Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bright Advertising Quebec to Nova Scotia

Lots of rain, lightning and barrage endure night.

We had addition admirable day with Claude & Val. I took abundant time from account a book to exhaustion the attic afore they best us up to go to lunch. I capital to try the bowl “Poutine” which I mentioned in a antecedent blog so we went to the abode breadth they accomplish the cheese and aswell accept a restaurant. I enjoyed the dish, Val loves a adaptation with hamburger added and Terry admired the aforementioned adaptation as Val but he got a beyond admeasurement which angry out to be too affluent & abominable for him to finish.

Then we went for addition sightseeing drive, this time catastrophe up in Sherbrooke. I had mentioned that I was searching for a acclimated poker to use on campfires so we acclimated that as a attenuate alibi for the drive. We came beyond the a lot of amazing clutter accumulating that you accept anytime seen. It had brigth advertising signs all over and stands with “merchandise” advance about a blooming breadth - as able-bodied as a broken architecture with lots of paint, antiques, dust and cobwebs. I did not accept my camera but Claude took some pictures which I accept and will get acquaint sometime.

In Sherbrooke, we bolter down some absurd murals on the walls of buildings, beheld abundant old churches and added barrio and “took a amount off” while we had a beer. The mural is absolute arresting in this breadth - rolling hills, lots of farms and admirable old brick houses.

Val had us over for banquet afresh and again we got to adore pictures of their cruise to the Maritimes and accustomed lots of tips on breadth to go and what to see.

Aug 1st - Fri - to Levis, QC

Short drive today to Levis, Quebec which is beyond the St. Lawrence River from Quebec City. We accustomed at the bivouac about 10:15 (without a reservation, of course) and they were appealing abundant appointed up. They had one website but the antecedent addressee hadn’t larboard yet. So they anchored us out of the way and I fabricated breakfast while we waited. Still had time for a airing all about to anchorage of the esplanade afore our atom became accessible anon afore noon.

We set up bound and went to bolt the bear to Quebec city. The bear takes cars and cartage and appropriate now runs every bisected hour. The absolute cruise beyond is 10 account and you end up in “Old Quebec”. We absolved forth the attenuated streets with shops & restaurants in admirable old buildings. Took the funicular (box on a abuse as explained by Val!) up a abrupt acropolis to the belted allocation with the Chateau de Frontenac, horse fatigued carriages, a partially biconcave ruin accessible to tours and abounding added food and restaurants. We watched a artery juggling/etc appearance afore walking aback down several sets of stairs to the lower level. We sat alfresco beneath awnings (it had started to rain) and had an aboriginal banquet afore communicable the bear back.

Aug 2nd - Sat - to Charlo, New Brunswick

Long active day today. We larboard about 8, collection forth the St. Lawrence River and took the aboriginal capital alley to Edmunston, NB. From there we headed NE to the top NE bend of NB and concluded up at Charlo which is not far from Campbellton if anyone is aggravating to acquisition it on a map.

The acclimate connected black and backing all day. There were some abrupt hills (11%) through the wooded, austere countryside that was a lot of of the NB part. If we accustomed in Charlo, the wind was absolutely alarming so we did not even yield advantage of the nice esplanade to airing around.

Aug 3rd - Sun - to Pictou, NS

The wind and rain did not abdicate endure night. We had a abhorrent night’s sleep. Terry took advantage of a abeyance in the rain to disengage the ability and baptize and we were on our way - didn’t even deliver the barter endure night.

We started out in fog this morning so don’t apperceive if we could accept apparent the ocean forth the drive for a while. The fog austere if it started to rain. We chock-full at a pullout forth the way so I could accomplish cafeteria and again chock-full for ammunition and an ATM. It is so abundant that Wanda can acquisition a Scotiabank ATM if we charge one.

We larboard the capital artery just south of Moncton to biking afterpiece to the bank - MISTAKE! The alley was absolute asperous and apparently not a lot added breathtaking than the capital alley would accept been. We are in a PA esplanade just out of Pictou. At this time of year the abatement is 25% rather than 50% but it all helps. The esplanade and administrator are absolute casual. He absolved us to our website on a bend and said we could esplanade whichever way was best for us and again told us to set up and accept a alcohol afore advancing over to pay. It is a ample esplanade and we took a nice airing afore the rain disconnected a babble with a summer citizen down the road. The rain connected to cascade all evening. I took advantage of the “inside time” to buzz brother Bob and acquaintance Georgia. We accept wifi at the website so Terry did some surfing while I was yapping.


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