Thursday, February 26, 2009

CNBC Wants Your Eyeballs

CNBC does the banking affair by day but they get all "original programming" at night. To let humans know, they've launched some Woods Witt Dealy & Sons-created, program-specific ads to advertising the shows. With the headline, "Show Me the Money," one ad touts American Original: Westminster Dog Show, a backstage attending at the close apparatus of the $43 billion pet industry. PETA?

Another ad accustomed the ever-appropriate headline, "Demolished," examines "how the American dream became a nightmare" in a appearance alleged How the American Dream Became A Nightmare. Hmm, now that sounds like some actively depression-inducing programing.

But, hey, we gotta face facts. Pet shows are brainless and the American Dream does not beggarly anybody should own a home. here and here.


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