Friday, March 6, 2009

Web 2.0 A Review

A Few Things That Absolutely Get Me Going. E-mail, Facebook, Digg and Twitter all action opportunities to contentment -- or annoy. Make abiding you do the former, by afterward a few simple rules.

* Don't use programs that auto-follow anyone who follows you on Twitter. It's a amusing network, not a apprentice network.

* Don't advertisement belletrist on Twitter application bots. You'll just accident your brand, claimed or corporate.

* Don't advanced acquaintance requests on Digg and afresh corruption the advantage with connected shout-outs. Every day is too many, for chrissake.

* Don't advanced an e-mail that says "TTYL" afterwards the antecedent e-mail completed a conversation. Or "thanks again" or "take care." We are drowning in e-mail. Yes, mom said to consistently be polite. Sending beneath e-mails is affable 2.0. If you accept to accept the endure word, change the accountable band to "TTYL, end" so the being knows they don't charge to apprehend your 10th abuse "goodbye" e-mail.

* If you're a sending a pitch, (business service, PR, report, etc.) don't abode the e-mail "Hey," "Hey again," "Yo," "All," "Dear [ ]," "Dear Blogger," or "Dear First_Name." Don't say "Dear Mr Ochman." Say "Dear B.L." or "Hi B.L." if you don't apperceive me, and are too apathetic to attending at my photo on my blog or website, and are not abiding if I'm macho or female. I anticipate I allege for a lot of humans if I say that I adopt adroitness to a sex-change operation.

* Do not advanced amaranthine belletrist via Facebook, etc. You're not that interesting.

* Don't IM unless you accept something to say that I ability in fact wish or charge to apperceive and that absolutely can't delay for an e-mail response.

* Do not advanced huge "hilarious" video files in e-mail. If they aren't on YouTube or about abroad you can hotlink to, ask afore e-mailing an attachment. If you wish to allotment a video you fabricated yourself, upload it to a file-sharing website and advanced a link.

* Check afore you advanced an e-mail about the artist of penicillin who gave an angel to someone's daughter, or whatever that brainless e-mail was about that went about recently.

* Use "Bcc" -- not accessible lists -- for e-mails beatific to several people. Do not advanced e-mail after deleting the name and e-mail and added accidental advice from the being who beatific it first.

* Do not advanced freaking alternation belletrist or annihilation that says "Forward this to 10 humans in the next 10 account or your larboard ear will abatement off." Ever. And don't advanced petitions in e-mail -- all of the accepted ones are online. Advanced a link.


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