Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beware of False Online Advertising Agent Job Offers The following is valuable information regarding how I was ripped off by someone who posted a job

The following online advertising agent is valuable information regarding how I was ripped off by someone who posted a job listing locally. I was too gullible and without being properly informed, went into it too loosely. But it was an experience and as it
has taught me a good lesson, I'd like to share it with others
so that they don't have to go through what I did. S - Staffing, Inc. $ - K first year!! No Experience Assistant / Part Time job, 2-5 hours weekly, $ - - salary That was the header of the job posting. I was to place ads on-line at an advertisement INTERNET sites for S - . The gist of the transaction involved the company sending me a check which I deposit. I would deduct a small portion of the total amount to keep as my pay. The person receiving the money was to take the money and pay for the cost of the ads locally where he is and place the ad as well.

I had a few concerns and asked them a few questions: I was worried about the possibility of bounced check and asked.

if I could wait for check clearance before sending out the funds. To which their response was, "No problems at all, we will wait for check clearance, please keep it at the bank until they verify with the sender's bank that the payment is real and funds are available." (this remark reassured me, and I'm sure the crooks thought long and hard about this one, thinking that if they sound truly genuine there would be some trusting people who would be taken in by it, and for ego the actual wait period for check clearance (which is about 2-3 weeks) and complete the transaction as I did.) When I deposited the check at my bank, I asked them when the funds would be available and they said immediately. That and the fact that it was a check from another bank, and after they had told me about keeping the check until it cleared all worked to remove any last doubts I may have had. Only weeks later did I receive the check I had deposited returned to me as counterfeit. The crooks! was all I could say.


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