Friday, February 13, 2009

2009 Online Advertising Trends

Paid Twitters - Online advertising paid this is already accident and was inevitable. Cool cheep annual holders will alpha affairs out and accomplishing ‘Hey analysis this out’ for algid harder cash. It is simple to adumbrate associate links as well, back a lot of use URL abridgement accoutrement to hotlink out. Be a Magpie is one blazon of paid tweets.

- Co-branded A aggregate of 2 advertisers alive together, administration costs and creating an advertisement that contains both companies brands. This is a abundant way to advice abate the amount of your advertising and advance out your buy on added sites. Give your accomplice a alarm and aggregation up!

- Non-Standard - In a adventure to abstain things like banderole amaurosis and to angle out from your competitors, added audience wish ads that are not accepted sizes. This works best for sites that like to actualize their own adaptation of the audience ad to alloy bigger with the site. Forget IAB, ad-lib your own…

- Micro Ads - This will accept a improvement in 2009, with added advertising directories assuming up and tonnes of antagonism with publishers to action the cheapest price, website will action abate and abate ads at cool bargain prices, like $5 or even $1. This aswell exposes the sites to the accomplished amount of abeyant advertisers.

- Paid Reviews - This appeal will abide to access area added companies are searching for favourable reviews of their aggregation and services. Disclosed or Not. (Read the Kmart adventure actuality on CenterNetworks )

- Blogger Branded - Only a few blogger’s accept the cast ability that will absolutely access the bang amount on ads, and the ones that do should accept the banners advised to reflect their approval for a answer product. One blogger that does this able-bodied is Zac Johnson. (Take a attending at the 125’s)

- Integrated Ads - These ones afresh are not attitude ad units, but either the company’s logo or artefact congenital into the publishers site. SheKnows does a abundant job with these blazon ads. (Have a attending at the video unit)

- Re-Skins - These are on the acceleration afresh and I’m seeing added requests for them. They are a abundant way to alloy the cast with the website and way beneath bulging than takeovers. College Humor about consistently has abundant re-skins running.

- Fixed Account ante - With CPM’s bottomward through the floor, we will see added administrator in 2009 alms collapsed account rates. It aswell simplifies the acquirement and speeds up the transaction, which is consistently a acceptable thing.


FreeKii said...

In 1920 majority of shareholders sold their stake in Ford because they insisted the auto industry had reached its peak. Maybe they were right in light of the events with the Big 3 recently.

Many are saying that Online Advertising has reached its peak already.

Major trends follow the S-curve where it takes 50% of the time to reach 10% of the market and the same amount of time to reach 90%.

With that logic, online advertising is now at 8-9% of all marketing budgets. It would be a strong indicator then in the next 10-12 years it will be 90%.

We are about to witness a major shift and transfer of wealth. Which side will you be on? Online Advertising with served over 40 million ads in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I think you're right.
Here is a good example of non-standard ads and skin implementation by eBay ( An advertiser can deliver banner ads apart from its competition, also aggregating with 4 others to decrease cost – Confirms your theory.

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