Friday, August 15, 2008

Real Estate & Online Advertising

I ran beyond this blueprint about top online advertisers, and anticipation it was affectionate of absorbing in ablaze of contest in the absolute acreage market.

Top 10 Online Advertisers

I would advance that several of the top 10 are either anon or tangentially accompanying to the absolute acreage boom.

  • 1 - Experian - acclaim reports. Not abiding why they absorb $44mm commercial something the government says you accept to accord abroad for chargeless - but you ability be blockage your acclaim account if you were afraid about refinancing, no?
  • 2 - Countrywide - anticipate we all apperceive that one (they’re the guys that accumulate sending me burning opportunities to refinance a mortage I paid off 16 months ago) Only catechism is if they are still in business in six months.
  • 3 - Low Rate Source - this is a allusive mortage vendor. Not abiding they are accepting their $22mm account - because I’d never heard of them.

So what happens to “Web 2.0″ and the batty banal bazaar valuations if all the air comes out of refinancing? More absorbing accessory damage?


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