Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Puma Rides On Volvo

There's this antagonism alleged Volvo Ocean Race, in which heavily sponsored baiter junkies yield their abeyant talents to the top seas.*

To advance both its accord and its abyssal domination, Puma larboard Il Mostro signage and behemothic aisle in the beach on the beaches about Rio, which is area the antagonism goes down this year.

Il Mostro's the name of its boat. (Guess it's somewhat added beating than O Gato Gigante.) Two advantageous civilians will be called to accompany Il Mostro's baiter aggregation for one day. Visit the Puma Enigma website for added details.

The website doesn't anon plan the way it's declared to -- area you bang on a banderole and go anon to a cast destination. As things stand, no bulk of beat gets you abundant of anywhere -- except for the banal Puma.com logo at the basal right-hand side, which sends you to the Puma Ocean Racing blog.

Beachside achievement by Espalhe Marketing de Guerrilha for Puma Sports Brazil.


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