Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to makes a good Radio Advertising

1 Cup - Compelling professional voice over

1 Cup - Creative, professional scripting

Add a dash of fitting music and effects to taste

Then pour the radio commercial on to a radio station that reaches the target demo the commercial is designed to reach. (Pour on a lot of the radio commercial... don't be shy - the more the better). Then set the timer for 1 - 3 months. Be patient because sometimes it takes time for the customers to rise to the offer. After a period of time you will start to see the it take effect. You will see this by increased calls, web hits, and most importantly a rise in revenue.

Once the radio commercial has reached its desired size or awareness level. Be sure to add some great toppings! I personally like to take the core message of the already effective commercial and add to it. Maybe throw in some new specials or delicious offers. Be sure to spread the toppings on evenly as you don't want to dilute the power and the taste of the original radio commercial. Once you've added the new toppings pour the commercial back on the radio station (again, don't be shy - if your customers are going to rise to the offer, they need to hear it) Just as I wouldn't bake a cake at 30 degrees and expect anything to happen, I wouldn't air a radio commercial just a few times and expect anything to happen. So go for frequency, and get it on the air as often as possible in key times of the day for a significant period of time.

If you follow these simple steps, you will walk away with a deliciously successful radio commercial campaign and the increased revenue to prove it.

Advertising on the radio can be as simple as the analogy of baking a cake. It is a science, and requires just the right ingredients to be mixed together at the right time. When done correctly it can work wonders, if done in-correctly or with sub-par ingredients can turn into a disaster.


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