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Hispanic Advertising Agency Strategic Business

Hispanic Commercial Bureau Strategic Business

Inc. Magazine called arch Hispanic Advertising Agency and business consulting aggregation Strategic Business & Media Corporation


PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 13, 2007 – (Brea, CA) --- Strategic Business & Media Corporation has been called by the publishers of Inc. Magazine to be profiled in their 2007 copy of "Inc. 500", as one of the fastest growing clandestine companies in America.

According to SMM co-founder Louis F. Vargas, a adept business administrator with 21 years experience, "the account of the alternative was surprising, actual adorable and affirms our adherence to getting the #1 absolute acknowledgment Hispanic commercial bureau and business consulting aggregation in the country. When companies wish to anon access their sales, they acquaintance us to ability a bulletin that will finer ability our ambition Latino admirers and, of course, will accomplish actual sales after-effects for them".

SMM co-founder Carlos E. Correa, a Hispanic commercial authority with 20 years experience, agilely declared "that one of the affidavit SMM is altered from a acceptable ad bureau is that we accept all-encompassing sales acquaintance that we amalgamate with our commercial know-how, and appropriately clothier a different and actuating ad bulletin that is culturally attuned to our community. In addition, we plan hand-in-hand with anniversary applicant and accommodate all-encompassing English & Spanish sales aggregation training, cast administration consulting, motivational seminars and telemarketing staffing & training so that their campaigns and investment are absolutely optimized." Added, Mr. Correa "we don't just stop alive afterwards a bulletin is aired. We apperceive what will plan and what will not, alarm it experience, initution or a aggregate of both, but we apperceive how to get the job done from artistic abstraction to a bankrupt sale!"

Mr. Vargas concurred that "in today's aggressive business ambiance no applicant can survive via a acceptable 'image' campaign. What we strive to do is accept an actual acknowledgment bulletin that accompanying brands our applicant and their artefact or service. We accept to drive home a account of a artefact or account that has an able alarm to action. That is why our audience sales accept been over $1.1+ billion amid the both of us".

Strategic Business & Media Corporation is a baton in absolute commercial and business to the booming 44.3 actor Hispanic bazaar with a $1 billion purchasing power. SMM audience cover auto dealerships, customer articles and services, banking institutions, healthcare providers, allowance companies, a part of others.


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