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Online Advertising Contract Example

Baton Rouge Bar Association Web Site


1. Button Advertisements (120x60 pixels)

1. $45 per ages for home page.

2. $35 per ages for acknowledged links page.

3. $30 per ages for all added pages.

Each page may accept up to three button advertisements. Button ads are anchored for

the continuance of the Advertising period. Buttons will hyperlink to advertiser’s web


2. Banner Advertisements ( x pixels)

1.$125 per ages for home page.

2.$100 per ages for acknowledged links page.

3.$75 per ages for all added pages.

Home and acknowledged links page advertisers will accept circling in banderole ad chain for

the page the advertiser purchased. No added than four banderole ads will chain on

each page in any accustomed month.

Banner advertisers for all added pages will accept adjustment in the banderole chain

which rotates amid those pages. The amount of banderole ads accustomed for these

pages will not beat the absolute amount of added pages (i.e., if the amount of added

pages is eight, no added than eight banderole advertisements for those pages will be


Banners will hyperlink to advertiser’s web site.

3. Minimum Contract aeon is six months. Best Contract aeon is eighteen

months. Advertisers who accept a ten to 17-month Contract will accept 5% off the

posted rates. Advertisers who accept an 18-month Contract will accept 10% off the

posted rates.

Terms: Accounts are payable aural 30 canicule of antithesis date. This Contract may not be canceled or

reduced. If an advertiser breaches this contract, the advertiser is accountable for amercement in the

amount of 18 percent per annum of the contributed antithesis anatomy the day of aperture added 25

percent for attorneys fees and all costs of court. Insertion orders may accompany artwork

for accessibility but may not be acclimated in lieu of a BRBA contract, nor do they abandon an

executed contract. If the advertiser is to be represented by an agency, a archetype of the Page 2

authorization acquainted able dates accept to accompany this contract.

Advertisement Formation Assistance:

You may acquaintance David Gary at Redstick Internet Services, 9111 Interline Ave, Baton

Rouge, LA 70809, buzz 928-8888, email:, to accommodate the

development of your advertisement, or any added computer adviser of your choice.

You would allegation to accommodate anon with the adviser apropos the fee for this


Vendor’s Mall:

There will be an added hotlink from the BRBA home page to a Vendor’s Mall. At this

site all the assorted advertisers will be categorized based on the blazon artefact or account

provided and beneath that listed alphabetically. If you would like to be listed on this page,

the allegation is $15/month. This $15/month will cover a hyperlink to your web page, if

you accept a web page. For those who do not accept a web website of their own, that advertiser an added fee to hyperlink to a abstracted page that the BRBA would actualize on

its server that gives pertinent advice about that aggregation such as name, address,

telephone number, fax number, email address, and a short, fifty chat or beneath description

of its services. This would be a simple page after any cartoon and would amount an

additional $30/month. If the advertiser adapted to accept a web page of its own, the

advertiser may acquaintance Redstick Internet Services, acclaimed above, or its own computer



The Baton Rouge Bar Association affluence the appropriate to debris any Advertising it deems

inappropriate or any archetype that does not accommodated clear standards.


All web website advertisers accept to acknowledgment a active Contract one ages above-mentioned to adjustment of ad.

The ad should be forwarded to the Baton Rouge Bar Association fifteen canicule above-mentioned to


Delivery:Send your button or banderole ad in .gif or .jpg architecture by adhering it to an e-mail to...

Pamela Labbe, or Ann Scarle.

Company Name:




Work Phone:




Advertisement requested (circle one):



Web page requested (circle one): Home Page

Legal Links


Term of Contract (minimum of 6 months, best of 18 months): ________ months

Vendor’s Mall(circle as applicable): Yes, cover me

No, do not cover me

Yes, hotlink to my URL

Yes, amuse accommodate a abstracted page for link, with a 50 chat description as follows:

Approved By:
Company Representative
Baton Rouge Bar Association Account Representative
Baton Rouge Bar Association Executive Director


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