Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free Advertising on TechCrunch with MyBlogLog Flaw

MyBlogLog has become badly accepted and was even acquired by Yahoo recently, but I afresh apparent a blemish that can calmly be exploited by anyone in beneath than 60 abnormal and actualize free advertising on TechCrunch (and hundreds of added sites). Amuse don’t do this, or even try this, as it is spammy. If you run the MyBlogLog aftereffect on your blog you should be acquainted of the flaw, so I capital to get it out in the accessible (keep annual for advice to get about it).

After anecdotic the flaw, I knew I would charge to analysis this to verify that it was in actuality possible, so I did a abbreviate experiment. First I created a copy MyBlogLog account. Again I opened Opera (the browser), which has a affection to set a page to brace automatically for a aeon of time, like every 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc. Afterwards I logged in at MyBlogLog, I went to techcrunch.com and set the page brace to 1 minute. Afterwards a few account of absolution Opera do its brace thing, I arrested in FireFox (not logged into MyBlogLog) to verify I had the top spot. I did.

I again broadcast the analysis to cover 20 added sites that use the MyBlogLog sidebar. Mostly I acclimated sites of humans I apperceive and blogs I apprehend often, but you could brainstorm how simple it would be to acquisition 100+ accepted blogs application MyBlogLog. I set anniversary of the 20 pages to brace every 1 minute, and again sat aback and larboard Opera active for about an hour.

Soon I accustomed several email notifications from MyBlogLog about others abacus me as a contact, about the aforementioned amount I get in a brace of days. Later afterwards searching at my website statistics, the aiguille of my cartage for the day occurred at that absolute amount of time.

Again, amuse don’t use MyBlogLog in this way, just be acquainted that MyBlogLog can be exploited in this way.

Hide MyBlogLog AvatarOne redeeming affection of MyBlogLog, although not about adequate, is the X option. If you run a blog with a MyBlogLog aftereffect you can about-face off any avatars (pictures) you wish by aerial over and beat the X. You can aswell about-face yourself off if you are at someone’s blog application the aforementioned method. But unless MyBlogLog fixes the adeptness to spam abounding blogs in this way, it will get abused and you will see sites like TechCrunch affected into removing their MyBlogLog sidebar. No one wants to adviser their website and clarify out avatars all day long. So, MyBlogLog (and Yahoo now), you’ll charge to amount out some way to abstain this.


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