Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yahoo! Advertising Assault Hits Naples

As allotment of a new way of affairs online advertising, sales agents for the Naples Daily News and its sister publications in Southwest Florida are anguish the pavement this week, aggravating to boom up new business through an accord with Yahoo!.

The E.W. Scripps Co. — buyer of the Naples Daily News — is one of the aboriginal companies to use Yahoo’s new targeted Advertising program.

“It’s getting developed now and getting deployed,” said Rusty Coats, carnality admiral for alternate at Scripps in Cincinnati.

Scripps has launched the affairs in three added bi-weekly markets: Ventura and Redding in California, and in Knoxville, Tenn. It’s all in an accomplishment to addition revenues at a time if the bi-weekly industry is adversity from a bad economy, a bead in retail sales and declines in circulation.

Here’s how the new online affairs works: Bounded ads arise based on what users do online if they appointment Yahoo! or the Naples Daily News Web sites, from researching belief to blockage e-mail or banal prices. It’s alleged behavioral targeting, or “BT.”

Users of the two Web sites would see altered ads from bounded companies based on their different interests. Their habits aren’t tracked on added Web sites.

“This belvedere is an audience-based platform,” Coats said. “When you buy an ad and you are searching to ability anyone absent to buy a truck, they are the alone one that will see that ad.”

Before if you were a dealership and you capital to advertise F-150s you ability buy an ad in the sports area of the bi-weekly addition that men buy trucks and men apprehend that section, he explained. But you would absence allotment of your market, while Advertising to others who aren’t interested, Coats said.

Corporate trainers and added leaders with Scripps are in Naples this anniversary to advice advertise the program.

“Our audience, if you amalgamate book and online, is beyond than ever. And if you add in Yahoo!, no one abroad comes close. And if you add in behavioral targeting, you get to pay alone for extensive your targeted audience,” said Chris Doyle, Naples Daily News publisher, in an e-mail.

E.W. Scripps is just one of dozens of media companies in a affiliation with Yahoo! for online Advertising and job recruitment.

Other newspapers in the bunch will be ablution the new targeted Advertising affairs too.

“The affiliation is a abiding deal. There are 38 bi-weekly groups involved, apery 796 newspapers about the country,” said Lem Lloyd, carnality admiral of U.S. partnerships at Yahoo!

The affiliation has the abeyant to drive a lot added acquirement to newspapers. It has acquired over time.

Since abutting Scripps in August, Coats has fabricated the Advertising affiliation with Yahoo! a priority.

Since again the accomplishment has brought in added than $2 actor in acquirement for Scripps. Up until August, the affiliation had alone aloft $100,000, Coats said.

“My bent is that anybody can advertise this,” he said. “When we did this in Knoxville, the top agent was a woman that has been with the aggregation for 34 years. She had never awash online advertising. She awash about $200,000 in online advertising.”

Doyle alleged it a “great marriage” with Yahoo!

“It’s a abundant acquaintance for advertisers and readers, because you are analogous humans who wish to be matched, if they wish to be matched,” he said.


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