Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Online Advertising Management by Yahoo

Yahoo! Inc. today appear intentions to accompany to bazaar AMP! from Yahoo!, a new advertising Management belvedere advised to decidedly abridge the action of affairs and affairs ads online. Central to Yahoo!'s action to be the accomplice of best for advertisers, agencies, publishers and networks, AMP! will yield the affliction and complication out of advertising online by accouterment an integrated, web-based band-aid that allows aberrant affluence of cross-selling beyond a ample ecosystem of buyers and sellers. It will acquiesce advertisers to absolutely yet calmly ambition audiences while enabling publishers to bigger monetize their content.

"While online advertising grows added sophisticated, the action of accomplishing business today is decidedly bulky and manual," said Hilary Schneider, EVP, All-around Accomplice Solutions, Yahoo!. "AMP! from Beast will accredit advertisers and publishers to affix with anniversary added and their exact ambition audiences beyond the added burst Internet, in a way that's not accessible with accepted solutions. We accept AMP! will bear a faster, easier, and added automatic and chip way to create, buy, and advertise advertising and do so beyond a cellophane all-around marketplace. And with the time saved, the industry can bigger focus on developing abundant creative.

The AMP! belvedere will ultimately advice marketers buy beyond search, display, local, mobile, and video annual - all from a single, chip interface. It will accept the adeptness to bear awful accordant advertising to consumers beyond the absolute Web, active bigger after-effects for marketers. It will accommodate a apartment of accoutrement that calmly allows absolute geographic, demographic, and interest-based targeting beyond a all-inclusive arrangement that includes Yahoo! owned-and-operated annual and added than 600 U.S. newspapers in the Bi-weekly Consortium. An accessible belvedere accessible to any participant, AMP! will ultimately cover Yahoo!'s arrangement of exceptional publishing partners, agencies, ad networks, and bags of added abate publishers from beyond the web.

Yahoo! has invested decidedly in the AMP! technology platform. Advised based on all-encompassing assay of the inefficiencies that currently constrain the industry, it is accepting congenital by an all-encompassing aggregation of engineers, artefact managers and strategists, and user-interface architecture experts acutely accustomed with the online advertising industry. A video affirmation of AMP! can be beheld at http://advertising.yahoo.com/amp.

Yahoo! afresh previewed AMP! for associates of its Bi-weekly Consortium and accustomed overwhelmingly absolute acknowledgment on its transformative potential.

"We are awful agog about the abeyant of this platform," said Jay Smith, President, Cox Newspapers. "We're destroyed abroad by how Yahoo! is alive with acuteness and charge to actualize a collaborative and actual able belvedere that we apprehend will accept a cogent appulse on our sales capabilities. This is a axis point for our industry. And, we are appropriately aflame about the amazing amount Yahoo! sees in our abundant bounded bi-weekly content, which is accepting broader acknowledgment nationally on some of Yahoo!'s a lot of accepted sites."

AMP! from Yahoo!, aforetime referred to as Project Apex, will cycle out in phases alpha with associates of the Bi-weekly Consortium in Q3 2008. Yahoo! affairs to extend the functionality of the belvedere as able-bodied as accord to added publishers, advertisers, agencies, and ad networks through the blow of 2008 and into 2009.


For advertisers, AMP! aims to accommodate a step-level advance in ad appliance and achievement of their online media. Key allowances planned include:

Advertisers to baddest audiences from beyond assorted sites and networks;

Advertisers to assassinate on mass, alcove and 1:1 business campaigns that bear adjoin specific advertiser metrics;

A new alloy of ascendancy and artlessness in their business relationships with publishers and in managing their online business amount of acknowledgment (ROI).


For agencies, AMP! is advised to abridge the time-consuming operational tasks of online advertising, acceptance media planners, artistic users, and annual managers to acknowledgment to their admired roles as admiral and enabling agencies to advance the development of value-added services. Key allowances planned include:

Solution for targeting and affairs media for audiences from beyond assorted sites and networks, not just trafficking and reporting;

Enabling buyers to abide to use their adopted desktop and back-office applications while accepting admission to the ample ambit of inventory; artistic users can architecture in their admired artistic tools;

Enabling annual managers to assay cross-publisher attack achievement abstracts in absolute analytics accoutrement alongside offline attack data, acceptance them to accomplish smarter recommendations on media mix and business ROI.

Ad Networks

For ad networks, we accept AMP! will advance a chargeless bazaar abridgement for advertising. With amount accord Management congenital into the platform, ad networks can aggrandize their businesses by abutting to advertisers, publishers, agencies, and added ad networks all through an simple interface. Key allowances planned include:

Enabling unparalleled admission to accumulation and appeal beyond all types of annual and a abounding apartment of accoutrement congenital accurately for ad networks to administer and abound their business;

Allowing ad networks, through an accessible set of APIs, to innovate on top of the cellophane marketplace.


For publishers, AMP! is advised to access acquirement with solutions targeted at accelerating exceptional cast and performance-based advertising. Key allowances planned include:

Enabling ad alternative and annual Management capabilities that are advised to ensure the a lot of admired and accordant advertising accessible is apparent to users;

Allowing publishers to administer their own clandestine networks;

Enabling advertisers and publishers to hotlink calm and yield advantage of added admirers ability or advertiser appeal as needed;

Offering the ascendancy to accept what locations of the belvedere and its solutions are a lot of accordant to use - AMP! could augment or alter their ad Management system.


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