Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dollar Discount Coupons

One of the best offers to make with a coupon is a dollar discount offer. It is very specific and the customer knows exactly how much he is saving on your product or service. It is easy to understand and unlike the percentage discount offer, the consumer does not have to do any mental calculations (many are too lazy to do this) to figure it out.

Dollar discount offers are great for all types of products, but seemed to be most often used in the restaurant and entertainment industry. Everyone has received pizza coupons, for example, attached to the pizza box for a dollar discount on your next pizza order. Bars used dollar discount offers to push specialty drinks and pitchers of beer on pro sports weekends. The main idea of the dollar discount is to either entice customers to buy more of a product that they were going to buy anyways, or get them to try something new and different.l

These coupons are easy to track, and easy for the business owner to create and publish. Most business owners know how much product they move each week or month. They have a good idea of their costs and margins (or at least they should have before making this kind of offer) and based on this information can easily determine how much of a dollar discount offer they can give and still make a profit on each sale. This is important, unless the business owner decides to offer a product as a loss leader to attract
more customers and more overall sales.

Dollar coupon offers are everywhere. Check you local periodicals, newspapers, online, and even your competitors literature. You can easily research your local or national market place and see what is being offered and than offer just a little bit more to stand out from the crowd.

The simple concept behind $3 off on a large pizza is that everyone likes a deal, and feels great when they believe they received more product then they deserved. In their mind, the customer received a bonus and this attitude creates goodwill and repeat business. You do not have to offer discounts all the time, but just enough to build customer loyalty and repeat business. This is why dollar coupon offers rock.


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