Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Targeted Audio Advertising with Google : Allotment 3

Targeted Audio Advertising with Google

Is Google acceptable beneath of a seek company, and added of an Advertising company? These two apparent applications (discussed in allotment 1 and allotment 2) awning an Advertising arrangement that awning ads on television, radio, podcasts, audio and video streams, and telephones, and while a lot of absorb free relevancy, few affair confined seek results.

The Google 411 account does accommodate bounded seek on the phone, and a video seek archetype provided aswell allows for seek possibly forth the curve of what podzinger offers. Google TV Ads and radio ads focus aloft affluence of advertising, determinations of relevancy, and the confined of ads, but are a move abroad from Google’s seek background.

The apparent applications do move on to awning such added capacity such as determinations of ad spots, how filters ability plan for ads, and acquirement administration amid Google and publishers. Will this Advertising archetypal be the one that emerges from Google in confined audio ads on televsion, radio, internet, and the phone?

It’s early, and harder to tell, but it has the earmarks of Google’s Advertising aesthetics aloft it - automating Advertising as abundant as possible, aggravating to bout accordant ads with content, and enabling behest for ad spots.

There are a lot of absorbing possibilities abaft what this ability bring. For instance, the apparent filings agenda that Advertising could be acclimated to angel added agreeable from audio publishers, or casework such as:

* voice-mail,

* reside chat,

* ring tones,

* song downloads,

* song plays,

* audio affairs downloads,

* audio affairs plays,

* blast services,

* walkie-talkie services,

* others.


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