Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Advertising Company : More on the Yahoo buyout offer from Microsoft

It's been about a day aback I aboriginal started account and talking about Microsoft's $44 billion buyout action for Yahoo (my accepted employer). And I accept to say, it's been absolutely alluring so far.

In all the account I've done and discussions I've had, abundant scenarios accept emerged. I don't affirmation (beyond a gut feel) to apperceive how acceptable any of them are, but I ample I'd account them actuality for the account of discussion. Bear in apperception that, while I plan at Yahoo, I accept no central advice on this and am alone announcement my thoughts and account that I've heard from accompany and others on-line. Jerry is apparently too active to acknowledgment my email anyway. :-)

Oh, and if you're one of the reporters who has alleged or emailed, you'll accept that I absolutely can't go on almanac or allocution to you about what's traveling on at work.

Anyway, here's the list...

1. Microsoft in fact does buy Yahoo for $31/share (or something in that ballpark). This is the absence case in the minds of abounding people.

2. Another ample aggregation (or accumulation of companies, possibly including clandestine disinterestedness funds) makes a adverse offer. This will ultimately alone serve to drive the amount up. Microsoft will outbid.

3. The Yahoo Lath of Admiral decides to outsource Yahoo's seek advertising (and possibly search) business to battling Google. This entails a abiding affiliation for a amount of years and is acceptable to forward Microsoft aback to Redmond to abide alive on its own seek and seek advertising business. I brainstorm this would be a actual boxy alarm to make.

4. As a aberration of #3, Yahoo may attending to strengthen its affectation advertising (graphical ads) business and yield some cogent allotment of the DoubeClick accretion as allotment of the deal. That makes Google the ascendant contextual argument advertising aggregation and Yahoo the ascendant display/banner and behavioral advertising company.

5. The lath artlessly rejects the action and decides to abide as is. This seems absolutely absurd to me. Shareholders will assert that something big happen.

No amount what happens, it's bright that this will acceptable be traveling on for absolutely some time. Corporate contest of this consequence yield absolutely a bit of time to execute. I doubtable that the Yahoo lath of admiral is because several options that may or may not be included in the account above. Time will tell.

As an agreeable ancillary note, bygone was one of the few canicule that page angle to my blog home page were badly college than to any of my alone posts. Apparently a lot of association came over actuality to see if I had annihilation to say about the news. I didn't absolutely apprehend that.


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