Friday, February 27, 2009

Sony : Bravia Zoetrope

Here's Fallon's latest ad for Sony Bravia. The spot features the enormous Bravia-drome, the world’s biggest ever zoetrope.

The Bravia-drome spot moves away from colour to focus on motion, and the Bravia’s new Motionflow 200Hz technology which ensures a smoother picture than in conventional TVs.

To emphasise this smoothness, Fallon built an enormous zoetrope in Venaria, a town near Turin in northern Italy. The zoetrope has been causing a stir online for the last couple of months, with Sony posting films of it in action on YouTube while the ad was being created.

Agency: Fallon
Executive creative director: Richard Flintham
Creative directors: Graham Storey, Phil Cockrell
Production company: RSA/Eponymous
Director: Vernie Yeung (RSA)
Zoetrope designer: Ben Scott


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