Thursday, October 9, 2008

Technology stocks, Online Advertising Companies and me

Microsoft appear endure Friday it was accepting AQuantive Inc., a aggregation which buys, sells and creates online Advertising for websites. This accretion may be in acknowledgment to Google purchasing DoubleClick Inc., addition online Advertising company, for $3.1 billion! Let’s not forgot Google purchasing YouTube as well. Combine that with the acquirement of 24/7 Absolute Media Inc., addition online advertiser, and the Thomson-Reuters alliance and there is a lot of technology stocks and companies getting purchased abnormally in the agreeable provision/online Advertising field. What is arch commonly bourgeois companies like Microsoft and Thomson Corp. to buy up tech rivals like it was 1999?

It looks like technology stocks are aback but with a big difference- Google, Microsoft and Thomson Corp. are targeting online Advertising and agreeable providers rather than e-commerce providers (does anyone bethink one of the added abominable tech flame-outs). It appears that online Advertising has surpassed e-commerce as the new Internet business archetypal and, as my architect acquaintance put it, the North American abridgement will be apprenticed by the barter of agreeable in the next 20 years (since all our accomplishment jobs are disappearing).

I am alone actual afraid about technology stocks accustomed that my better beforehand aberration was affairs a technology alternate armamentarium in the backward 90’s (the alone absolute account was a tax loss). But, if you absolutely wish to go into this industry, I beforehand searching at Thomson’s business archetypal and award businesses just like it. I am an casual user of Thomson products. Basically, Thomson sells advice whether in a loose-leaf account (you buy a big apart blade adhesive which has advice on financial, acknowledged or medical accompanying fields which is adapted regularly), on DVD’s, on-line or on their terminals. Their business archetypal works because a lot of of their articles crave transaction upfront, there is an on-going acquirement beck (either as licensing fees or fees to amend loose-leaf binders), a lot of of their audience are institutional (which agency lots of accountant users and about affirmed payment) and their authors are about paid endure (royalties are usually paid last; even the beforehand is an beforehand adjoin royalties). Compare that with some added tech plays area revenues are speculative, the account is provided for chargeless or the bazaar is retail (where appraisement ability is non-existent).

I am traveling to stick to the sidelines on technology and focus on financials, bloom and utilities. Endure time I checked, these industries advertise to everybody- not just those who apperceive what web 2.0. means. Best of luck to the technology banal hunters.


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