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The Best Blog Advertising is Free - Are You Using It?

Any blogger that is searching to accretion acknowledgment and body an admirers has to accede how to go about extensive new readers. Some bloggers who appearance their plan as a business are accommodating to pay for some acknowledgment through banderole ads, paid reviews, pay-per-click ads, etc. Those who are accommodating to advance some money into architecture their blog are acutely traveling to acquire some added opportunities to get in foreground of new readers, but in my assessment there is a adjustment of bartering or cocky advance that is added able than any of these methods, and it’s free! Despite the aggregate of capability and no cost, there are still affluence of opportunities for just about any blogger to use this method.

What is this “magical” anatomy of promotion?

While it technically isn’t a anatomy of advertising, autograph bedfellow posts for added blogs can be far added able than acceptable forms of advertising. Allotment of the botheration with banderole ads and sponsored reviews is that readers apperceive that they are the accountable of your advertisement. So in abounding cases, bartering is added able if it’s absolutely advance and acknowledgment rather than acceptable advertising.

Why Bedfellow Announcement Works

Guest announcement on added blogs in your alcove is able because it allows you to advertise yourself by presenting your ability and putting it on affectation for readers. A banderole ad cannot prove your account to readers, but a bedfellow column can.

How Bedfellow Announcement Differs from Acceptable Advertising

Promoting yourself through bedfellow posts is added attenuate and beneath advancing to readers than banderole ads or sponsored reviews. A lot of readers are not absorbed in advertisements and they tune them out. But if they avoid advertisements, what are they administering their absorption towards? The agreeable of the blog. And if your bedfellow column is the agreeable that they are paying absorption to, you acquire their focus and attention.

An advertisement projects your bulletin anon to readers. There’s actual little estimation on their part. You’re aggravating to argue them of something or grab their absorption to draw a click. With a bedfellow column you don’t acquire to grab their absorption in the aforementioned way. You acquire an complete column to achieve your point, and if you do it able-bodied there is a small, attenuate hotlink to your own blog in the bio at the alpha or the end of the post. A bedfellow column gives the clairvoyant abandon to acquire to accompany your “advertisement” by beat on the hotlink in the bio.

I anticipate abounding times one of the problems with banderole ads is that readers are afraid to bang even if it’s something that ability absorption them. First, there ability be some agnosticism as to area the hotlink will yield them or a abridgement of assurance for an advertiser. This is rarely an affair with bedfellow posts because you’ve had a bigger adventitious to acquire their assurance throughout the post, and you acquire a adventitious to acutely acquaint them area they’ll go if they bang on your link. Second, I anticipate some readers wish to avoid banners because they anticipate the ads will access or become added advancing if they in fact bang on them. There can be a attrition to paid ads because they may feel like as a clairvoyant they’re accepting sold.

With a paid advertisement or a sponsored analysis readers are told something about you or why they should click-through to your blog. With a bedfellow column you’re just autograph a useful, absorbing column and if they wish to acquisition out added about you they can click-through. Rather than cogent them why they should appointment your blog, you’re proving that they should appointment by demonstrating your ability of the accountable at hand.

Human attributes (especially in today’s bartering society) is to abide accepting awash on something. The bedfellow column takes a added laid aback access that can be beneath black to readers.

Guest Announcement Isn’t Absolutely Advertising

Despite the appellation of this post, I do apprehend that bedfellow announcement is not absolutely advertising. However, it allows you to achieve abounding of the aforementioned objectives that an advertisement would, and in a lot of cases it’s even added effective.

Although your purpose in autograph a bedfellow column is to get something back, you shouldn’t anon advertise yourself. Don’t corruption the belvedere that you’re accepting accustomed to acquaint humans about yourself and your blog. Instead, address the best column that you’re able of, and use a abrupt two or three book bio that includes a hotlink to your blog to acquaint readers added about you.

My Experience with Bedfellow Posting

When I started my blog endure summer, bedfellow announcement was one of the primary methods I acclimated to advance myself and draw cartage aback to my blog. Over a amount of two or three months I had about 20 posts appear on a amount of altered blogs. While none of these bedfellow posts drew a huge acknowledgment individually, the aggregate accomplishment was one the better keys to accepting my blog off the arena and architecture a solid abject of subscribers.

Writing bedfellow posts for added blogs gave me an accomplished befalling to arrangement with added bloggers, abounding of whom I am still in acquaintance with. It aswell led to paid autograph positions on three altered blogs, including PureBlogging.

A few months ago I launched a additional blog of my own, and while I’ve had little time to this point to do abundant advance for the blog, I acquire had actual acceptable success with a few bedfellow posts, decidedly two that I’ve accounting for ProBlogger.

How to Get Started

If you’re absorbed in demography some activity and authoritative the a lot of of the bedfellow announcement opportunities that exist, actuality are some accomplish that you can yield to get started.

1 - Acquisition some blogs in your alcove that acquire bedfellow posts

Not all bloggers are absorbed in publishing the plan of others, but you may be afraid that a lot of are added than willing. Yield a attending at some of the blogs that you apprehend on a approved base and pay absorption to which ones broadcast posts from added writers. You’ll apparently see a few appropriate abroad that you apperceive will be accessible to the abstraction of publishing your post. However, there are abounding others that would be accommodating to broadcast a bedfellow post, but others artlessly don’t action to address for them. Acquisition some added blogs in your alcove that you anticipate ambition an admirers that is actual agnate to yours. Don’t necessarily go for the better blogs appropriate away. I started by autograph for abounding blogs with anywhere from 100 - 1,000 subscribers and this is abundant to get some results. Once I acquainted added adequate and added confident, I began to access beyond blogs.

2 - Access the blog buyer with a simple addition and an action to bedfellow post

Once you’ve articular a few possibilities, yield a few moments to address a claimed message. It it’s not anyone that already knows you, accommodate a abrupt addition and artlessly ask if they are absorbed in accepting bedfellow posts for their blog.

3 - Don’t authority back. Action your best work

After you’ve had some complete responses about a alertness to broadcast your bedfellow posts, achieve abiding that you accommodate them with the best plan that you are able of. The accepted activity from a lot of bloggers is to authority their best plan for their own blogs, and as a aftereffect the bedfellow posts are of lower quality. If you wish to get the a lot of out of your bedfellow announcement opportunities, do the complete best job that you can do. You’ll get added clicks from readers and added subscribers.

4 - Get complex in the comments

Once your column has been published, be abiding to go aback and participate in the comments with readers. This gives you addition befalling to collaborate and draw added visitors to your blog, additional it is about your albatross as the biographer to acknowledgment questions and acknowledge to feedback.

5 - Advance your commodity with amusing media

It’s in your best absorption to get as abundant acknowledgment to your bedfellow column as possible. In theory, the added humans that see your post, the added humans will click-through to your blog. One of the best, and easiest, things you can do is to advance the column with amusing media. Give it a thumbs up with StumbleUpon or abide it to added amusing media sites. You may wish to allotment it with some of your accompany to appeal a vote

What’s Your Experience?

Have you accounting bedfellow posts for added blogs? How has it helped you to body your name acceptance and accretion subscribers?


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