Friday, September 12, 2008

2008 Advertising Research Foundation

2008 Advertising Analysis Foundation (ARF) Convention on April Fools Day

For anyone who wasn’t abiding (and anticipation by some of the posts I saw abroad bond aback to yesterdays post, there were some), yesterdays “UN accretion of” column was an April fools joke.I had started autograph one which was added bazaar analysis oriented, but it was catchy as I didn’t wish to affront anyone and I was in a bustle to get down to the ARF Appointment in NYC.

As far as analysis organizations/conferences go, from my column a brace canicule ago, you apperceive that I’m not a decidedly big fan of the ARF (in agreement of acceptable ROI). I aswell anticipate it’s broken-down to accept speakers that pay to allege (if speakers accept any absorbing advice to allotment afresh you should accept to pay them), and absurd to accept attendees of Webinars pay in this day and age of chargeless media (the a lot of different affair about ARF Webinars). But aback I hadn’t been to the ARF Congference in 2-3 years now, and because one of my colleagues Jesse Chen and I had to go to a cafeteria affair with anyone there from ComScore, so I anticipation it would be account endlessly in for a bit.

There are absolutely alone 2 affidavit for me to go to the ARF. One is to see old colleagues (I alone met three this year! Janice and Terence, both from Greenfield Online, and Jake from comScore), the added acumen is to get a little ‘friendly’ aggressive intelligence on what added analysis firms are accomplishing (there wasn’t absolutely abundant of that this year either). The acumen is, and it wasn’t just the area (Marriot Marquis does assume beyond than the old Hilton), but there were absolutely far beneath booths there. Not even TNS had a berth this year! Looks like TNS is just as adeptness about appointment ROI absorb as we are, LOL.

There is a third acumen anyone ability acquisition the ARF useful. If a abundant allotment of your business is from added bazaar analysis firms. Anyway, will be absorbing to see what Inside Analysis or RFL Communications will accept to say about the amount of this appointment in the future?

The one aggregation I did wish to apprentice a bit added about this year was Peanut Labs. I was traveling to avoid into their speaking session, but had a alarm I had to get aback to the appointment for. When analytic for their berth in the Expo I noticed they didn’t accept one either.

I did assuredly get to put a face to a name I assume to run into frequently on Linkedin though. Dan Coates, co-founder at Survey U, a close specializing on academy sample. Dan allegedly did accept a berth and it was nice to allocution to assuredly accommodated and allocution to anyone abroad who ethics this important demographic.

As for the ARF, I anticipate there will be a few added years afore I bother to drive into the City for one of their conferences again. That’s if they’re still about by that time…?


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