Friday, August 5, 2011

Wish Daily Deals Turn Newspapers Around?

It can be the other way around.

The technological barriers to the deals freedom are pretty low; Shoutback and Nimble Commerce and many other companies are offering consulting and white-label systems to power deal mechanisms. And newspapers grasp other things many other Groupon clones don't -- fat limited audiences to facilitate are still used to spinning to newspapers on behalf of coupons, and a sales force with established limited relationships.

The Boston Globe is offering its own Boston Deals (promoted on the residence contact, rejection less) gone wearisome a relationship with BuyWithMe most recent day (and SCVNGR, moreover most recent year) as it moves to separate its online content from a potentially more lucrative e-commerce trade. Boston Phoenix offers deals, Star Tribune in the Twin Cities offers STeals.

It's out of the ordinary how newspapers in our day struggle to do money on content -- putting up paywalls, repackaging it into single-device apps -- in its place of open on behalf of an easier buck. It seems like the newspapers must be able see to a destiny with the two things they already grasp -- limited audiences and limited sales relationships. They can see to day by day deals, on behalf of paradigm, like The Globe, Phoenix and Star Tribune. Or they can aggregate limited deals from Groupon and its numerous clones, Yipit-style. (Maybe they can moreover print roughly of these deals in Sunday circulars, on behalf of fun.) Or maybe they can try getting roughly of the classifieds back from Craigslist -- has one newspaper really tried?

But even content -- come again? If they took their massive and rich content they grasp accumulated and repackaged it on behalf of a poles apart, non-news advertise? For almost everything a fat newspaper touches there's a start-up to facilitate is likely responsibility on behalf of more money. School ratings in the Globe? There's School Digger and Great Schools. "Hyper-local news"? Neighborhood Scout.

A destiny of tech start-ups are open to boundless lengths to fabricate content to be a focus for frequent to put on the market their services to. With newspapers, it almost feels like they half-heartedly bolt on random third-party services (job search by Monster, van listings by cars.Com) to be a focus for frequent to read content rotten which the newspapers in that case struggle to do money.

It's cool to be an lounger strategist so I'll go home for the day up, but I like newspapers and hope to facilitate maybe the Globe's and other publications' experiments with day by day deals will mark the foundation of things spinning around on behalf of them.


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