Friday, August 1, 2008

Can anyone acclaim a acceptable commercial service? Google Adsense doesn't count

In January we confused to a third affair ad arrangement instead of affairs own own argument ads, but we're not blessed at all with the aggregation we active up for - The Rubicon Project. They are like a average man and serve ads from assorted added commercial companies like Google, Yahoo, Active Response Group, CPX Interactive, etc, and apparently optimize them over time based on anniversary network's achievement to acquire us the a lot of money. That enhancement is a bogie account unfortunately, and doesn't so jack diddly. Plus we've had two aloft problems with the service, including them not paying us for our aboriginal ages even admitting we had becoming WAY aloft the minimum threshold, and both times their chump account sucked big time. And the ads are acutely acid anyways, and that's not at all what we want.

This aggregation has a aloft $18 actor in allotment which is just unbelievable. There's no way they're application any added bandwidth or assets than Clicky is (they're still in clandestine beta), and we started on about aught dollars from our own pockets and accept taken aught allotment and accept aught debt.

So we're searching for a new service. We don't wish Google Adsense because it doesn't plan able-bodied at all with our blazon of site, back there isn't any acceptable agreeable for them to spider. We accept Adsense activated with Rubicon appropriate now and all it does is acquaint added analytics products, in accurate Google Analytics. Gee, acknowledgment :P

Between and our Freewebs affiliation site, we accept abutting to 20,000 visitors and 150,000 page angle per day, so I anticipate that makes us acceptable for appealing abundant anything. We'd adopt to do argument ads, and accept them CPM based rather than CPC/CPA. We'd be ok with clear banners too as continued as they aren't cool annoying, but we absolutely like argument better. It would be absolutely candied to be able to aces our own keywords for the ads to be based on, or actual specific categories (not "Technology" which is the alone affair even accidentally abutting to us with Rubicon). We accept a VERY targeted user abject (people who run web sites, mainly blogs or business-related) so I apperceive there's something out there cat-and-mouse for us that will absolutely accompany in billions, it's just a amount of award it. Any recommendations would be actual appreciated.


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