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Big Flower Acquires Advertising Agency Management Software Firm

Advertising Agency Management Software - NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 19, 1998--Big Flower Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:BGF) appear today that its Columbine JDS subsidiary, a arch provider of computer-based Management casework for the advertisement and Advertising industries, has acquired DSI Datatrak Systems, Inc., a private, closely-held provider of automatic software Management systems for Advertising agencies, media affairs casework and communications companies. The agreement of the accretion were not disclosed.

DSI Datatrak Systems, based in New Jersey, offers absolutely chip avant-garde software systems that accredit Advertising agencies accompanying to account assorted aspects of Advertising campaigns including media planning, buying, paying and analysis, time announcement and reporting, job costing control, activity scheduling, accepted accounting and applicant advantage analysis.

Commenting on the acquisition, Big Flower President and Chief Executive Officer Edward T. Reilly said, "We accept that accouterment workflow Management software to Advertising agencies presents a cogent befalling for our company. The Datatrak accretion strengthens our growing Agency business by affording us an advertisement abject of Agency barter and accretion Columbine's ambit of casework to the Agency community."

Datatrak is the third accretion Columbine has fabricated in the accomplished six months that targets the Advertising Agency industry. In June, Columbine acquired Adtraq, Inc., a privately-owned provider of specialty software for Advertising agencies and media affairs casework in Canada, and Adserve, Inc. a New York-based provider of agnate software and services. With the accession of these three businesses, Datatrak, Adtraq and Adserve to Columbine's absolute Agency software MediaLine and BuyFocus, Columbine's articles and casework will be a part of the a lot of absolute Advertising Agency systems available.

Big Flower Holdings, Inc. is a arch advertising, business and advice casework aggregation which provides added than 3,000 retail, Advertising agency, broadcasting, accomplishment and bi-weekly barter with highly-targeted, promotional Advertising articles and casework and software. Big Flower specializes in targeted Advertising inserts, circulation-building bi-weekly products, customized absolute mail and absolute business casework and agenda services, including outsourced agenda premedia and computer-based Management systems for the advertisement industry. For the twelve months concluded September 30, 1998, the Company's pro forma revenues were about $1.7 billion, including all acquisitions.



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