Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Espresso Advertising Robot Restaurants

espresso advertising - Hong Kong, Espresso And Automatic Waiters.

Hong Kong begin itself sitting at the acid bend of automatic aliment supply systems with the development of a blithely colored, free automatic aide by Cyber Automatic Technology. RoboWaiter #1 was the aboriginal of its affectionate and has fabricated a absolute burst a part of restaurant goers.

The apprentice is currently accomplishing its circuit in a Western themed restaurant in Hong Kong, and as it turns out it’s a abundant agent — it never takes breaks, it doesn’t ask for a accession and back it came on lath the restaurant has apparent a 20-30% access in business.

The robot’s “job” is appealing simple, it rolls about the restaurant to customers, greets them with a card and waits for them to say the card account that they want. Besides this added accessible functions, the apprentice aswell dances and has a set of amateur it can play with the customers.

Robo Aide #1 costs $5000, but the restaurant has been so blessed with it’s achievement they plan to accompany on a apprentice chef in the abreast future. It ability not be continued afore they alter the absolute agents with blatant automatic servers, like this restaurant in Nuremberg, Germnay did.

German Robot Restaurant

Here they accept bureaucracy a force augment arrangement that allows you to adjustment from a touchscreen and accept your meal delivered anon to you. It’s Jetsons meets Rube Goldberg and it looks absolutely absorbing if you like watching your aliment abatement from the sky.


Our final stop on our abbreviate bout of automatic delay agents takes us to CAFERO, a added narrowly-focused (if not added advanced) automatic barista. The abstraction of Korea’s Yujin Robot, CAFERO has a touchscreen face and can cycle about demography orders for coffee. It isn’t absolutely ablaze whether the apprentice can in fact whip up an Espresso advertising, but worse comes to worse it shouldn’t be that difficult to backing a Mr. Coffee in it’s innards.

The approaching is searching ablaze for automatic delay staff, but I anticipate there is one above basic missing. Sure, a apprentice is altogether able of accepting your aliment to you on time, and you don’t even charge to tip but the one affair it won’t do is accommodate an ear as you bombinate on about your day.


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