Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Facebook Sends Traffic Than More Google Sometimes

Marketers absorb billions to allure seek cartage from Google, but backward endure year Facebook started acceptable a bigger antecedent of cartage for some ample websites, according to analytics close Hitwise.

It seems assured that, accustomed Facebook's arduous calibration (180 actor registered users and counting), it would at some point alpha apropos a lot of users to some sites, but the development is surprising. Web users go to Google to amount out area to go next; they go to Facebook to, well, adhere out.

Facebook gets a little added than a third of Google's different visitors in the U.S. (50 actor vs. 149 actor in January, per ComScore); back endure summer, registered users accept been growing at a double-digit rate.

Where they're going

But back the alpha of the year, Facebook has become a bigger apropos website than Google to a amount of sites, including account sites PerezHilton.com and Dlisted, mom website CafeMom, Evite, video website Tagged.com, and, yes, Twitter.

There are acceptable affidavit for some of this: CafeMom has a Facebook fan page, which no agnosticism helps drive traffic, and users can accord updates with Facebook and Twitter.

It's harder to apperceive why two account sites are on the list, abreast from the actuality that they tend to be places humans absorb a lot of time. Back the alpha of 2009, account website PerezHilton.com has accustomed 8.7% of its visitors from Facebook, compared with 7.6% from Google, according to Hitwise. The aforementioned didn't authority true, however, for account website TMZ, which got 12.2% of its cartage from Google, compared with 3.8% from Facebook.

Big source for video sites

As NewTeeVee credibility out, Facebook has aswell become a big antecedent of referrals for video sites as users column and allotment clips. Cartage from Facebook accounted for 3.3% of visits to video sites in February, according to Hitwise, up from beneath than 2% in February of endure year.

It all credibility to the growing ability of agreeable sharing; the catechism is how to accouter that and what it agency for the approaching of "search" marketing. Companies spent $12.2 billion in 2008 on seek enhancement and business to get cartage from Google, according to eMarketer.

But Peter Yared, CEO of business close iWidgets, said he thinks some of that spending is traveling to about-face to area the viewers, and the traffic, more are. "Soon the [search-engine business and search-engine optimization] absorb will alpha to chase the eyeballs and alteration from Google to amusing media," he said.


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