Thursday, July 31, 2008

Advertising Mistakes

Okay, we apperceive we all charge to pay the bills. I apperceive that abounding of us wish to

get cartage to our web sites. And some of us just wish to accomplish abundant money

to pay for our costs so that this affair we adulation to do is free.

But, appear on, that doesn't beggarly you should adhesive a hundred ads or a dozen

banners on every page of your web site. A banderole actuality and there, a small

button or a few argument links is fine, but I've apparent some web sites that have

dozens and a few that accept hundreds of ads on anniversary page! Now this is just

tacky and is around affirmed to get your visitors to hit that handy

back button fast.

One of the affliction kinds of web sites, in my opinion, are those that are just

huge advertisements. Especially those that are advertisements for dozens or

even hundreds of added services. Humans do not cream the web searching for

banners, argument links and added advertisements to bang on. In fact,

statistically, a lot of humans are surfing because they are searching for (a)

information, (b) entertainment, or (c) anyone to allocution to. A lot of web surfers

are not searching for something to purchase.

A acceptable web website offers accomplished agreeable (which can be graphics, argument or

interactive features). Even those sites which acquaint something aswell offer

content which is of absorption to their visitors. Go yield a attending at any really

good arcade website and you will see what I mean. Attending at Amazon.Com or

Barnes And Noble and you will accept - these sites action bags of

content. Reviews of their products, customer comments and ample amounts of

data about the items getting sold. This is what humans wish - information.

Some accepted things on web website that you should never do.

Banner exchanges - It's absolute simple - these do not work. Oh, you will get a

click or two, but banderole exchanges tend to attending tacky, yield up valuable

space on your web pages and access your bulk time. To accomplish it even worse,

many times you will lose far added cartage than you will gain. Don't even

bother putting even one of these on your absolute web site.

Notices adage "please, appealing please, accumulate my website chargeless and bang on

something". This just makes you attending like a rank amateur. In my humble

opinion, it's actual broken-down to apprehend humans to bang on links just so you can

"keep your website free". Appear up with or acquisition a acceptable artefact or service, and

sell it if you must. Advertising is not in of itself of bulk - only

products or casework accept value.

Pornographic ads (unless your website is a pornographic site) - You wish to

chase abroad your visitors fast, again cover pornographic ads. Yeah, you

might get a few dollars from them, but you will lose visitors and your site

will not be "family safe", which can be important.

Gambling ads - I accept that these advertisements may be the alone things

(besides pornography) that humans will bang on nowadays, but absolutely a few

people do not wish to be apparent to these things. I accept that these kinds

of advertisements will could cause you to apart a ample bulk of traffic.

Web sites that are just advertisements - I accept there is a abode for

brochures or abounding website advertisements, but I alone hit the aback key as

soon as I run into one of these. I wish content. If I capital this many

advertisements I'd buy a annual or attending in the classified area of the


Any ample clear advertisements. Remember one of the actual important things

in web architecture is bulk time. Your website accept to bulk fast. If you cover large

graphic ads you are access your bulk times.

Sites which are just lists of pay-surf, MLM or added money authoritative schemes.

There is annihilation amiss with cover some pay-surf or MLM ads actuality and there

on your site. Including a area on these programs is aswell fine. But come

on, amuse put some absolute agreeable there also. Otherwise humans will hit the

back key fast and never appear back.

Brochures - I've apparent a ample bulk of web sites in my days, and one of the

ones that I bang out of the fastest is one that looks like a brochure. It

feels just like anyone took the aggregation advertisement and adapted it to web

format. What on apple makes companies anticipate these are of bulk to anyone?

Popup Windows - If you do a analysis of web surfers, you will acquisition that these

are a part of the a lot of hated "features" that exist. No one brand pop up windows,

and if your website has too abounding of them you will apart visitors fast. Oh, you

may get a few added clicks or signups for your newsletter, but the bulk of

time your visitors abide on your website will be bound and of beneath quality.

900 Numbers - Sites which acquaint 900 numbers (a) don't work, and (b)

clutter up the web needlessly. My admonition is to acquisition something bigger to do.


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