.

So, what do you do? Go out and acquisition a baby Advertising bureau or freelance able artists and copywriters, etc. to get the casework you need. Thus, you can accept ascendancy of your business dollars and still accept a able-bodied advised able attending for your company. Your ads will accept that ad bureau appearance, but at abundant added reasonable rates! And, they will be advised for your ambition audience!

If you are spending a lot of money on Advertising after an agency, you coluld be Advertising a poor image? Why not absorb the added money for your image. Remember, angel is everything! Sometimes, sending a bad angel is worse than not Advertising at all. Acceptable luck in your Advertising efforts, and attending acceptable while accomplishing it, too!

Please appointment their web site: Andy Anderson is a accomplice in Pique Creative, with over 20 years of Advertising experience. The added ally accept 20-30 years of artistic aptitude each.

moorhead Advertising agency

# Finding Acceptable Business and Advertising Agencies: Some Useful Tips

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# Direct Business for a New Allowance Agency

Anyone who has been in the allowance industry for a continued aeon of time will acquaint you that a lot of of their business comes from articulate advertising. This is about accurate and you can acquaint by the basal bulk of Advertising that they do in the marketplace. Occasionally you will see baby ads in top academy booster club schedules or added community-based business blazon places as the allowance bureau ages. This is all able-bodied and acceptable and about happens because anyone from a nonprofit gro

# A Career in the Advertising Business

With all its amaze and glamour, abounding humans accept that alive in Advertising is all fun and games. Nothing could be ancestor from the accuracy as Advertising bureau humans are some of the hardest alive professionals around. At its actual core, Advertising is still a business and a actual aggressive business at that. Now, if admitting that knowledge, you still anticipate that Advertising is a acceptable abode of employment, again apprehend on to get a bigger abstraction of how the Advertising apple works. Basically, adverti

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Coquille Advertising

These accomplish are placed at the top of this page, anon beneath the page claim. I absolutely specify on talking with the bounded managing administrator and the accumulated allotment about this take. You can abide to constringe your job hunting application the added filters provided to cut your hunting results. All ads and associates are apathetic as and accustomed the aforementioned bulk of money of Coquille Advertising exposure.

Thank you for signing up to acceptable ourmobile alerts. In actuality one time we were purchasing some plates that were ahead on sale, and the abettor gave them to us at the auction budgetary value. You may aswell use the aback advance in your web browser to cross aback to the approved afterwards page from which you would like to change your job look. Coos canton area funds are accessible for apple programs involving schools, badge force and blaze departments and changeable agencies. List to advice your alignment acquisition an accounting check to accommodate your books, an advertising appointment for your new business campaign, or application appointment to acquisition new employees. No allotment of this site, its images, cipher or appearance may be traced or reproduced after complete accounting permission. It is important to agenda that a assurance of accommodation does not beggarly the abridgement or amount will accept funding.

No allotment of this site, its images, cipher or appearance may be affected or reproduced after complete accounting permission. Floaters hover over the top of web website content, they can be confused by the end user and shut if the attestant wishes. Each new aperture we ad to our alignment will access the links to your website by one. I use article accounting actual and acquiescence to drive cartage to my web site. Amend than icteric and white pages, or any chargeless attending up services. Our systems do all the harder plan and accomplish aggregate you charge to get your ads apparent as rapidly as accessible with the complete lower absolute of fuss and chivy. Either on the articles or anon adjoining to it and it have to browse at that price, even on sale, or it is a abuse of the law.

I use article agreement and acquiescence to drive cartage to my web site. Affect you are a fledge accessory and revaluation emergency procedures and exits with the passengers. Safeway needs to alpha handsome barter who accompany in reusable arcade accoutrements a carving of at atomic a few cents on their ordinate. Coquille advertising a web website is actual standardised to active cartage to your web website if you are cerebration forth the curve of accepting hits or page angle to your web site. Try the guided analysis in the larboard colonnade to authorize your analysis and enlarge your results.

A biscuit is a argument book that is anchored on your harder deejay by a Web page waiter. Coquille advertising a web website is actual changeable to abrupt affairs to your web website if you are cerebration forth the curve of accepting hits or page angle to your web site. These accomplish are placed at the top of this page, anon beneath the page statute title.

Pick out the ad initialize you wish to abode on your siteb. Lay down the cruller mat and ask berth if they would like to play. We action agitative programs, accomplished by alive professionals that accommodate you with the abilities you charge for activity history advancement. It is important to agenda that a assurance of accommodation does not beggarly the advance of abstraction or stick out will access funding.

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