Thursday, February 26, 2009

Purchase Brothers: Escape From City 17

Young admiral allocution about their abbreviate blur adjustment "Escape From City 17" and more. When's the endure time you spent $500? What was it on? Penny stocks? Designer clothes? Piano lessons? A aback bare gym membership? Endure week, the Purchase Brothers, a brace of adolescent Toronto-based directors, uploaded a abbreviate blur fabricated for 5 Benjamins (or Sir Robert Bordens, depending on the currency) based on the accepted Half-Life video game. And instead of searching like a Gondryesque sweding, the video, attempt in and about Toronto, has been accepting babble online reviews and a aggregate question, Who are these guys?

Ian (left) and David Purchase

We batten to the Purchase Brothers, David, 25, and Ian, 23, who active with Toronto's Sons & Daughters for bartering representation in January, about how they got their start, "Escape From City 17" and more.

You guys accept acutely appear out of nowhere, but there's usually a lot of harder plan complex in these over-night stories.

David Purchase: It's just gradually acquired from projects we did calm as teenagers. The added we abstruse and accomplished ourselves, the added we could administer to our projects. We're appealing abundant just a two man aggregation that does everything. We fabricated a abbreviate blur a brace years ago that afflicted a few humans and it got us a baby account for an absolute affection we're alive on appropriate now. That activity got delayed for assorted reasons, and we had a acquaintance who kept advancement us to get complex in commercials. So we absitively to do that, ultimately acquisitive to about-face some of the money we ability accomplish aback into our absolute film.

How do you breach up administering and column duties?

David Purchase: In agreement of column production, Ian focuses added on the 3D being and I focus on the 2D compositing. With directing, we both like to get complex in aggregate and occasionally one of us will yield the advance in a activity but it all balances out.

Your reel is appealing column heavy, is that by architecture or necessity?

Ian Purchase: The abundant column assembly came out of necessity. There were just things we capital to do, so we absitively to apprentice how to use the programs that could do it.

One of your accompany interned at Sons & Daughters and capital to appearance them "Escape From City 17." Soon afterwards the screening you were signed. Did you go there searching to draft some minds?

David Purchase: To some degree, we do accept that showmanship attitude. We like creating things on an acutely low account and alarming humans away. It's array of that (Robert) Rodriguez brand of account affair of, How abundant can you do with this little?

Ian Purchase: Yeah, we've consistently approved to advance ourselves to new levels in that respect.

How abounding locations of "Escape from City 17" accept you done or plan to do?

David Purchase: Appropriate now, there's two, with hopefully added to come. The next one should be done in about two months. We've in fact been accepting a lot of emails from humans who wish to advice out. Which is great, as continued as they're OK accomplishing it for no money, just to accomplish something alarming for their reel. Humans are absolutely into it.

Ian Purchase: We've got a little army going.

This looks bigger than some of the being on the Sci-Fi approach (Shark in Venice, anyone?). How did you accomplish it for $500?

David Purchase: Well, we already had a lot of the programs, which is why it was accessible to do with $500. You can't alpha with aught and do it. Final Cut is our primary alteration tool, again 3D programs like 3D Studios for the clay and all that.

What were some of the better challenges of the project?

Ian Purchase: The better claiming was the absolute filming because the accomplished affair is appealing abundant baseborn shots in locations area we weren't declared to be. There were aegis patrols in some of these places, which fabricated it one of the added nerve-wracking adventures we've had.

What's next?

David Purchase: Just aggravating to do some commercials and abide to plan on our absolute stuff. We aswell just active with Anonymous Content for affection blur management, so we'll hopefully be developing there as well.


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