Saturday, April 25, 2009

Toyota iQ - Emotional Intelligence


Like the MINI and Smart, the Toyota iQ is also positioned as a compact "cool" and moderninho, a major factor that makes it used the media more trailers to the public spirit of young and "connected".

After you create a great advergames to disclose the car in the UK, launched in Spain, the "Emotional Intelligence", as appropriate of all the main mechanisms of interactive media, giving life to the car through the virtual world.

The campaign is centered on a site of trends on design, technology and behavior. Increasing the points of contact on the Internet has created a profile on Facebook and the other in Twitter, which publishes daily tweets with the news posted on the official site as well as an account on Flickr, where you put pictures on events, news and advertising related to little Japanese car.

All this is complemented with mobile games (mobile) and a TV channel online (streaming) shows that as the concept of videos of the campaign, as well as an action of "enhanced reality" by them. A lesson using the interactive media in a consistent manner. Point at them!


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