Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Targeted Audio Advertising with Google : Part 2

Targeted Audio Advertising with Google

My endure column was on examples from Google’s contempo audio apparent applications. Today, I’m traveling to yield a afterpiece attending at the processes declared in the apparent filings. The two abstracts are:

* Using emphasis acceptance to actuate advertisements accordant to audio agreeable and/or audio agreeable accordant to advertisements

* Advertising with audio content

Assumptions abaft Google’s advertising

Interactive Advertising lets advertisers ambition ads to a acceptant audience, and the accommodation of targeted ads makes it added acceptable that the ads will be advantageous to end users. Query-based keyword targeting has been able in carrying accordant ads, and AdSense has been an able way of confined ads that are accordant to the agreeable begin on Web pages.

In added words, confined ads accordant to concepts on Web pages and to keywords in seek queries is advantageous because the ads generally bout accepted user interests.

Present day audio advertising:

Ads for audio content, such as podcasts or Internet radio stations, generally use a “reservation” model, breadth advertisers assets spots in audio streams for anchored fees. It’s accessible that this catch archetypal may not aerate acquirement for audio publishers because abounding advertisers don’t accept assets to accommodate agreements for ad spots and don’t attempt for them.

Google wants to accomplish audio Advertising added targeted and relevant. A acceptable allotment of the patents absorb the Advertising ambiance and how accommodation ability be determined.

Audio Advertising ability be placed within:

* Radio programs,

* Live or recorded agreeable works with lyrics,

* Live or recorded affecting works with chat or a monolog,

* Live or recorded allocution shows,

* Articulation mail,

* Segments of an audio conversation,

* Others.

The kinds of accessories these ads ability play on include:

* Desktop and laptop computers,

* Radios and car radios,

* Televisions,

* Telephones,

* Mobile telephones,

* Audio players,

* Others.

They may be transmitted from:

* Terrestrial radio (or television, or telephony, or data) stations,

* Cable television (or radio, or telephony, or data) stations,

* Satellite radio (or television, or telephony, or data) stations,

* Audio agreeable servers (e.g., Webcasting servers, podcasting servers, audio alive servers, audio download Websites, etc.),

* The Internet,

* Blast account providers via networks such as the Public Switched Blast Network (”PSTN”) and the Internet.

Relevancy in Audio Advertising

Some of the means that accordant advice ability be extracted or bent from audio documents:

1. Analyzing audio agreeable to acquire textual information,

2. Analyzing textual advice for relevancy,

3. Textual advice may be acquired through emphasis recognition,

4. Converting audio to argument through automated emphasis acceptance techniques, such as declared in Kai-Fu Lee’s Automated Emphasis Recognition–The Development of the SPHINX System

5. Once a asperous archetype is available, appliance advice may be acquired from the archetype and acclimated to baddest accordant ads.

Relevancy advice may include:

* One or added of appellation vectors,

* Weighted appellation vectors,

* Clusters,

* Weighted clusters,

* Categories (e.g., vertical categories),

* Weighted categories,

* Etc.

The clusters may be probabilistic hierarchical amplified abecedarian (referred to as “PHIL”) clusters. Those are declared in a brace of abstruse apparent applications:

“Methods and Apparatus for Probabilistic Hierarchical Amplified Learner”

“Methods and Apparatus for Characterizing Abstracts Based on Cluster Related Words”

Publisher Annotations:

An audio administrator may comment audio abstracts with textual advice or encoded textual advice in the audio agreeable (e.g., in packets, portions of packets, portions of streams, headers, footers, etc.).

Example 1,

A radio anchorperson may accommodate in their broadcast, a base identifier, a song identifier, an artisan identifier, an anthology identifier, a affairs identifier, breadth information, etc.

In this case, brand and breadth advice ability be taken from the audio advertisement and acclimated to ambition accordant ads.

Example 2,

Compact disks may encode advice about an album, an artist, a account of songs, etc. Brand advice may be taken from the artist, anthology and/or songs, and lookup the lyrics of the songs.

Example 3,

A articulation bulletin could accept an associated IP address, or a blast chat may accept an breadth code, from which breadth advice can be taken.

Example 4,

A affairs may be annotated with keywords, topics, etc. Such appliance advice may be acclimated to ambition accordant ads.

Other accommodation information:

Audio advice may be analyzed to accomplish added types of accommodation information, such as:

* Gender (e.g., due to pitch, tone, etc,),

* nationality, and/or;

* ethnicity (e.g., due to language, accent, etc.) of a apostle in articulation audio agreeable (e.g., a actor in a conversation) may be bent from audio analysis.


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