Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yahoo adds functionality for online advertising rich media

Having a yahoo email account means that I seldom search using yahoo as opposed to searching on my preferred search engine google, yahoo serps layout has changed little over the year, however recently yahoo announced that it now supports “Promotional Results” which appear in Yahoo! serps currently only for specific brand names and specific keywords.

For example : a search in yahoo for pedigree Displays the following (see image below), please note the multimedia video available to view directly without redirecting to the actual page, yahoo supports search ads in video, images and custom links formats.

I must say it good to see yahoo leading the way, in paid search advertising giving us a glimpse and insight into how the way search engines might be moving forward. The Promotional Results appear as part of yahoo campaign to display media rich and eye catching content as well as the natural search results, this advertiser’s partner with Yahoo to promote their online marketing initiatives. Personally speaking the combination works pretty well, and advertisers report that there is an increase conversions even though the media is displayed inline.

Should be interesting to see how google intend to reply to yahoo’s innovative display of rich media direct to the user. Even though Googles platform for PPC campaigns continues to dominate the paid search market this facility should leverage yahoo to take a huge cut from Googles paid search platform.:


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