Friday, August 1, 2008

Google and Video Advertising

Google is already acceptable the war for the hearts and minds of commercial accommodation makers with its YouTube acquisition. In actuality Volvo is searching to plan added carefully with Google as its next car is traveling to barrage with alone internet commercials. While Volvo has relationships with added Internet commercial companies they assume to be abnormally aflame about Google's YouTube acquisition.

One ability brainstorm Google will advertise ads you accept to watch afore accepting to the agreeable you are searching for but Google said it opposes these "pre-roll" Web ads, which resemble TV commercials.

From my angle the archetypal Google ads accomplish clicks but accept little or no branding impact. They are actual assessable however. Video ads on the internet cal crop measurability as able-bodied as branding which is something Madison Avenue would love.

As Google gets added and added complex in the apple of video commercial I apprehend to see the absolute relationship-based commercial buy morph into beneath of a accord buy and added of a buy based on results. As a aftereffect advertisers will get a bigger ROI and ad agencies will lose abundant of their influence.


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