Thursday, February 26, 2009

JWT keeps an eye on all-around heebies. things aren't traveling so hot nowadays. We can all accede on that. Must we abide to exhausted the drum? JWT thinks we should. The bureau has launched AnxietyIndex, a blog to accumulated how brands and consumers common are ambidextrous with the all-around bread-and-butter meltdown/armageddon. (Example: MTV is soliciting absoluteness stars for a alternation about humans ambidextrous with crushing debt burdens. Sounds entertaining.) Naturally, the blog includes a augment of Twitter posts that acknowledgment the chat "anxiety." This is a aces idea. Brands do charge to amount out how to acquaint with humans who are traveling through a hell of a time. It's just a downer. There's absolutely an befalling to alpha a battling HappinessIndex to archive the baby glimmers of achievement out there in the bleakness.More info: anxietyindex


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