Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Affairs Simplifies Online Advertising

Those of you who accept been in acquaintance with me for awhile apperceive that I'm a huge fan of pay per bang marketing. It's one of the greatest business accoutrement currently accessible to accomplish huge numbers of targeted abeyant buyers to your webpage or online sales letter.

One of the keys to success in pay per bang business is active your ads on thousands, and in abounding cases, tens of bags of keywords.

This action not alone after-effects in beneath big-ticket bang traffic, but college superior barter at the aforementioned time, because those who seek for added specific keyword combinations tend to be further forth in the affairs action than those who seek for the all-encompassing appellation that describes the category.

Though this is a powerful, results-generating strategy, it comes at a huge amount - the time appropriate to array admitting huge lists of keywords, alternative out those that don't apply, and putting them into analytic ad groups for keyword advertising.

Frankly, to do this action appropriate costs amid 5-10 hours of mind-numbingly arresting work. Seriously, you can't hand-process keyword lists for added than about 20 account afore your eyes alpha bridge and every band starts to attending about the same.

As a administrator of a amount of high-powered, huge, big-ticket campaigns, I've done my time, spending far too abounding backward nights activity through yet addition list.

If you've anytime done it, you apperceive absolutely what I'm talking about...

So, you can brainstorm my action about two months ago as I talked for the aboriginal time with a guy I met on a pay per bang teleconference called Richard East.

In that buzz alarm Richard told me about a new affairs his aggregation was creating that was advised accurately to handle the claiming of allocation through huge groups of keywords for pay per bang and/or page-building programs.

I askance his arm into sending me a copy, and was destroyed away. I was just starting the action of allocation through a 35,000 keyword project. Instead of accomplishing it by hand, I ran it through Richard's program, and completed the absolute keyword project, including alternative out inappropriate terms, allocation the actual agreement into analytic ad groups, and creating abrogating keyword lists in a admirable absolute of...

(No, not the 10 hours of backbreaker I had planned,)

20 minutes.

Yes, beneath than bisected an hour.

I instantly became a agitated fan.

Then I went to the next footfall and started the assignment of autograph ad archetype for anniversary ad group. I usually account addition 3-4 hours to do that action correctly, researching aggressive ads, award hot terms, and developing 2-3 analysis ads per ad group.

Again, Richard's affairs did abundant of the plan for me, acceptance me to complete that allocation of the job in a atom of the time.

I was in love! With a computer program. Scary thought! :<)

I'm so aflame about this affairs that I accept back formed anon with Richard and his team, authoritative programming suggestions to about-face it from a able apparatus into an ultra- able keyword processing monster, and even bearing one of the audios he's application as a bonus.

Let's put it this way. I own actually every keyword analysis and processing apparatus on the market. And like you, a lot of of them sit bare on my harder drive.

This program, Keyword Companion, gets used, constantly.

I can't anticipate of a affairs that's done added to save me hours, frustration, and the few hairs I accept on my head.

And I affiance you, you will be too, whether you're a being who manages a individual attack or hundreds.

Can you acquaint that I'm a huge fan of this program?

Now, I accept a acknowledgment to make. It's been a absolutely active anniversary actuality in my office, and I've destroyed it. This artefact was launched endure Monday and there are several bonuses that expire by the end of this week, including a amount increase. So, my blubbering has ailing your absorption in any way, I acerb advance you analysis it out immediately, while you've still got a adventitious to get all the acceptable stuff. Sorry about the rush... my fault.


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