Friday, August 29, 2008

Yahoo’s affliction advertising techniques

Jakob Neilsen’s latest alertbox cavalcade lists the top a lot of hated advertising techniques on the web.

Unfortunately, Yahoo’s still accomplishing abounding of them.

Loads slowly: There are abhorrent ads on Yahoo that amount javascript from and a part of others. These are getting served from third affair sites and generally they’re ridiculously slow. If javascript is loaded by the browser, all added apprehension stops, so you just accept to wait. It makes Yahoo attending apathetic even if it’s not techinally Yahoo’s fault.

Tries to ambush you into beat on it: Sponsored links on Yahoo seek bang through if you bang anywhere in the dejected breadth at the top. Example. I generally bang in pages to set focus and annal and this consistently annoys me because it doesn’t attending like a link. Even the angelic Google does this. If I bang in the dejected breadth on the way appropriate of the page, do you absolutely anticipate I was aiming my abrasion at an ad for affairs a toaster 600 pixels to the left?

Moves agreeable around: The Yahoo! home page occasionally has ads that move about and “takes over” the page. You usually alone get them already per affair and they’re quick, but still not actual friendly.

Automatically plays sound: There’s a awful ad for the Army that’s been active about for years that says “Alpha, Bravo, Charlie” everytime it runs. At atomic that one’s obvious. Some are so attenuate you can’t even acquaint which page it comes from.

Occupies a lot of of the page: The sign-out page is one example, but these ads are all over the site.

Thank God Yahoo don’t do popups anymore. Yahoo! Companion even provides a pop-up blocker, even if a lot of avant-garde browsers accept this congenital in now. You aswell won’t see aflame “You are a winner” ads or jiggling affected chat boxes about your computer getting slow.

Some of the added ones are questionable, but I’m abiding you could acquisition an archetype of a lot of of them about on Yahoo. That’s at atomic 5 out of 11 on Jakob’s list.

Still, it’s time for Yahoo to apple-pie up their act. A lot of these ads are for abject sites which can’t be paying abundant anyway.

12/8 Update: Yahoo is active a Dell ad today that moves about the foreground page. I aswell begin the annoying army ad.


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Thanks for the tips. I am new in the blogging world and am slowly building that reader base.

Bob said...

Dude, easy on the thesaurus. Even Einstein doesn't talk that way.

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