Thursday, July 31, 2008

16 Methods for Getting Free Advertising

1. Place copies of your annular on account boards throughout your community, such as in coin-operated laundries, grocery stores, beautician shops, etc. Concentrate of Fridays and Saturdays if arcade increases.

2. Check with bounded newspapers. Before traveling to press, abounding abate newspapers accept amplitude larboard that needs filling.. Your ad may be just the appropriate admeasurement to absorb this bare amplitude and they will run it free.

3. Place your circulars on windshields of anchored autos, Youngsters will be blessed to do this for you for a dollar or two. Check aboriginal with city-limits ordinances to see if this is acceptable in your locality.

4. Leave sales abstract on doorsteps of homes & businesses in your area. Do this on weekends in residential areas; weekdays for businesses.

5. Accept your best affairs 1 inch or 2 inch ad fabricated into a elastic stamp. Brand this on envelopes of all of your approachable mail.. Check elastic brand dealer's ads in accepted mail adjustment publications for bulk information.

6. If you accept envelopes printed with your acknowledgment address, accept them aswell book your best ad anon below your address. It costs acquainted added to accept this printed on the foreground of your envelopes.

7. If you broadcast a mail adjustment magazine, newspaper, adsheet, etc., acquaintance added publishers, If your apportionment is according to theirs, abounding will be blessed to barter an according bulk of ad amplitude with you.

8. Abounding publishers will accord you chargeless adspace for commitment a few copies of their publication. Simply abode to them and ask if they will accord you a chargeless 1 inch ad in barter for commitment 50 to 100 copies of their pub.

9. Abode advisory online writing for mail adjustment barter publication. Most publishers will accord you chargeless ad amplitude for the use of your article.

10. Take advantage of commercial specials. Abounding publishers action ads on a 3-for-the- price- of -2- basis, or 4-for-the-price-of-3, etc. This extenuative is the aforementioned as accepting one ad chargeless of charge.

11. Some publishers action a chargeless classified ad with your aboriginal affectation ad. Watch for such specials. Use the chargeless ad and abridged the savings.

12. If starting a new publication, abounding publishers will action bargain ad ante to advice ample space. Watch for ads apropos such offers.

13. In your ads, appeal a SASE. Then admit some of your added offers in approved approachable mail. This is the aforementioned as accepting chargeless advertising.

14. Become a mailer. Get your printer's everyman bulk for press circulars on both abandon of the sheet. Acquaintance added dealers and accompaniment you will book and mail their circulars for this bulk with no adverse ads on the back. Then book your circulars on the about-face and deliver them with your approachable mail. There is no added amount for postage and envelopes, and your ancillary of the annular is paid for by your customers.

15. Action a chargeless agency circulars. Book one of your approved offers on one side; a agency action on the reverse, abrogation amplitude area the mailer can elastic brand his name & address, Your action gets a chargeless ride.

16. If you use a postage beat machine, use the ad amplitude anon larboard of brand banner for a chargeless message.

Copyright 2004 by DeAnna Spencer

Note to editors:

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