Tuesday, February 17, 2009

US Online Advertising Report: Airy in a Rough Economy

Even with the Olympics and presidential (Online Advertising Report) acclamation campaigns on the horizon, all-embracing ad spending in the US is in the doldrums. Except online. US Internet advertising will not alone be added airy than acceptable media, it will grow. In fact, in 2009, 10% of all US ad dollars will go online.

The US Online advertising address analyzes the factors that are accidental to the connected advance of the Internet approach in boxy bread-and-butter times.

Even as the advance amount declines through 2009, all-embracing Internet ad spending increases will abide in absolute territory—in the mid-teens or college through 2011.

This growth, even if beneath than in years accomplished will beat all added above media.

Key questions the “US Online Advertising” address answers:

  • How abundant will a recession appearance US Internet ad spending?
  • Why ability advertisers about-face budgets to the Internet?
  • What are the US ad acquirement trends a part of the Big Four portals?
  • Are any online ad formats absolutely “recession proof”?
  • What armament will abutment advance in absolute media ad spending?
  • And abounding others


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