Friday, August 5, 2011

Despite A Rough And Tumble Economy, New Enterprises Continue To occur Born

Have you heard of The OutCast Agency, a PR resolved in San Francisco? No? Then you’re not with a start-up machinery matter from The Valley.
According to The hedge Street Journal, apiece month OutCast sees 50 to 75 companies seeking its services, up 50% from stay fresh day. “We can’t take on 98% of the occupational with the purpose of knocks on the entry,” agency partner Reema Bahnasy held.

While the job bazaar in much of the U.S. Remains weak, Web start-ups biting to begin their brands and to grab media exposure are driving a outpouring in occupational next to Bay Area public-relations companies. Many firms say they are hiring.

Kay Luo, a previous LinkedIn Corp. Executive who stay fresh grand began on condition that public-relations consulting gets multiple wishes a week from start-ups seeking her assistance. Ms. Luo held she has begun taking evenhandedness stakes in start-ups with the purpose of she factory with, effectively “becoming an angel investor in the companies with the purpose of I advise.”

The Journal makes veto state of these same start-ups rotating to brand identity firms, classified ad agencies, content marketers or the like, but there’s incontestably a need in attendance, as well, and I don’t think the need is contained in Northern California.

I’d like to hear from you a propos taking on start-ups as clients. Not truthful in hi-tech, but in all fields. It can be a real extreme wire decree to build a brand from the ground up, so please, tell us a story and confirm us how you did it.


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